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* SUPPLIES, COURSES, & SPECIAL TITLES * SUPPLIES DONATION Large Ministerial Credential (5 1/2 x 8 1/2) 1.00 Marriage Certificate 3.00 Renewal of Marriage Cert. 3.00 Affirmation of Love Cert. 3.00 Subscription to Newsletter 5.00 Baptismal Certificates 5/1.00 Clergy Sticker 1.25 Press Card & Window shield 5.00 Sainthood (w/ Approval) 5.00 Congregation Certificate 35.00 * COURSES AVAILABLE ULC Common Law Course 295.00 Honorary Dr. of Divinity 20.00 PhD in Religion 100.00 SOUL Clinic Course & Lic. 100.00 Doctor of Relg. Humanities 40.00 Doctor of Biblical Studies 25.00 Doctor of Universal Life 15.00 Doctor of Metaphysics 10.00 Special Titles 5.00 * BOOKS The Universal Book 5.00 The Condensed Holy Bible 5.00 The 21st Century Bible 10.00 The Buffer Zone 10.00 A New Life - Do you want it? 1.95 * SPECIAL TITLES Special Titles are offered for a minimum donation of $5.00. Below is a list of special titles currently being offered: Bishop Magus Monsignor Healing Minister Missionary Pastor General Cardinal Elder Lama Apostle of Humility Right Reverend Guru Deacon Flying Missionary Archpriest Preceptor Colonel Missionary Doctor Sister Soul Therapist Archbishop Evangelist Friar Metropolitan Abbot Thanatologist Reverend Mother Free Thinker Arch Deacon Hadji Brahman High Priest Rabbi Abbess Parochial Educator Scribe Monk Priest Religious Preacher Cure Universal Rabbi Most Reverend Preacher Swami Angel Ascetic Gnostic Dervish Universal Rabbi Brother Mother Superior Father Chaplain Anada Abbe Lay Sister Archcardinal Rector Orthodox Monk Druid Starets Reverend Father Missionary of Music Prophet The Very Esteemed High Priestess Minister of Music Iman Shaman Righteous Brother Mystical Philosopher Universal Religious Philosopher Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality * SAINTHOOD Do you know a "Saint" personally? Do you know someone who has exercised the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity to an extraordinary degree? If so, you may bestow Sainthood within the ULC on this beloved person. Merely tell us your reasons for bestowing Sainthood on this individual and include a donation of $5.00. The designation can be sent to you or directly to the individual. HOW TO ORDER: Orders may be sent to CompuChurch . P.O.Box 64575 . Baton Rouge, LA 70896 Make Checks Payable to: . Universal Life Church. A portion of the donation for these supplies is made available to CompuChurch by International Headquarters of the ULC help us defray operating costs. Please support this ministry by ordering through us.


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