UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.... LOVE THAT LASTS.. .....Just a part of a prayer that Paul prayed for

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UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.... LOVE THAT LASTS.. .....Just a part of a prayer that Paul prayed for believers. These are some of the requests that he prayed.. EPH 3:17..So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith that you being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth, and length, and height, and depth..and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge that you may be filled up with all the fullness of GOD. Thats a mouthful right there...but in case you think that's too much he goes on to say, but now to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that I've just asked or even what I was thinking according to the power that works within you... 1 JOHN 4:16..And we have come to know and have believed the love which GOD has for us. GOD is love and the one who abides in love abides in GOD and GOD abides in him. We have come to know and believe the love that GOD has for us that you might know the love of Christ which passes knowledge. If I get into the writings of Paul, he is completely overwelmed at all times by the love of Christ. In fact in II CORIN, he says that the love of Christ constrains me. And that word in the greek translations is a medical word. He probably borrowed it from Dr. Luke, yet it is a word that means or describes someone who is under the control of a fever, so that they are almost out of their senses, their almost out of their heads. They have such a high fever..Paul says, I am fevered by the love of Christ. He said it constrains me. It causes me to do and to be what I am. The love of Christ was Pauls continual meditation. Here as he rises to the heights of one of his greatest prayers for believers, this is the apex of his prayer... that they might come to know the love of Christ that passes knowledge, and so he says in effect, it is our eternal meditation...IT IS THE GOAL of the Believer to Know the Love of Christ. This love of GOD which comes to us "in Christ". It is the source of our love. You see ..Many people..as believers are trying to love more. Are trying to be conformed to the image of Christ. It Doesn't begin with Us says 1 john..We love because he first loved us...Our love for him is but the return of HIS LOVE for us, and until I know the love of Christ for me, I will never be able to discover the warmth of love in me for him. He says, love one another as I have you..Until I know how he has loved me, I shall never know what love towards you is..You see our entire christian life hinges on this...We shall never know wholeness. We shall never know what it really means to be, being saved, until I know the love of Christ that causes me to come alive in my spirit. It is the love of Christ that heals me in my mind so that I can be sane, and walk in the truth. It is the love of Christ that heals my warped and jaded emotions, so that I can love instead of hate, filled with bitterness. It is the love of Christ that can even heal my body...In fact many times when we are healed in our mind and emotions, we are healed in our bodies. It is imperative that I come to know the love of Christ, and to know that love intelligently..Its significant to know, that this is what Satan attacked in the Garden of Eden..."Hath..GOD Said ?" Are you sure he is everything he says he is ? You shall not surely die..he's trying to hold something back from you. He's trying to constrict you and keep you in this stage of eternal babyhood and immaturity. GOD doesn't love you..he's not good He's not seeking your highest and best,...I AM... I'm your friend...I love you....GOD doesn't love you And from that day, fallen man has lived in suspicion of GOD. He always wonders if GOD is seeking his highest and best... So let's go back to the beginning..right there in the garden... Adam, or shall we say, man was created by love and he was loved by The Creator simply because he existed. Adam didn't have to do anything to be loved..He was loved simply because he was there. This is the beginning of understanding unconditional love. Adam did not have to perform. He didn't have to justify to himself that he, at any time was worthy of being loved...Just by being; Just by walking the paths of the garden; Just by existing, breathing, he was loved. He lived in love. It was not a performance that he had to do in order to get it. He existed, therefore he is loved. This is the reason for his existence. To respond to GOD, his Creator who loves him...That's all he must do is respond to that love, to rest in that love. Order his life within that love..Our new testament expresses that as... OBEDIENT FAITH .. If I am loved unconditionally. If I am loved simply because I am alive, then my only response I can have is faith..there is nothing else to respond with. If the love IS, then my only response I have is..Thank You.. What else can I do ?..and now begin to order my life within this incredible, knowable, unknowable love of GOD that is toward me... That is all GOD has ever required of man...that I will respond to who he is..This GOD of Love..and order my life by who HE IS. Now when I say this word love,..I don't have to tell you it's a very unfortunate word. Many people would like to take the word love out of new testament because we always, inevitably confuse it with human love. And its got nothing to do with, not even cousins with GOD'S love.. Human love and GOD'S love are removed by an eternal grand canyon. I find it very significant that the word for love in the streets of Greece and Rome in the days of the new testament was "eros". Not to be confused with anything erotic. "Eros" was the word used for love as our english word for love..When I come to the new testament, which is the final book about GODS love, you would expect it to be peppered with the word "eros". Surely GOD is into popular reading...If you are going to reach the people on the streets of Greece and Rome, you would have least have to use the word that they used for love. The word is not in the new testament.Instead that other word that was hardly used at all in Greece and Rome. The word that really didn't have a definition except in the weakest, blandest sense, it meant love.. "agape"...and the new testament took another word, an unknown word, and wrote the book on love. An introduction of a new word, a new concept of love that had never been known on the planet before.. The GOD kind of love,.."agape"..It's not like human love. Lets look for a moment at human love and see how it has twisted our minds when we think of this word, love. When humans say that they love, they usually mean that we are looking, or have found the person, or the thing that to us is the highest and the best..A teenager comes home with this googly look in his eyes..He says he has fallen in love..Right there you smell a rat. He's fallen into something..There's a swamp here.. He's fallen in..There is no choices involved..You see,.He's been caught; trapped, and he's fallen in love. Which means he's probably stumbled on the female that to him is the highest of GOD'S creations. The best that has ever cast a shadow on Earth.. I've fallen in love. One that my heart beats in perfect harmony. We have the same ambitions in life. Our lives are in tune as a finely tuned orchestra..We're in love..She is the most beautiful of all GOD'S creatures. All others fall beside her as mere hags. This one..Aaahhh. One that I can be proud of when I walk down the street beside her. I hope you don't think GOD'S love is like that..Because if GOD was looking for someone who was the highest, the best, the most beautiful, and one who's heart was in harmony with his, and one who was tuned to his holiness...we're all lost..GOD'S love is not like that. It's totally other than that.... Human love is also borne of need. It is that cry within me to be loved.. When we go out to love, it is really me seeking to be loved, I need... and put the deepest pain and anguish in that...I NEED to be loved... I need someone to tell me I'm special. I want to feel needed. I want to feel that I'm significant, that I matter on this Earth.. I want that, so I go out to love, but really it is to supply my needs. I have such a need. I need to be loved....This is borne of lonliness. I'm alone and I don't feel right being alone. I feel as though there is a big gap, an emptyness in my life. I want to feel secure. I want someone to look after me. I want to be the object of someone's care..All of these ingredients are in human love...more or less.. GOD'S love is not like that. Human love is an emotion. It can heat and it can cool. Today it can be a flame and tomorrow it can be as cold as volcanic ash. It can be offended, can turn into jealousy, and hate, and even murder. It can cling excessively...cause your mine..and the next day it can repulse. Human love, It's up and it's down.. GOD is love..GOD doesn't have any love..HE IS IT..and because he is it, love is not an emotion that is attached to him that can heat or cool. All that GOD is, he always is, and GOD is love, and therefore he is eternally, unchangeably love. Though lets not overlook that emotions are a byproduct of this love. He who cried over Ephraim. "Oh Ephraim, will I give you up". That's emotion,.... or "The lord, thy GOD, which is in the midst of thee shall rejoice over you with singing". That's emotion..or Jesus standing over Jerusalem was convulsed with great sobs (a.v.)and said "OH Jerusalem, How often would I have gathered you, but you would not" That's emotion..So GOD'S love is emotional, but is not birthed of emotion. It is birthed of who he is, because he is love, and he is unchanging.. And when GOD comes to me, let me say this carefully, He Does not need us...please understand this..God does not need us..in the sense that He IS Complete without us. GOD is Eternally Complete, Father, Son, and Spirit. GOD is not lonely. GOD did not create man because he was lonely and he needed someone to talk to. The Bible pictures our triune in eternal, Holy, Infinite fellowship. He's not lonely. He does not need us in order to complete himself. He's not searching for someone to look after him. He's not looking for significance to be given to him by his creatures. GOD doesn't even need my worship...GOD doesn't need me to pat him on the back, and tell him,"You did a great job".. GOD is his own significance, his own mattering and love in all its Infinite Fullness, existing complete within himself.. He doesn't need us. That means, He doesn't seek our companionship to get something out of us. He doesn't come to us to give him a supply to make him feel good. He comes to us out of his fullness. He comes out of his completeness, with no needs, to love you just because you are there. That means....I don't have to put on a show for GOD. I don't have to make him feel good this morning...HE COMES TO ME out of the Eternal Fullness of Who He Is, complete in himself, and HE CHOOSES TO LOVE ME.. And HE CHOOSES TO NEED ME. It's got nothing to do with my performance.. GOD LOVES ME, not because of who I am, but because of who HE IS. YOU CATCH THIS AND YOU WILL REST FOREVER...GOD LOVES YOU.. Not because of who you are or how your performing, but BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS...You are loved this day not because of what you have done nor because of something that you have not done...GOD loves you, not because of what you are doing or not because of what you are not doing. It's not because of what you are going to do or not going to do. It's not because you promised at the alter last night, you wouldn't do that again, that he loves you today. Nor does GOD love you because somehow in his omniscience, he knows that you will get better one day... HE LOVES YOU BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS....GOD IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE... Nor can he be frustrated by something I don't do. GOD NEVER looks at me and says,"You Make ME Sick..". GOD comes to me in a fullness. He in his own self, is not determined by how I Act..He Loves Me...It doesn't even matter if I threaten him..He Loves Me. He loves me, not based on my performance, which means of course that I Don't Control His Love. I can dance and do the two step,..I can do all my performance before GOD, but that does not control his love. I can not manipulate GOD into a corner, making him love me, because I did this,."Now You've Got To Bless Me ", No..I'm Sorry., There is no control here..HE PULLS THE RUG OUT from ALL OUR RELIGIOUS MANIPULATIONS..He loves us because of who he is, not because of who we are. He comes to me by choice....This boggles the mind when you get into it...It's Threatening...Religion CRUMBLES in a heap of dust. We could put religion out of business in a couple of minutes here.. Bring everyone to church Sunday morning and tell them how to perform so GOD will love them.?..NO. FORGET ALL THAT..PULL THE RUG OUT.. GOD LOVES YOU..That's why our performance changes, because he loves us. ....We don't change our performance to make him love us, He loves us, and THEN.. we change our performance.. Can you imagine that the Pharisees who wrote the book on religion couldn't even conceive of anything happening to them for good from GOD, that DIDN'T HAVE A CAUSE.. They HAD to have a Cause..There HAD to be a Reason..Somebody Had to Merit it. And when Saul the Pharisee understood the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF GOD " IN CHRIST ". He couldn't get over IT. Paul continually seemed to express passages in his epistles that really tumbled over themselves in words... "He predestined us to the adoption of sons through Jesus Christ Himself. What did we do to deserve that Paul ? "According to the kind intentions of HIS Will" That's All...HE WANTED TO..and that's the kind of GOD HE IS..But don't I have to do something.?..NO. GOD WANTED TO.."it's the kind intentions of His Will to the praise of the glory of his grace". It's nothing to do with you...HE WANTED TO... "In him we have redemption through his blood, and forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us." Paul continues to say ..Had nothing to do with us...HE WANTED TO,..AND HE CHOSE TO...HE DIDN'T HAVE TO... .."He made known the mystery of His Will" Why would he do that ?....OH,."according to the kind intentions which He Purposed in Himself".... Or, In plain english, it's None of your business. The kind intentions which he purposed "In Himself" ? For No Reason found in Us ?......HE COMES and He says,."I Have CHOSEN Thus To Do."...HE HAS CHOSEN....TO LOVE US. Some people say, "Love is GOD"..NO, THAT'S NOT TRUE... GOD IS LOVE.....If love was GOD, then GOD would be controlled BY his love. But GOD IS LOVE and HE Controls his love. He did not set his love on fallen angels. He set his love on us, and remember this..If he did not set his love on us,.. He Would Still be the Complete, Holy, Infinitely Glorious GOD...... HE CAME AND HE CHOSE..JUST BECAUSE HE WANTED TO..... Just because He's Kind in an Infinite sense, and He set His Love Upon Us. I feel almost paralyzed in terms of the human. I WANT SOMETHING TO DO...I WANT TO EARN THIS. I want to lay something on the counter and say "there GOD, Now You Can Love Me".... GOD says He Is Love...then my only response can be Faith. It Can Not BE anything else.. It Must Be Faith.... MAN IS LOVED just because HE IS ALIVE...Why is he alive ? GOD Desires to Share His Love, or shall we say His Life, as GOD knows It... The Greek translation of the word "life" or "zoa" is the quality or character of GOD, eternally, which is Unconditional Love. He wanted to share that Life with OTHER creatures who were finite copies of himself. His Life was so Infinitely Fantastic..He just wanted to share it with somebody else.. It was so Fantastic that he took the risk of introducing into the universe another Free Will creature like himself. So Adam was created By Love, In Love, to enjoy to the fullest, the life that GOD Enjoys...That GOD IS... This is the meaning of life...If You Know, That You Know, that GOD Unconditionally Loves You, That gives you an importance, and a value,and a worth. You are significant beyond all words....that's mental health. When you get up in the morning, it matters. Just because you are loved. I have meaning..I have purpose..I'm loved and I don't have to do anything. But you bet I'm going to respond to that love which will produce a whole bunch of doings. Man was Created in truth to be a human being. JUST TO BE, or the new testament expression, Abides in love....not frantic and fretting and religious anxiety..JUST BE....I'm Loved and that gives me my significance and my worth. What do I mean by Love then...I mean that GOD, the reverse of human love, who seeks the highest and best for OTHERS, seeks Our Highest and Best. GOD actively seeks to bring us to our fullest potential as human beings which of course is to enjoy His Love and His Life..That's why he created us...Love seeks to bring us to a complete maturity, complete wholeness in That Life and That Love. So love ever seeks your highest and best potential as a human being, TO COMPLETE YOU. To bring you to that perfection in the sense that your fully enjoying everything that GOD intended. We won't dwell on the fact that Adam joined the rebellion, already in progress. It's crazy, It's insane, but we are all a part of it. Adam joined the rebellion, That is he rejected, He despised that love which was towards him. The fall of Man is all to do with love. It's not just about some cold Sin, not just missing the mark. Adam didn't just miss the mark. He set up another target...He missed the mark all right..He wasn't even trying to get it..He went off after another target. This is what the fall is all about.. It's a matter of Passion. Man was loved and man rejected that love and despised that love and went off after another lover. He set up another target and trampled GODS love under foot. He didn't believe the love that GOD had for him, but believed the Lie, which says that GOD isn't love, but is seeking his own ends, to keep MAN in some eternal babyhood. So how does love act now.?.... Okay, love has been rejected..How does love act when it has been rejected.?..I mean..there are only two of them..God could squash them like two mosquitoes and start again..I mean He doesn't have to wipe out millions of people... There is only two of them.... Two Stupid Little people that have shaken their fists in the face of GOD and despised his love...Let's start again..Surely this is a Factory Reject, I mean there is Something Wrong here. I'm overwhelmed in GEN 3..You follow GOD..Does GOD Judge Them ? He doesn't come judging... This isn't a GOD of Judgement... "Adam.. OH,.. Adam....Where are You." What's GOD doing.?.. The Omniscient, The Omnipresent GOD, who was there When they sinned. Who is there With them as they skulk in the bushes... What's He doing saying "where are you". It is GOD coming down to mans level. It is GOD in humility saying... " I'll come down to where you can understand me, so that you'll come out of these bushes and let's talk like a Man." It's not judging them...."what did you do"...He knew what they did.. He's talking to them,to get out of them...what they did...a confession Bring them to Repentance...To bring them back....This is Love Seeking to Embrace them again. We never read that Adam Responded when GOD called Him to return. All Adam did was go into denial. "It wasn't Me, It was Her". Eve said "It wasn't me it was the Devil." They don't own up to anything...and the first great character of faith in HEB 2 is Abel, not Adam. They came out of the garden with bloody coats on, for GOD killed an animal. He said, "In the day you eat therof, you shall die"..Oh we pussyfoot around that..and say, well they sort of really did die,..but they didn't..come on Now...Death is death is Death !..and of course they didn't...Something else died for them..GOD gave them a substitute. What is He saying.?.."I'm going to keep You alive, and in the race that comes from you, I SHALL HAVE MY WAY DONE.." This one Dies For You. "You Should Have Died, but you didn't. Another will die For You.." And Death hung over the human race until Jesus took It to the Full. But man goes out to live, believing The Lie, as Truth. He believes that independently of GOD...There IS real Life,..and independently of GOD, He Can Be As GOD, and he goes out, through all his generations To Prove that This is True..He lives in spiritual darkness. His head is twisted, distorted,.It's bent his thinking.. In this state of being, Man acts nocturnally..like bats...He Embraces the Darkness...we come out in the night,.we are comfortable in the darkness. The Light scares Us, and it Burns, and It Hurts. We flee back in our caves. Men believes the Lie and Welcomes the darkness... Now within the Lie, That to us..is Normal..All our Joys, All our gladness is defined within that darkness...So the truth is, we never know what Joy Is. We define our Joy by the bentness, and the twistedness, and the colapseness of Life. We don't know what Truth Is, because to us, The Lie Is The Truth.. We are so twisted in our heads and in our life, because the darkness is normal to us.. The lie IS truth.... Ooohhh..but There is Pain Inside..There is an Ache and a longing in Man to be loved...There is NO WORD that is Strong Enough to Us...Ache..Pain.. Sucking NEED.. Longing Craving...I WANT TO BE LOVED.... And if you would be honest with youself, that is the driving force of your life. You want to be loved.. Man that was created by love just to exist in love..That which was the meaning of his life has now, by His Choice, Severed himself from love...and there is a hole inside of him that only GOD'S love can fill...and he runs.... He runs to other human beings, for the love,..the sucking,.. the clawing,..the needing,..the obsessing,...the love, give me the love.. But it's a hole that's too big..Only GOD can fill mans soul.. I turn to other human beings..Make me feel significant,.Make me feel that I'm worth something....But I can Only feel Significant when I Know that GOD LOVES ME... NO HUMAN CAN LOVE ME ENOUGH...and therefore I can never know significance, and of course in Religion...We TRY to Get It straight from GOD. We are going to Perform. "GOD, did you notice I read my Bible one half hour Today.." That should impress you. "I really think you ought to love me now..Better than him,.cause he only read it for fifteen minutes."..Do you realize why religion, in that sense, is a slander at the very character of GOD. That our lists, our petty stupid little lists of do's and don'ts and rules...."Well, you know he's into that sort of thing"..This is not an abberation..It's Religion..It's a Direct arrow into the heart of GOD..It's saying "You Don't Love Me.. But Watch Me, I'll MAKE YOU LOVE ME"...I'll control YOU with my actions. I'll manipulate you with my performances...THATS RELIGION.... I'll find my significance in Having MADE GOD Love ME..but I'll Refuse to take by faith the love of GOD in Jesus Christ. GOD Won't be offended though..You Can't Throw HIM Off..LOVE COMES in the Flesh says JOHN... We know love "agape" that he layed down his life for us.... There's your definition...By this the love of GOD was manifested in us that GOD has sent his only begotten son into the world so that we might live through him. In this is love, not that we loved GOD, but that HE FIRST LOVED US...and sent his son to be the propitiation for our sins. What does it mean.?...in my darkness, where there's death and suffering and grief and pain. Where to us, it's normal...let's see an illustration.. HOSEA..The nation's prophet of his times..GOD directs Hosea to marry.. In one of the greatest parables enacted in human history, GOD directs Hosea to marry a certain woman..He's being "set up"...Gomer is her name. She was Bad from the Beginning. A normal household..The marriage Drags On, Children appeared. You kind of start to get suspicious when Hosea names a child, "no love left". I wonder what he meant by naming his next child, "not mine "...It seemed the family was falling apart..and finally, she leaves him...leaves him for life in the fast lane...For the gifts of the rich cats in Samaria..For the money, the glitz, and the glamour...Come on now, He's A National Prophet..This sort of stuff feeds the National Enquirer..Hosea wasn't someone obscure..He's the national prophet, and now this woman is beginning to be well known too....Hosea begins to be the joke in all the barrooms. Gomer, well she's soon becoming Ms. popularity there too...She's Rejected Him...Sneered at Him..Despised at Him and his mission...and he feels the stabbing wound of Hurt, and Rejection...On the streets, Gomer, flaunting her Lovers with the furs that they buy her...He's got the kids.. This prophecy comes out of a heart of a man that has been Rejected, Forsaken, and now left to raise the kids in an empty home....But Her Lovers..soon become bored, and they move on to new conquests..and she's OUT...Where do you go when your OUT.?... In the streets of Samaria, in the age in which Hosea Preached.. You Become A Temple Prostitute..The Temple of the BAALS...in order to worship, they had to have prostitutes. That was the heart of their Religion..When you went up to worship, you went for a prostitute, who was in the Temple....It was a respectable Job, in those days. It was a step down from her Rich Lovers...but it wasn't long before she's too worn out. Like an old Race Horse that's no more use for racing..put it out to pasture..and Where do you go when your worn out.?..Temple Prostitute.. To the streets, and from the streets, to the back alleys and dirty taverns until your just a bag of bones, and No One wants you anyways. You hire yourself as a slave, and you sell your whole life, and your some mans slave for every rotten, dirty, perverted thing he wants to do with you. Your owned and your riddled with disease...Gomer.. I don't really believe it was in Hosea's mind to go after her at this point...I don't think he even knew where she was...I say that because GOD HAD to speak to him and say," Go, Love That Woman ". The suggestion is that it would never occured to him..He's been Rejected..The Scar is there..She's Gone..The kids are older now. Life is beginning to take on some resemblance of meaning without her. They are getting over it. She's disappeared..The Press isn't interested in some whore on the back streets of Samaria. They've forgotten it all..and GOD says, "Go, Love the Woman". He starts with the recently healed wounds...having already been rejected, to look for her...until he's down in the cheapest boarding houses, in the dirtiest taverns and people remember her...Finally he gets the notice, theres an auction down the street. They are selling old slaves..and She's the sales special..There in a crowd of leering perverts, Stands the man of GOD...He watches as the people are led in chains and that's his wife..She's a ghost of what she was. You can read the bones in her face. Her clothes hang on her emaciated body..and there's etched into her, the lines of years beyond her age. and they lead her off and the bidding starts..I wonder if she sees Hosea... "Why has He come here, To Mock Me..?".."You Old Fool".."After all these Years.."...He gets her, at a bargain price...Nobody wanted her..Gomer They even threw in her first days food, as if they were selling a horse. Hosea goes to the platform where she is on show...goes to his wife, standing in her shame, with the sin of years on her. He puts his arm around her. He totally and publicly identifies with her shame, and her sin...and at the same moment, she publicly and totally identified with his Honor, and his Dignity...and she walked off the platform restored. Not only his wife by Right, but wife by Redemption. It's a context of love..you see. GOD LOVES US...He Comes. He who was in the form of GOD, Thought it not robbery to be equal with GOD. Came, took to himself our humanity..Stood where we stand, and some of the last words before he left was..."Where I AM, There You may be also." Who would want us where he is.? Who wants to take Gomer into My House.? She would vomit on my floor; She will eat out of my garbage can; She'll try to prostitute herself, with others in My Livingroom... Dear GOD, I Don't Want That old Hag In My House... BUT GOD... GOD Comes to US....Unconditional Love...Takes Us Back With Him, To His House. We Live in His Mansion Now...and the Marriage goes on... This is the love of GOD..Unconditional..I KNOW I AM LOVED.. I say to my performance, I KNOW YOU PERFORMANCE...I KNOW...We'll Eat out of the garbage cans..It's Hard to get it out of our heads, That's NOT where the food IS. We'll sneak off and do the same old tricks, but we come back...Not To a Beating, But To Love..because GOD BELIEVES IN HIS LOVE, and He Believes His Love...Demonstrated in the Cross and Resurrection. It has already Overcome Death and His Love WILL OVERCOME every Resistance in us. WE SHALL Be Conformed to His Image and that's why he came to us, the old whores sitting in the alley ways and He dares to say to Us, "One day you will love, even as I have loved you" WHAT FAITH IN HIS OWN LOVE..To Believe That Love.. John says, "We've known that love, and we Believe It"...That's Incredible. To Believe It..and I CAN'T EARN IT....do you see this.?. Look at the Prodical Son..As He came home.. He couldn't come home to receive love, he came with a deal..."You see Dad, I know I've sinned against Heaven and you and I'm no longer worthy to be called your son, but..why don't you make me one of your hired servants..Lets work this out...when you need help on the farm, count on me. At least I'll get a good meal,..OK..Lets shake on it.." But when His Father saw him,...coming home, smelling like a pig, dressed in rags...The Unconditional Loving Father Runs to where he is, falls on his neck, smothers him in kisses, burys his face in the foul pig muck skin...and his son steps back..and says, "father, I Have sinned against heaven and in your sight and I'm no longer worthy to be called your son...".....What about the Deal.?...No,.no... LOVE KILLED THE DEAL..There is No Deal. No More Deals..No More Performances..No More Promises..Jesus I Come... There's never been a better hymn written "Just As I AM".. No Performances, No Promises, No Dedications... He Loves ME...I'm Safe now He Loves Me and to that love I'll Respond....and what happens ? The Love Of GOD IS Shed Abroad IN OUR HEARTS....So It's The Crisis... The Crisis of Coming To The Love and Receiving The Love For NOTHING.. And then..The process that all GOD'S Children are in Now...Of Discovering That Love, and Letting That Love Heal Us, and Straighten Us Out, and Put Light in The Darkness, and Get the Getto out of our Head... So That WE Love, Even as He Loves Us.... Love That Passes All Understanding... and all we can do now Father is ask that you shall open the eyes of our understanding, that we might come To Know in our deepest experiences, the love that passes all human comprehension..


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