This session lets take a good look at the +quot;missing link+quot; Data. Have scientists f

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This session lets take a good look at the "missing link" Data. Have scientists found the necessary "links" between apeman and man? Not according to the presented facts. Lets check this, Science Digest Magazine speaks of "the lack of a missing link to explain the relitively sudden appearance of modern man." Ref: Science Digest 1982 by: Morton Hunt (P. 45) Newswek magazine made the observation: "The missing link betwen man and the merely the most glamorous of a whole hierarchy of unknown "phantom" creatures. In the fossil record, missing links are the rule". Newsweek "Is man a subtle Study by:" Jerry Addler Nov. 3 1980 (p.95) From these "missing fossils" they (evolutionists) build theories as easily as McDonalds brews Coffee Science Digest has made the followeing comment: "The vast majority of ARTISTS CONCEPTIONS are based more on imagination than evidence.....artists must create something between an ape and a human being; the older the specimen is said to be, the more apelike they make it." Science Digest " Anthro Art" Apr. 1981 by: Author Unknown In addition Fossil hunter Donald Johanson admitted " No one can be sure just what any extinct hominoid looked like" Lucy (p.286) by: Donald Johanson How much "conjecture" must the general public be subjected to before our officials say "enough"......A theory is just that, a theory, a conjecture, a guess, a guessing game submitted to intellegant people who place their "faith" in those false prophets who claim that with a single "bolt" they are able to reconstruct the configuration of the entire machine. Those who believe them are in fact gullible and easely misled. This will end our search into the reasonability of the "Theory of Evolution" Other detailed information will be forthcomming soon. (c) The Marvously Marginal Rev. B0b CompuCircle FidoNet 1:366/777 GateNet 84/3800/3


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