lesson 3 -------- Last time we met, we talked about the +quot;fossil Record+quot; and the

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lesson 3 -------- Last time we met, we talked about the "fossil Record" and the amount of real support it gives to the "theory" of evolution. We learned that the "Total Sum" of ALL the human fossil remains would fit on a desk top! Now lets look into a few other "facts" about Man Vs Ape. Modern type humans, have the capacity to reason, plan, invent, build on "previous" knowledge and use "complex languages", and appear "suddenly in the fossil record. Gould, in his book "the Mismeasure of Man", notes: We have no evidence for biological change in brain size or structure since Homo Sapiens appeared in the fossil record some fifty thousand years ago. Ref: The Mismeasure of Man 1981 by: Stephen Jay Gould, (p. 324) Now lets look at another source. The Book The Universe Within, asks: What caused evolution... to produce, as if overnight, modern humankind with its highly special brain? Ref: The Universe Within, 1982 By: Morton Hunt (p. 45) This will not end this series, but for next week we will delve into such things as how an "eyeball" works, its differences between and within species. we will look into the so called "simple" single celled animal, and try and show you its "extreme complexity....Until than Be Gentel & soft spoken. (c) The Marvously Marginal: Robert Healy, Pastor CompuCircle, 777 Universal Life Church Inc.


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