LESSON # 2 ---------- Seeing we were teaching ,last week, about fossils lets look into a f

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LESSON # 2 ---------- Seeing we were teaching ,last week, about fossils lets look into a few allegations concerning Mankind. Homosapien to be exact! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Just how empty (or full) are the "human Fossil" records regarding "Ape-men?" Please take note of the following articles, their source, and WHO made the following statements. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Newsweek Magazine: "You could put ALL the fossils on the top of a single desk" Spoken by: Elwyn Simmons, of Duke University Ref: Newsweek, "Bones and Prima Donnas," Feb. 16, 1991 By: Peter Gwynne, John Cary (p.737) and Les Donosky The New York Times: "The KNOWN fossil remains of man's ancestors would fit on a billiard table. That makes a poor platform from which to peer into the mysteries of the last few million years." Ref: The New York Times, "How old is man?" Oct. 4, 1982 By: Nicholas Wade (A18) Science Digest: "The remarkable fact is that all the physical evidence we have for HUMAN evolution can still be placed, with room to spare, inside a single coffin" "Modern apes, for instance, seem to have sprung out of nowhere. They have no yesterday, no fossil record. And the TRUE origin of modern humans - of upright, naked, toolmaking, big brained beings - is, if we were to be HONEST with ourselves, an equally mysterious matter." Ref: Science Digest, "The water people," May 1982 By: Lyall Watson (p. 44) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Next we will look into Mans "evolution." Thank-You for attending this weeks lesson part 2 of Evolution Vs Creationism. (c) Rev. Healy CompuCircle (tm)\U.L.C. (Inc)


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