LIFE Evolution or Creation A. The Greatest Gulf Of All. Physically, man fits the general d

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LIFE Evolution or Creation --------------------- A. The Greatest Gulf Of All. Physically, man fits the general definition of a Mammal. However, one evolutionist stated " No more tragic MESStake could be made than to consider man 'merely an animal.' Man is unique; he differs from all other animals in many properties, such as speech, tradition, culture, and an enormously extended period of growth and parential care. (referance:Evolution, Genetics, and Man, by Theodosius Dobzhansky, 1955, Pg.293). Did man evolve from the Ape or Monkey? lets delve into this theory for a minute. If man evolved from the Ape, Why then, is the "inferior" ape family still just apes? Not a single one of these presumed intermediate forms have evolved into a higher species? Today we see chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans, but no apemen. After more than a century of searching, how much fossil evidence is there of the "apeman"? Richard Leakey stated: "Those working in this field have so little evidence upon which to base their conclusions that it is necessary for them frequently to change their conclusions." (referance: Spectator, The University of Iowa, April 1973 p. 4) New Scientist (magazine) commented: " Judged by the amount of evidence upon which it is based, the study of fossil man hardly deserves to be more than a 'sub-discipline' of palaeontology or anthropology.....the collection is so tantalisingly incomplete, and the specimens themselves often so fragmentary and inconclusive" (referance: New Scientist magazine, "What ever happened to Zinjanthropus?'" by John Reader, March 26, 1981, p. 802 Similary the book "Origins" admits: "As we move farther along the path of evolution towards humans the going becomes distinctly uncertain, again owing to the rarity of fossil evidence." (referance: Origins, by Richard E. leakey and Roger Lewis, 1977, p. 55 Science magazine adds: "The primary scientific evidence is a pitifully small array of bones from which to construct man's evolutionary history. one anthropologist has compared the task to that of reconstructing "war and Peace" with 13 randomly selected pages." (referance: Science, "The politics of paleoantology," by Constance Holden, Aug. 14 1961, p. 737) In following discussions we will investigate just how incomplete the fossil remains realy are, and conclusions drawn from them. Also we will cover other major differences delving into the 'single cell' construction, myrad differances in 'eyeball' construction from one species to another, and many other facits revealing the truth concerning "evolutionary theory". (c) Bob Healy; Rev. CompuCircle FidoNet 1:366/777 U.L.C. Inc. Gatenet 84/3800/3


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