My Vision... ... yesterday I have had a vision since my childhood, and have spent my life

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My Vision... ... yesterday I have had a vision since my childhood, and have spent my life searching this country for that vision. At one time I believed that I would be a comedian; I, also, thought of being a lawyer, but had no education; I always wanted to be a preacher, and that is what I am. I have joined many organizations and have studied many things during my lifetime, but it wasn't until 1958 that I began to understand the vision. The vision is to release people from religious bondage. I've realized that this is almost an impossibility, but in 1962 I incorporated the Universal Life Church, a church to break the chains of religious bondage. From that moment forward I have never doubted or questioned my vision of the Universal Life Church. We sowed the seeds for freedom in 60's, we cultivated them through the 70's, and the time is ripe to reap our harvest of freedom (the vision) in the 80's! ... today We understand the vision, religious freedom; we have the vehicle to attain this freedom, the Universal Life Church; we must begin to teach people who they are. Religion does not make people free, it only binds them down. The only way to set people free is to awaken their consciousness to the fact that they are born free. We must show mankind who God is, where God is, and what God is. We must teach mankind that this planet, Earth, belongs to us, all people, and that we must set up a kingdom of peace, joy, and love; the Kingdom of Man. Bishop Kirby J. Hensley (c) 1984, 1990 Universal Life Church All Rights Reserved distributed with permission by CompuChurch (tm) Universal Life Church


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