MORAL DEPRAVITY Judges 19-20 Intro - Second appendix First appendix was Jud 17-18 +quot;Re

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MORAL DEPRAVITY Judges 19-20 Intro - Second appendix First appendix was Jud 17-18 "Religious Apostasy" The reason was the parents had failed to train up their children in the ways of the Lord. Reason for the "Moral Depravity" of the second appendix is the Levites fail to show or image the true Husband of Israel to the Bride. Levites were types of Christ, and they were to guard the Bride/Israel When the Levites fail, the Bride/Israel goes whoring after other husbands/gods. DATES: Remember the TIME LINE - B.C. goes to the left 1. Samson - around 1120-1100 B.C. 2. Micah (1st appendix Jud 17-18) - around 1406 B.C. 3. Levite & concubine (2nd appnd. Jud 19-20) - 1406 B.C. appendices 300 yrs before Samson 1st appendix - The tribe of Dan's sin involved despising God's inheritance (people, church, etc.). 2nd appendix - The tribe of Benjamin commits rape & murder. The tribe of Benjamin is eventually destroyed and wiped out. The tribe of Dan continues to go on worshipping false gods. In the end, however, God rebuilds Benjamin, and when we get to study Revelation, we'll see that Dan is the only tribe excluded from representation. I. THE UNFAITHFUL WIFE (19:1-2) A. Type of Israel and the Lord 1. Israel is "unendowered" (without possessions) 2. Israel plays the harlot 3. Lord seeks Israel to return B. Levite is image of the Lord II. LEVITE AND HIS FATHER-IN-LAW (19:3-9) A. Concubine runs home to father 1. Like when Israel wanted to return to Egypt 2. Israel rejected the Lord as Husband and sought her former gods of Egypt B. Father-in-law tries to detain Levite 1. WARNING: Don't be too familiar with your past. 2. Tension begins (like a Stephen King horror story) 3. They finally leave at late afternoon/early evening III. THE NIGHTMARE JOURNEY (19:10-28) A. Late afternoon: The pagans bypassed (19:10-12) 1. Levite doesn't want to stay with pagans 2. Israel had failed to conquer Jerusalem a. LOOK AT Jud 1:21 b. Israel had compromised B. Sundown: Lodging with Israelites (19:13-15) 1. No hospitality 2. No concern for the Lord C. Twilight: The old man and the city square (19:15-21) 1. Levite would not have been a burden 2. Like Sodom, none of the locals were righteous a. the old man was from Ephraim b. a parallel is established 1) old man is like Lot 2) Levite is like the angels who protected the daughters of Lot D. Dark: The assault of the sodomites (19:22-24) 1. old man takes care of his guests/hospitality 2. like Lot, the old man has been influenced by his environment a. Sodomites come to rape the Levite b. old man offers his daughter c. old man also offers the Levite's wife?????? 1) did he have permission?????? E. Midnight to Dawn: The rape and murder of the wife (19:25-28) 1. LOOK BACK AT vs 25 a. Who took the concubine in vs 25???? b. Where is the old man's daughter???? 2. Levite doesn't love his wife as Christ loves the Church 3. Levite had never really forgiven her a. attitude of "After all, she was a whore." b. vs 28 "All right, let's go. You've had your fun." IV. THE CALL FOR HOLY WAR (19:29-30) A. Like the tribe of Ephraim, which attacked Jephthah, the Lord's annointed, these homosexuals of Gibeah have assualted someone who symbolized the Lord in their midst. 1. TYPOLOGY: Christ, in the midst of the people, did not put the Bride out to suffer, but rather, took the suffering upon Himself. 2. Homosexuality: Religious leaders of Christ's time were like these sodomites in the time of the Judges. B. The cutting of the woman's body symbolized the nation of Israel being cut apart by sin. Message of chapter 19: Israel "should have been giving birth to all kinds of good works for God, but instead they had been playing the harlot and they were dying. Similarly, the Levites should have been guarding them, but because they were not, social disaster was the result." THE DESTRUCTION OF BENJAMIN Judges 20 I. ISRAEL SUMMONED (20:1-2) A. Notice the sons of Benjamin heard about this muster B. Benjamin fails to show up II. THE LEVITE'S REPORT (20:3-7) A. The Levite skips the part about giving his wife to the sodomites in Gibeah B. Rumors have probably gone before him (different versions) 1. This is probably an emotionally charged mob 2. Imagine yourself telling this to a mob (TRY IT) III. THE INQUEST (20:8-13) A. An offer of peace is made to Benjamin 1. LOOK AT Dt 20:10-11 B. Benjamites sided with their brothers in Gibeah (REFUSING TO EXCOMMUNICATE THE SINNERS) 1. Today it could be wives siding with rebellious husbands or husbands siding with rebellious wives 2. Parents may stand by their apostate children (later) IV. THE WAR AGAINST BENJAMIN A. Preparations and the first battle (20:14-21) 1. Benjamin rallies 26,700 men 2. Israel rallies 400,000 men 3. LOOK AT Judges 1:1-2 a) Benjamin has become like spiritual Canaanites 4. BUT! The big difference is BENJAMIN wins! a) All Israel is guilty b) All the Levites were failing c) All the people were playing the harlot B. The second battle (20:22-25) 1. Israel makes no confession of their corporate guilt 2. They lose 40,000 a) How many did they start with? (400,000) b) The Lord exacted a tithe c) The Lord is judging all of Israel C. Repentance (20:26-28) 1. Israel began to fast = Confession of being cut off from God's blessing of food 2. Burnt offering = Confession of guilt (trusting in the Substitute burned up in the fire) 3. Peace offering = restored communion 4. vs 28 tells us Aaron's grandson is the high priest (internal evidence for the date of the appendix) D. The third battle (THERE ARE TWO ACCOUNTS GIVEN) 1. First account (20:29-35) a) Israel uses the tactics used against Ai (Canaanites) when Joshua was the leader b) Benjamin lost 25,100 in this 3rd battle and probably lost only about 1,000 in the first 2 battles c) LOOK AT vs 35 - The Lord defeated Benjamin 2. Second account (20:36-47) (BATTLE IN DETAIL) a) Gibeah became a burnt sacrifice "HORMAH" b) LOOK AT Gen 19:23-28 c) Benjamin/Gibeah had rejected the Substitute 1) LOOK BACK AT vs 26 2) Israel was not consumed; Benjamin was d) LOOK AT vs 45 "gleaned" = "abused" alal 1) eye for an eye principle 2) they abused the woman to death; they are abused to death E. The liquidation of Benjamin vs 48 1. Did Israel go too far? Was this right or wrong? 2. LOOK AT Dt 13:12-16 3. notice vs 13 "children of Belial" a) LOOK AT Jud 20:13 "children of Belial" b) "worthlessness" c) the writer is showing us the connection d) Gibeah was an apostate city; they had attacked the Levite who represents God 4. THEREFORE: Gibeah was to be destroyed V. APPLICATION A. To be against evil is not enough. 1. Israel was against the evil, but lost the first two battles. 2. We must be right with God. (Israel had to get right) B. God doesn't honor a merely political opposition to evil. 1. Civil rights activists, political activists, etc. 2. Men must return to God and trust Him to defeat sin. C. Husbands must show love through spiritual leadership. 1. Christian wives will look for a leader in their husband. 2. If husbands fail to lead, we tempt our wives to look elsewhere for love and leadership.


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