RELIGIOUS APOSTASY Judges 17-18 I. TWO APPENDICES A. Judges 17-18 = Religious Apostasy B.

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RELIGIOUS APOSTASY Judges 17-18 I. TWO APPENDICES A. Judges 17-18 = Religious Apostasy B. Judges 19-21 = Moral Apostasy C. Dates (remember, B.C. goes to the left on a time line) 1. Samson - around 1120-1100 B.C. 2. Micah - around 1406 B.C. (300 years before Samson) D. Grandson of Moses (18:30) 1. Jonathan, son of Gershom 2. Gershom, son of Moses 3. "Moses" rendered "Manasseh" (chk your margin notes) READ JUDGES 17:1-6 II. ESTABLISHMENT OF A FALSE SANCTUARY (1-6) A. On a foundation of thieves and robbers LOOK AT Jn 10:8 1. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THE MOTHER SPOKE THE CURSE IN MICAH'S EARS? a) She knew he had done it. b) LOOK AT Lev 5:1 2. Micah's mom undoes the curse with a blessing. a) Micah didn't make restitution b) Micah didn't give a Trespass Offering c) Restitution was to satisfy the victim d) Trespass Offering was to satisfy God e) In other words Micah robbed the true God B. Constructed around a corrupted family altar 1. The mother led her son into idolatry 2. She is a parent who fails to teach her child 3. She lies about how much she dedicates to the Lord 4. Micah learns covetousness from his mother 5. Micah leads his son into idolatry LOOK AT Num 3:10 C. Part of the basic failure of Israel (REVIEW CHP. 2) 1. Parents did not teach their children a fear of God. 2. LOOK AT Dt 6:4-9 a) One true God, not many b) VS 7 God commands parents to teach children c) VS 8 says children were to be taught that the word governs: 1) whatever they do with their hands 2) whatever they think with their minds 3. LOOK AT Dt 6:20-25 a) Children are to be taught of God's mighty acts b) Children are to fear God, not men 4. Children are to know TWO things: a) they are to know God b) they are to know what God has done II. ESTABLISHMENT OF A FALSE PRIESTHOOD (READ JUDGES 17:7-13) A. Professional Holy Man syndrome 1. VS 13 Micah says, "Now I know the Lord will prosper me because I have a real priest." 2. SIMILAR TO "Now I know our church will prosper because we have a real seminary trained pastor." 3. This false priest was an opportunist a) He was looking for a place to stay b) When a larger pulpit committee comes along, he suddenly gets called to go with the better benefits. B. Humanism in Micah's thinking 1. Baalism = Humanism, in that a) Baalism believes man manipulates God b) Humanism believes man manipulates God and man is not in submission to God 2. Micah believes he can manipulate God now because Micah has a Levite priest III. THE DANITE MIGRATION (READ JUDGES 18:1-6) A. Spies meet the Levite 1. Not really VALIANT MEN, rather cowards (explain) a) Danites failed to conquer their land b) From the same place Samson comes from later VS 2 2. God was teaching His people how to fight. 3. Rather than go to the tabernacle, they ask a false priest for guidance. B.The spies report back (READ 18:7-10) 1. Laish had no defence 2. "They wanted the blessings of the Covenant apart from the conditions of the Covenant" (jbj p.286). C. The Danites steal the idols (READ 18:11-20) 1. Again, just to show their cowardice, the text says they camped at Mahaneh-Dan. GUESS WHO ELSE WAS FROM THERE. LOOK AT JUDGES 13:25 Samson (NASV) 2. LOOK AT VS 19 a) the pulpit committee calls Micah's priest b) they wanted a professional holy man to be their full-time pastor c) the Levite accepts the call from the country church to the big city tabernacle D. Next, they drive Micah away (READ 18:21-26) 1. "Micah, the thief, is himself robbed" (jbj p.288). 2. The weakness of Baalism a) "You have stolen the gods I made!" b) men in control of the gods E. Conquest of Laish (READ 18:27-31) 1. WHY MENTION THAT DAN WAS BORN IN ISRAEL? (vs 29) 2. In leaving God, the Danites have left the kingdom. 3. They establish another apostate sanctuary a) vs 30 Gershom probably died wandering in the wilderness b) Jonathan would have been in the next generation and entered the promised land c) And because they were priests, it's possible they were Levites; hence, Jonathan is the grandson of Moses the Levite. IV. CONCLUSION A. The nature of idolatry 1. begins with a false exodus; that is, a) a priest being an opportunist b) leaving his congregation to seek a better place 2. idolatry continues with a false sanctuary 3. it continues with a false priesthood 4. and results in doing what God has not commanded (e.g. the false conquest) B. We must guard against this type of idolatry in our own church structure. 1. We must not (AS PRIESTS) simply up and leave looking for a better place 2. We must not forsake the brethren and create a false sanctuary through a "lone ranger" mentality 3. We must not set up a false priesthood of one professional holy man to do our work and service 4. We must not go out, doing what we think are good works, but seek to know what God would have us to do.


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