SAMSON'S END Judges 16 I. INTRODUCTION A. READ PROVERBS 5 B. Parallels between chp. 15 + 1

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SAMSON'S END Judges 16 I. INTRODUCTION A. READ PROVERBS 5 B. Parallels between chp. 15 & 16 1. A woman wants to be told the secret: Samson tells 2. The women use love as bait 3. The Timnite nags Samson 7 days; Delilah nags everyday 4. Philistines want the Timnite to entice Samson; Philistines want Delilah to entice Samson 5. Philistines need a 3rd party in both chps. 6. Men of Judah bind Samson; Delilah binds Samson 7. Men of Judah use new ropes; Delilah uses new ropes 8. In both chps. the ropes snap as if burned with fire 9. Twice the Judahites say they will deliver Samson to the Philistines; twice the Philistines say Dagon delivered Samson into their hands 10. Samson faces death at the end of both stories 11. Samson calls on God at the end of both C. Contrasts 1. In the first story Samson is in control 2. Samson stages the events 3. In the second story Samson is not in control D. Theological message 1. Both stories reveal human impotence and God's omnipotence 2. "The strong man cannot deliver himself" (jbj p267). E. READ JUDGES 16 II. SAMSON'S SIN A. LOOK AT JUDGES 2:17; 8:27,33 1. Judges judged for so many years, then Israel went whoring after other gods 2. Judges 15:20 says Samson judged Israel 20 years 3. Judges 16 begins with Samson going into a whore 4. Samson is a picture of Israel as a whole B. Joshua sent spies to Jericho 1. They stayed with a harlot named Rahab 2. They went into her house, not in to her 3. Rahab was converted 4. Samson compromised III. SAMSON AND DELILAH A. Delilah's background 1. Philistine or Israelite? (not told) 2. Prostitute? (not told) B. Delilah was a betrayer 1. Delilah was enticed by money 2. These are the actions of a prostitute 3. large amount of money (maybe to overcome patriotism) 4. betrayal usually comes from within the camp C. Delilah's betrayal 1. She tried 3 times 2. Men were hidden in another room each time 3. Samson was ridiculing the Philistine notion of magic D. Samson's compromise 1. He begins to play with his vow (flaunting liberties) 2. He toys with his vow by telling Delilah to do something to his hair 3. We should learn from this to fear compromise 4. Playing with sin or evil people will bring you down 5. Samson forgot that 20 years ago nagging was a sign of betrayal a) The Timnite wife nagged him and betrayed him b) Delilah now nags him and will betray him 6. LOOK AT JUDGES 16:16 a) Delilah literally nagged him to death b) Both Delilah and the Timnite wife nagged Samson for selfish reasons 1) The Timnite wife was trying to survive 2) Delilah wanted the money E. Samson's defeat 1. He tells Delilah about his vow 2. He falls asleep (which is symbolic of his spiritual state) 3. LOOK AT vs 19 a) Delilah afflicts Samson b) That is the true nature of the Philistines 4. Philistines blind Samson a) an outward sign of his spiritual condition b) like Israel and Eli before him (Eli went blind) c) BLINDED BY SIN F. God gives prosperity to Philistia 1. Philistines thought Dagon prospered them 2. God gives prosperity by punishing His own people IV. SAMSON'S RESTORATION A. Philistines provoke the Lord God 1. They say Dagon delivered Samson into their hands 2. Israel had adopted the same point of view B. Samson's hair grows back C. Philistines want to mock him publicly D. "Samson was put between the pillars" (jbj p.275). 1. Temples frequently had gardens on top (big temples) 2. Pillars were like the arms of Dagon holding them up E. Samson destroys the temple 1. He kills the Philistine lords (GEN 3:15) 2. He kills 3,000 V. SAMSON'S PRAYER A. Was it selfish? (remember: he is Israel's messiah) 1. LOOK AT Ps 69:20-28 2. This has been attributed to Jesus on the cross 3. Remember too: eye for an eye 4. Philistines had attacked the Lord's annointed B. Was his death suicice? (maybe) 1. But again LOOK AT Matt 27:50 2. Jesus gave up the Spirit willingly for us 3. Samson knew the Messiah would have to die in order to destroy God's enemies VI. APPLICATION/MORAL A. Israel should have seen 3 things 1. Even the strongest fall when they go whoring after pagan culture. 2. Involvement with pagan culture will destroy their lives and calling, and it will blind them and render them impotent (without strength). 3. A perfect Messiah was needed, a Deliverer both morally pure and omnipotent (all powerful). B. We should recognize the same. 1. How much of the world do we go whoring after? a) How much do we buy? b) How much do we hoard? 2. How much involvement do we have with our culture? a) Is our involvement blinding us to our calling? b) Is our involvement destroying our strength? c) Is our life style involved so much in the things of this world that we have become friends of the world and enemies of God? 3. Have we adopted the view that Humanism is too strong? a) Do we think we are oppressed because of Humanism? b) We must remember: "It is not the Dagons, the Philistines, the Humanists and Statists with whom we have to deal. It is the Lord with whom we must wrestle. When our ways please Him, the tyrant will be destroyed. Our problems are not political, and neither is the solution to them" (jbj p.274).


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