SAMSON THE BRIDEGROOM Judges 14 - 15 I. A PHILISTINE WIFE (READ CHP 14) Was Samson's marri

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SAMSON THE BRIDEGROOM Judges 14 - 15 I. A PHILISTINE WIFE (READ CHP 14) Was Samson's marriage to a Philistine woman in chp 14 an act of lust, compromise and sin? A. Covenant God of Israel 1. Not simply Divine Providence 2. The Lord was guiding Samson (Judges 13:24-25) 3. Samson says "she pleaseth me well" a) NASV says "she looks good to me" b) margin notes says "she is right in my eyes" c) Samson is a judge (he discerns right & good) d) LOOK AT Gen 1:10, 12, 25; 2:18-22 B. What about intermarriage? 1. God prohibited intermarriage with Canaanites 2. Philistines were cousins to the Egyptians(Gen 10:14) 3. Generally, believers are not to marry nonbelievers 4. This prohibition is in a covenantal sense a) Moses had married an outsider b) Bathsheba had married Uriah the Hittite c) POINT: a convert could marry with Israel C. Samson's parents did not recognize this missionary task 1. Samson, as messiah, offers salvation/gospel 2. Samson puts a test before the girl (WHAT IS IT?) a) Will she trust in Samson (Lord's messiah) or b) Will she trust in the power of the Philistines D. WHO WAS SEEKING OCCASION IN VERSE 4? 1. Samson expected to find hatred and unfaithfulness 2. He made a riddle to bring out antagonism 3. He knew the wedding would give rise to conflict 4. He was not trying to avoid conflict 5. IF SAMSON HAD NOT PLANNED ALL THIS WITH THE WISDOM OF A JUDGE OF ISRAEL AND THE SPIRIT'S GUIDING, THEN HE TRULY WOULD HAVE BEEN IN SIN AND IN THE FLESH TO MARRY THE GIRL. E. If Samson wanted all this, then why not just simply start killing Philistines? (ask again) 1. A state of occupation is a state of war, so it would have been OK to start killing. 2. FIRST - had they accepted the gospel, the war could have ended that way 3. SECOND - Samson wanted to expose their character a) Israel was asleep in Philistia b) "Hey, the Philistines aren't all that bad." 1) born again politicians 2) our American govt. 3) humanists, etc. c) Samson wanted to expose the Philistines as not trustworthy 1) oppressors 2) betrayers 3) think they are superior to Israelites II. A PHILISTINE LION A. Lion signifies: 1. strength 2. powers that attack Israel 3. David killed a lion before killing Goliath B. Death of the lion brings the land of milk and honey 1. Samson kills a lion 2. He returns later and scrapes out honey 3. He gives the honey to his parents (prophetic of the land of milk and honey once the Philistine lion is dead) III. SAMSON'S RIDDLE A. Riddles were: 1. keys: Sphinx guarded his territory by a riddle 2. signs of strength B. Why didn't Samson tell his parents? 1. The riddle was a test for his wife 2. She alone would know, and he would know exactly who betrayed him C. SIDE NOTE: Israel was so weak that the Philistines had to provide the wedding party that Samson's family should have given. (30 men were provided as "friends") IV. THE BETRAYAL A. The test 1. Samson knew what he was doing (testing his wife) 2. Would his wife trust him or the Philistines 3. She feared the Philistines B. The riddle's answer (LOOK AT vs 18) 1. The Philistines got the riddle, but they missed the point. a) WHAT IS SWEETER THAN HONEY? - God's law b) WHAT IS STRONGER THAN A LION? - Samson 2. Samson had offered something sweet to Philistia - God's law 3. Samson had warned them of God's judgment - Samson C. Philistines raped his wife; that is, they forced her to betray Samson 1. Samson was not brow beaten by his wife to tell 2. Remember, Samson was testing her and the Philistines D. LOOK AT vs 19 - "eye for an eye" direct payback 1. The 30 men stole the answer, they got it from somebody else 2. Samson gets the clothing from somebody else - and he kills them (IT IS A TIME OF WAR) V. THE END OF SAMSON'S MARRIAGE (READ CHP 15) A. Picture of Israel's weakness 1. Samson didn't have enough money for his bride 2. Again, she didn't trust in Samson, but in her Philistine family B. Symbolism in the harvest 1. Harvest time (man's fancy turned to love & babies) 2. Remember too, Ruth approached Boaz during harvest 3. Samson is expressing a desire for a child C. Again, "eye for an eye" 1. Philistines wrecked Samson's marriage 2.They prevented him from enjoying the seed that would be lawfully his 3. They have ruined his harvest, so he ruins theirs 4. Philistines then burn/sacrifice his in-laws 5. In return Samson sacrifices Philistines to the Lord VI. JUDAH'S BETRAYAL A. Like Samson's wife, Judah fears the wrong side 1. Samson shows patience with them 2. Also, by this time the Ark was captured a) superstitious men of Judah - no Ark, no victory VII. JAWBONE HILL A. Lehi = jawbone B. The Hebrew word for "heap" is spelled like and sounds like the Hebrew word for "ass" 1. Samson is playing a word game with his poem 2. LOOK AT vs 16 a) heaps upon heaps OR asses upon asses b) the ass is an unclean animal and a perfect symbol for the Philistines VIII. SPIRITUAL STRENGTH A. WHAT SHOULD WATER FROM A ROCK REMIND ISRAEL OF? 1. Moses in the wilderness 2. Philistine oppression lasted 40 yrs too B. Proof that God has guided Samson all along (LOOK vs 18) 1. God ALONE is the source of his strength 2. Without God's grace, Samson would die C. Samson judged Israel 20 years 1. His early actions were all Spirit led 2. Nothing in the passage says Samson was in sin 3. The passage does say a) the Lord blessed him b) the Spirit stirred him up c) the Lord gave him the desire to marry the Philistine girl 4. The Spirit did not bypass Samson's brain a) he knew what was going on at all times b) he was in moral control of each situation 5.SAMSON, HOWEVER, DOES FALL INTO SIN IN THE END OF THE 20 YRS, which is what we see in chapter 16 a) and we will see the Spirit depart from him b) and it would seem that if he were in sin earlier the Spirit would have departed from him then too IX. THE MESSIANIC SECRET -OR- TYPE OF CHRIST A. Jesus delayed the revelation of His secret 1. Jesus killed the Lion of Satan 2. Jesus made available the abundant life of milk and honey 3. These things should have led the Jews to faith 4. The Jews, however, were not impressed by his resurrection B. Samson delayed the revelation of his riddle 1. Samson's wife and the Philistines wanted the secret so they could betray him 2. That is all the Jews and Pharisees wanted from Jesus C. In the New Testament 1. The Jews are the Philistines 2. Judas is the wife (betraying with a kiss) 3. The betrayal price is 30 pieces of silver, instead of 30 pieces of clothing D. Samson was in complete control 1. The Philistines didn't repent 2. they were destroyed E. Likewise, Jesus was in complete control 1. The Jews didn't repent and persecuted the church 2. In 70 A.D. Jerusalem was destroyed


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