SAMSON THE NAZARITE (Judges 13) Before looking at Samson, we need to understand a little a

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SAMSON THE NAZARITE (Judges 13) Before looking at Samson, we need to understand a little about the Nazarite vow. Basically, Nazarite = Israelite who takes special vow usually in wartime they become a special temporary priest LOOK AT Num 6:2-3 Alcohol & grapes - forbidden LOOK AT Num 6:5 long hair Hair is not dedicated. The HEAD is dedicated to God. LOOK AT vs 7, 11, 18 Hair = sign of the Nazarite's work. When work is complete and acceptable, the Nazarite may enter into sabbath rest and eat grape/drink wine. "This is a picture of the work of humanity, defiled in Adam, but accomplished by Christ. The people of God are His vine" (jbj p.225). LOOK AT Isa 5:1-7 God found His grapes to be bad. LOOK AT Jn 15:1-6 Jesus is the true vine. When we are in union with Christ, then and only then our works/fruits taste good to God. In the O.T. when God approved of the Nazarite's work, God allowed him to drink wine. Evidently, long hair was not suitable for men in the O.T., unless it was a sign of being dedicated to God. LOOK AT II Sam 14:26 NOW LOOK AT II Sam 18:9 Absalom was a rebel. He wore his hair for his own glory. God used it to hang him. ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW: When the priest or the Nazarite represented God to the people, he was a male before the people. This is why only men were to be priests. However, when the Nazarite stood before God to represent the people, he stood as a Bride/female to God, just as the Church is the Bride of Christ. Normally, the man represents the "Divine Husband." He wears short hair. The woman represents the Bride. She wears long hair. Samson was permanent Nazarite. So were Samuel, John the Baptist and Christ. Christ, the perfect Nazarite, accomplished all the work of the Bride. He accomplished what Eve and Adam failed to do. LOOK BACK AT Num 6:6 "Death is the curse upon man" (jbj p.227). Adam should never have faced death. The Nazarite takes the role of Adam. He is to gaurd the Garden and the Bride of Israel. Hence, he is not to come into contact with death. During a "Holy War" the Nazarite will come into contact during battle. After the battle he is to purify himself. Permanent Nazarites like Samson, Samuel, John the Baptist and Christ show us that the war is never really over in this life. So, TRYING TO SUM THIS UP: Samson was a type of Christ and therefore he was a type of picture as to what Israel should have been doing as God's chosen people. All the Israelites could have been like Samson (did you know that?) LOOK AT Lev 26:8; Dt 32:30; Josh 23:10 NOW LET'S READ Judges 13 vs 1 - we no longer see any repentance (a sign that man does not have it in himself to repent) vs 5 - O.T. PREDESTINATION = "Nazarite unto God from the womb" also, New Beginnings for Israel = Samson will "begin to deliver Israel" JUMP BACK TO vs 3 - Why did God appear to Manoah's wife? (Gen 3:15 theme) Manoah's wife is barren. Did you know that all 3 wives of the patriarchs were barren? SARAH, REBEKAH & RACHEL AND - All 3 mothers of permanent Nazarites were barren. SAMSON'S MOTHER, SAMUEL'S MOTHER (HANNAH) & JOHN THE BAPTIST'S MOTHER (ELIZABETH) Christ's mother, Mary, was the ultimate example of a barren womb in a different sense -- she was a virgin. All this fulfills the Gen 3:15 theme. **ADDED NOTE** - LOOK AT vs 4 Who was not to drink wine? (mother) WHY? vs 5 reveals the Biblical notion that from conception there is new life in the womb. Abortion = killing an unborn human being ANYHOW, the first visit by the angel of God was to the woman the second visit, the angel again appears first to the woman and then secondly to Manoah. Think of the implications for those who advocate that a woman is to be in blind obedience to her husband. LOOK AT vs 12 - 13 The angel tells Manoah that the duties are for the woman. This is another type of what happens later with Mary & Joseph. "Theologically speaking, the Miracle Child is begotten of God's Angel in the womb of the mother, and the first Adam's lineage is set aside. Physically, of course, this was only true of Jesus Christ, and physically Manoah did beget Samson" (jbj p.234) LOOK AGAIN AT vss 15-23 This is in contrast to Judges 6 (Gideon) LOOK AT vs 16 God refused to eat with Manoah/Israel. OUT OF FELLOWSHIP What was needed was a burnt sacrifice, a confession of sin and judgment. LOOK AT vs 20 A picture of Christ's substitutionary atonement. The Angel goes up in flames to say that God will take our punishment. FINALLY WE GET TO SAMSON'S BIRTH. Harmony of O.T. history - Samson, Samuel and Obed Israel was in bondage to Philistia 40 yrs. Bondage ended at battle of Mizpah (I Sam 7:7-13). Battle of Mizpah was 20 years after the battle of Aphek (I Sam 7:2) (ark was captured) So, at the beginning of bondage, Samson and Samuel were born. (Jordan also explains how Obed was also born around the same time to Ruth and Boaz.) 1st 20 yrs = hard bondage 2nd 20 yrs = not as hard because of Samson's activities and because Ark was captured (explain the irony) ALSO - "Just as the Angel offered Himself as a sacrifice to make possible the birth of Samson, so the Ark goes into captivity and oppression to make possible the freedom of Israel" (jbj p.238). It's as if God Himself goes into captivity as a substitute for His people. Samson and Samuel also "formed a testimony of two witnesses to Israel that God was doing a new work to save them" (jbj. p. 237) LOOK AT I Sam 3:1-7 Eli was going blind and the light was going out; i.e., the Word was not going forth. - Samuel had been there since he was a baby and he didn't even know the Lord. LOOK AT vs 7 Samuel is born again in verses 11-15 This takes place about the time Samson begins to judge as well. Samson's early marriage in Chp 14 may have been about the time the Philistines captured the Ark (the beginning of the 2nd 20 yrs) And when Samson died killing the Philistine nobility may have been just before the battle of Mizpah recorded in I Samuel 7. --------------- FOR NEXT TIME: CONSIDER IN JUDGES 14 1) Was Samson's marriage to a Philistine woman in chp 14 an act of lust, compromise and sin? 2) Was Samson in the flesh? 3) In 14:4 who sought occasion against the Philistines, Samson or God?


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