JUDGES 10 - 12 JEPHTHAH Rom 12:1 +quot;I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies o

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JUDGES 10 - 12 JEPHTHAH Rom 12:1 "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." (Have we made vows to God, e.g. salvation?) LOOK AT Judges 10:6 Minor judges after Abimelech = Tola and Jair Then "the children of Israel did evil again" they served: the Baals Ashtaroth the gods of Syria the gods of Sidon the gods of Moab the gods of Ammon the gods of the Philistines Seven-fold COMPLETE apostasy This should tell us something about "easy believism." God had already delivered the Israelites 7 times before, now they are coming to Him again. LOOK AT Judges 10:13-16 God has divine compassion on Israel because He is still in covenant with them. LOOK AT Dt 30:1-3 LOOK AT Judges 10:17 - 11:11 Up to this point, the judges have been raised up by God. Here we see the first pulpit committee in vs 18. LOOK AT vs 9 - Jephthah is first to mention the Lord vs 11 says the people set him up as leader and Jephthah uttered his words before the Lord. LOOK AT Dt 23:2-3 Jephthah (an excluded man) is to destroy the Ammonites (an excluded people) Jephthah's Vow LOOK AT Judges 11:29-31 Rash or well thought out? Jordan claims that vs 31 should read "whoever comes out" not "whatever." Reason - sacrificial animals were not kept in the house - comes out "to meet me" "Thus, Jephthah expects one of his servants to meet him after the battle, and he intends to dedicate that person wholly to God's service." Jordan also notes that "the doors of the house in Scripture are symbols of birth." ?????? Human sacrifice was necessary for atonement, but there was no human qualified as holy and without sin until Christ. So Jordan leans toward the notion that this is a dedication of a person to service in the tabernacle for life. Reason - Jephthah was thinking of a dynasty starting with his house -he would offer up a servant to God to have God establish his house as the royal house LOOK AT Judges 11:32-40 vs 34 - God frustrates Jephthah's design to become king His only child/daughter comes out to meet him. She submits to his vow. requests to bewail her virginity. Again, Jordan says "this would make absolutely no sense if she were about to be put to death, but it makes a lot of sense if she were about to be consigned to perpetual virginity" (jbj p.207). READ THE FOURTH MESSAGE TO ISRAEL IN THE VIRGINITY OF JEPHTHAH'S DAUGHTER ... (jbj. p.211-213). Either way, I think God ended any notions of Jephthah's starting a dynasty with his family. God took Jephthah's firstborn, and only hope of a family, and used her to build His house. LOOK AT Judges 12:1-7 Here we have the Ephraimites acting up again. Only this time they threaten to burn down Jephthah's house. Jephthah says he asked for help, but the Ephraimites didn't give it. Also, who does Jephthah say delivered the Ammonites into his hand? (vs 3) The LORD. LOOK BACK AT Judges 7:24 This tactic is used against them by Jephthah's men. 42,000 killed - Num 26:37 records that 32,500 Ephraimites crossed the Jordan with Joshua about 300 years earlier. Essentially, they were wiped out. ------------------------------------ What's one of the major purposes of the period of the judges? LOOK BACK AT Judges 3:4 Remember: Faith without WAR is dead. God was teaching Israel how to fight the warfare. It was to be fought by faith. They still haven't caught on. Three errors - 1. The Gileadites tried to make war by finding a hero. 2. Jephthah believed that Israel needed a strong dynasty. 3. Ephraim wanted to fight to glorify themselves. 1. We can fall prey to finding a hero among men.... 2. We can think that we need a strong organization.... 3. We can seek to glorify ourselves.... (pride & envy)


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