EHUD (JUDGES 3:12-31) I. ENSLAVEMENT (Judges 3:12-14) LOOK AT Judges 3:12-14 +quot;Childre

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EHUD (JUDGES 3:12-31) I. ENSLAVEMENT (Judges 3:12-14) LOOK AT Judges 3:12-14 "Children" did evil again and the cycle starts over. This time it took 18 years of slavery & chastisement. Who was Moab and Ammon? (Gen 19:30-38) Descendants of Lot - by his own daughters (incest) LOOK AT Zepheniah 2:8-10 (Hab., Zeph., Hag., Zech., Mal.) This is the kind of cruel and perverse culture Israel was now enslaved to. Who was Amalek? (Num 24:20) The first of the nations of the world. Israel had defeated them in the past. (Ex 17:8-16) Remember the city of palm trees? Jericho Now Eglon has taken it over again. Why did the Lord leave the nations in Canaanan? (3:1-2) "The people had to learn war. They had to be taught to change their attitude over against the nations with whom they made friends. They had to be taught to fight the kingdom of darkness" (jbj p.59). LOOK AGAIN AT vs 12 Who strengthened Eglon? (the Lord) The Lord took their sin and used it as a scourge of chastisement. LOOK AT Judges 3:15-19 The Lord raised up Ehud - a left handed deliverer. Why do you think Eglon was so quick to receive Ehud? Probably Ehud was already a leader recognized by the people in Israel. The present he brought from the people was really tribute money. The people probably trusted Ehud. Notice too he had a "TWO-EDGED SWORD" which immediately reminds us of Christ's two-edged sword: the Word of God. vs 17 says Eglon was a very fat man (kind of like Jabba the hut) LOOK AT Judges 3:20-25 Notice vs 20 says "God" Ehud didn't use YHWH "Lord" of Isreal Eglon probably wouldn't listen to a message from Israel's God But, a "god" might make him take note LOOK BACK AT vs 21 "Eglon might have suspected something if Ehud had stretched forth his right hand and reached to his left thigh" (jbj p.62). (That's where most men carried their swords.) explain What was Ehud's message? JUDGMENT LOOK BACK AT vs 22 [READ FROM JORDAN, P. 63] LOOK AT Judges 3:26-30 There's the number 10,000 again - in other words it was a complete and definite victory The whole story is a snapshot of redemption. Ehud crushed the head of the enemy; he killed Eglon. Ehud's men killed Eglon's men. In Revelation the greater Ehud leads his army against Satan's demons and the unbelieving men on earth. Christ crushed the head of the serpent; Christ's people follow Him in victory. Christ slays His enemies with a two-edged sword. Evidently Ehud and his generation were faithful in teaching their children to know the Lord and His works. The land rested 80 yrs. The Lord raised up Eglon, The Lord raised up Ehud, and vs 28 says The Lord gave the victory. LOOK AT vs 31 - SHAMGAR: The Surprise Judge


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