OTHNIEL Judges 3:7-11 INTRO - +quot;What were the judges?+quot; Basically, +quot;they were

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OTHNIEL Judges 3:7-11 INTRO - "What were the judges?" Basically, "they were civil rulers and deliverers of Israel" (jbj p.47) Background on judges - Were the judges self-appointed? God appointed and RECOGNIZED BY THE PEOPLE. The best example of this Jephthah. (We'll talk about him in more detail later.) LOOK AT Judges 10:17 - 11:11 The people seem to be able to participate in some sort of dialogue or discussion about the problem. Interestingly, this saviour-type, this judge was initially rejected by the people years before the problem. The main point here, however, is the elders presented him to the people who in vs. 11 "made him head and captain over them." He was not self-appointed. How long did judges hold office? (Moses and Joshua are examples: for life) Was the office hereditary? (Did Moses take measures to set up a family dynasty to succeed him?) The office was not to be ruled with unlimited authority. Joshua as successor of Moses was to stand before Eleazar the priest (Num 27:21). And their power could not be stretched beyond God's written law. Resistance, however, to their authority was a serious offense, punishable by death. LOOK AT Josh 1:18 & Dt. 17:12 Kings in Israel essentially evolved from Judges in Israel. "Kings and judges are shepherds" (jbj p.50). The Levites were the guardians. - The two appendicies at the end of JUDGES show the failure of the Levites. "The guardian's role is to prevent evil; the judge's role is to deliver from evil, once it has been allowed in" (jbj p.51). Judges were anointed with the Holy Spirit. LOOK AT Num 11:24-29 This meant they had the graces of the Holy Spirit operating within them. They were not perfect, and their failures are recorded for our instruction. LOOK AT Isa 11:1-4 - the prophecy of the graces of the Holy Spirit on Christ. LOOK AT Lk 4:16-21 - the fulfillment of prophecy All this is to say: JUDGES WERE TYPES OF CHRISTS In ordinary life they were civil magistrates - ministers of God's vengeance and judgment. But most of all judges show us the work of Christ in the O.T. Christ is the final Judge, Messiah, Anointed One, and the greater Joshua or Saviour. ** OTHNIEL ** LOOK AT Judges 3:7-11 By now all the Joshua era elders are dead. The children are serving Baals and Asherahs. "They weren't sold south this time, but north. Mesopotamia is the land of Babylon and of Assyria" (jbj p.54). This is to tell them if they reject the Lord, they will wind up back under Babylonian rule. Why Babylon and not Egypt? In Egypt they could still have confidence in the promises made to whom? Abraham. Joshua reminds them of this. LOOK AT Joshua 24:1-3 LOOK AT Josh 24:19-20 This first falling away lasted only 8 years. God raised up a deliverer: Othniel. What tribe was Othniel from? Judah--but not by birth. (remember Judges 1:11-15 Othniel is Caleb's nephew). Here is the first foreshadowing of the Greater Othniel destroying Babylon as recorded in REVELATION.


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