Judges 2:6 - 3:6 PLURALISM = a theory that there is more than one basic substance or princ

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Judges 2:6 - 3:6 PLURALISM = a theory that there is more than one basic substance or principle or - a theory that even if there is only one basic substance or principle many particular and distinct entities exist. For Christians, "pluralism" has come to mean the belief that many different faiths should be tolerated in society. (jbj p.44) In this second introduction to Judges we can learn what God thinks of religious pluralism. I. THE COMMAND/PROMISE OF THE LORD (Dt 6:4-9 & 20-25) Implied command/promise - pass on to the children a loyalty to God. LOOK AT Dt 6:4-9 How many gods are there? one true God! When were they supposed to practice the presence of God? vs 7 "Whatis important for the book of Judges comes to us in verse 7" (jbj p.26). What is it? vs 8 = personal morality vs 9 = family morality (posts of thy house) vs 9 = political morality (gates) To teach the Law is to teach the Character of God LOOK AT Dt 6:20-25 This is why the law was given (the actions of God in history)jbj p.27. Our own children must know 2 things: 1) the Lord 2) what the Lord has done They must know Him as a God of almighty power. Why? So they won't fear giants and iron chariots. II. THE RESPONSE OF ISRAEL (Judges 2:6-13) LOOK AT Judges 2:6-13 A. The Failure of The First Generation vs 6-10 vs 6 gives part of the reason the land was not cleared of Canaanites: "Israel settled down too soon and too much" (jbj p.28). vs 9 = Joshua's burial site (a memorial to be taught) vs 10 - What did this new generation not learn from the first? 1) they did not learn of the Lord 2) they did not learn of the Lord's works Why?.... What was the older generation doing? They were doing God's will - they were busy killing Canaanites. So why the problem? They forgot Dt. 6. - This is also God's will, that we teach our children about God. But what about "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple"? And remember Simeon and Levi, they were cursed for putting family before their covenantal duties. We have a very delicate balance to maintain as Christians. We are to minister in the Kingdom of God, and part of that ministry must be guarding our family, which is what Adam failed to do. e.g. - busy-busy Christians and rebellious children What was the work God had done for Israel referred to in vs 10? FIGHTING THEIR BATTLES-WARFARE What didn't the children understand then? Reality of war between God's people and God's enemies. Will our own children grow up learning "Good News America, God loves you," or will they understand: "The Lord trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth." (Ps 11:5) Will God seem far away to our children? Will His works seem mythical and primitive compared with computers, philosophy, and evolution? And... "If the children grow up bad, what does this say about the relationship between the father and the mother?" Later in Judges - Levites are types of husbands They fail as representing the Bridegroom/Christ LOOK AT Malachi 2:7 & 10-16 they were to guard knowledge just as Adam was to guard the tree of the knowledge of good and evil When the Levites failed to represent the true Husband of Israel, spiritual adultery took place. BAALISM = spiritual adultery Baal = husband and lord (Strong's, 1167) "Just because the Levites were failing was no excuse for whoring after the gods of the nations" (jbj p.33). Likewise, if the professing church is failing to act as the true Bride of Christ, that is no reason to form para-church groups. B. The Failure of the Later Generations LOOK AT Judges 2:11-13 Our children, just like the Israelites, may grow up to do evil in the sight of the Lord. They may think he is totally other or somewhere far away, but He is not, and He sees all. Our children will be challenged by secular humanism; the Israelite children were challenged by Baalism. What was Baalism? Philosophically, Baalism = ascribing power to nature (Nature) Ancient philosophers of Baal thought that the universe had the force of life within itself. BAALISM = SECULAR HUMANISM Does modern man literally bow down and worship physical idols? (Do modern Christians?) "We don't see humanists bowing down to their gods, but we do see them studying them, lecturing about them, writing books about them." "And we don't see Christians bowing down to the Lord either, but we do see them studying Him, preaching about Him, and writing books about Him." (jbj p.35) "Ancient man primarily worshipped his gods, while modern man primarily studies his." (pagans & Christians) (jbj p.35) "Ancient pagans worshipped Nature, while modern pagans philosophize about Nature" (jbj p.35) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ANCIENT | MODERN | Power to Nature | Life force in Universe | Sun God | sunlight | copulation | insemination principle | original mud | primordeal sea | life | life - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - LOOK AT Dt 7:12-14 Israel was promised fertility for their obedience. Submission to God Baalism said fertility was obtained by sexual orgies, human mutilation, and even human sacrifices. LOOK AT I Kings 18:27-28 Stimulation of god In Baalism "man is the lord of his god (Nature) who needs to be stimulated by him" (jbj p.36). If modern man can control nature, he can control evolution and advance humanity. Our children will begin to look at Genesis 1 differently. They will see its poetic value. They will see that God gave Nature intrinsic powers, "and these powers are evolving and developing." In other words "Nature is a real, though lesser, power." They will learn to be more open-minded, objective and liberal in their thinking. After all we shouldn't stop our ears to theistic evolution. WRONG! Who sustains life? God Does He sustain life directly? Yes (Gen 7:22) If God sustains life directly, then is there really such a thing as nature? "Theistic evolution is Deism, not Christianity" (jbj p.38). III. THE EVALUATION OF THE LORD (2:14 - 3:6) A. The Slavery Deliverance Cycle (2:14-19) LOOK AT Judges 2:14-19 God is actively chastising His people. Who was against them for evil? God vs 15 Did they save themselves? vs 16 LOOK BACK AT vs 15 Total Inability & Total Depravity Notice nothing is said about Israel crying out to God here. Yet the SOVEREIGN love of God delivers them. vs 17 = O.T. Total depravity "they turned quickly out of the way" We must not be too quick to judge them. Christians tend to be quick to "turn out of the way." Do you ever forget the mighty works God has done in your life? Do you ever forget to tell your children about how God has worked in you life? Not just tell them Bible stories, but how God has worked in YOUR life. B. Turning Sins into Scourges (2:20 - 3:6) LOOK AT Judges 2:20 - 3:6 "Where there is compromise with sin, the very sin becomes the means God uses to chastise His children. Our sins become our scourges" (jbj p.42). The Canaanites became the scourges. LOOK AT vs 2 of chp 3 Our children must learn that there is a war. Peace and compromise with the Canaanites of this world is impossible. "Faith without WAR is dead" In other words, faith involves hatred of sin and evil. Many people are fighting secular humanism, communism, abortion, and the rest of the Canaanites by politics. We must depend on the grace of God, we must be grounded in prayer and Biblical faith. Of course there are Christians who are not inovlved in the war at all. But again: "Faith without WAR is dead" In other words, works of faith involve obedience to God. Part of that obedience is guarding our families and our children. LOOK BACK AT vs 5 & 6 Idolatry and adultery or covenant inter-marriage This is the climax of the failure of family life in Israel. Started out with Pluralism - the belief that many different faiths should be tolerated in society. From Judges we can see Pluralism is evil in God's sight. Society is not religiously neutral. LOOK AT Ps 139:21-22 The Great Commission tells us to go and disciple the nations. CLOSE WITH Dt 4:35


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