II. THE RESPONSE OF ISRAEL (1:3-36) A. Judah (1:3-21) 1. Initial Faithfulness (1:3-17) 2.

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II. THE RESPONSE OF ISRAEL (1:3-36) A. Judah (1:3-21) 1. Initial Faithfulness (1:3-17) 2. Progressive Failure (1:18-21) LOOK AT Judges 1:18-21 PHILISTINES - Judah didn't take all the land. (Josh 15 lists the cities) IRON CHARIOTS - God will deal with these in Judges 4 & 5, but here Judah fails... JERUSALEM - vs 21 "to this day" (Jebusites driven out by David) B. Joseph (1:22-29) 1. Initial Faithfulness (1:22-26) LOOK AT Judges 1:22-26 Who made up the house of Joseph? (Gen 48:15-20) What does "Beth-el" mean? "house of God" LOOK AT Gen 28:16-19 Another "Luz" was built vs 26 (geographical area of victory) New Covenant = conquest of the world (Mt 28:19-20) "Every Luz is to be made a Bethel by the gospel." (jbj p.16) 2. Progressive Failure (1:27-29) LOOK AT Judges 1:27-29 "When the house of Joseph is shown as unfaithful, they are called by the tribal names Manasseh and Ephraim." (jbj p.17) What is the compromise here? Canaanites lived among the Israelites LOOK AT Ex 23:28-33 C. The Other Tribes' Progressive Failure (1:30-36) LOOK AT Judges 1:30-36 1. The First Degree of Compromise (1:30) Same as with Manasseh and Ephraim 2. The Second Degree of Compromise (1:31-33) What's the second degree of compromise? (vs 33) First Degree = the Canaanites dwelt among the Israelites 2nd Deg. = the Israelites "dwelt among the Canaanites" Beth-shemesh = "House of the Sun God, Shemesh" } (jbj p.19) Beth-anath = "House of the Fertility Goddess, Anath" LOOK AT Ex 34:11-13 3. The Third Degree of Compromise (1:34-36) What's the 3rd degree? (vs 34) "Instead of Israel's driving out the Canaanites, here we see the Canaanites driving out the Children of God." (jbj p.19) vs 36 Amorites had borders! What is significant about Mount Heres in Aijalon? LOOK AT Josh 10:12-14 Judges 2:9 says this is also where Joshua was buried. (cf. Josh 24:30) The Canaanites had recaptured a memorial. "In the New Covenant, the heathen have no more borders. The gospel invades everywhere" (jbj p.21). III. THE EVALUATION OF THE LORD (2:1-5) LOOK AT Judges 2:1-5 Who is the "Angel of the Lord"? LOOK AT Josh 5:13-15 LOOK AT Matt 17:5 LOOK AT Ex 23:20-23 Who has the power to pardon transgressions or forgive sins? LOOK AT Mark 2:10-11 The preincarnate Jesus Christ brings judgment to Israel. LOOK AT Jn 1:18 Basically, what were the demands of the covenant on the Israelites? 1. make no covenants/treaties 2. destroy Canaanite altars Did the Israelites keep their part of the covenant? vs 2 - NO! vs 3 = judgment The Canaanites become thorns in the sides of Israel. LOOK AT II Cor 6:14 Essentially, the book of Judges examines the two aspects of sin. ADULTERY IDOLATRY Covenants = adultery Altars = idolatry Go back to the Garden of Eden. Adam needed a helpmeet to administer the affairs of the Garden (KINGLY aspect). Adam needed to reject the serpent from the Garden (PRIESTLY aspect). The Israelites were the new ADAMS and Canaanites were not proper helpmeets. The Israelites were to destroy the Canaanite altars, but instead, the Canaanite gods would become snares to trip up the Israelites like a serpent in the path. vs 5 - REPENTANCE "On the altar they expressed their confession that they deserved the death penalty for their sins, that they deserved to be bound on the altar of God and burned up under His fiery wrath. But they also confessed their trust in God by sacrificing a substitute, which would take upon itself the wrath they deserved" (jbj p.24). LOOK AT Lev 4:13-21 O.T. Propitiation


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