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JOY Escaping The Lie.. Phil 4:13 I Can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.. What was it that enabled Paul to walk through life without becoming Spiritually; Mentally; and Emotionally Burned Out.?... In Philippians we find Paul under extreme pressure..He has been "framed" by unbelievers about 3 or 4 years before he had written this book. He had been horribly lied about..and as a result of that, he had been thrown into jail under Roman justice. And at that time all his christian brothers and sisters in Jerusalem, they didn't want to know him.It seems there was a little "doctrinal squabble" among themselves and because of this, They didn't even want to know Paul. Nobody visited him. The christians acted as if he wasn't there. You talk about feeling alone,.feeling betrayed,.feeling as though the whole world and even your brothers and sisters have "ganged up" against you..and even now going to Rome to stand before Nero the Emperor to plead his case.. Well if you knew anything about Roman history..Rome boasted about their justice, but Roman justice would sit there saying. " Were know your innocent, but were not letting you out until you pay a bribe.".. Nero the Emperor was Mad....He would sentence you to death because he had a bad breakfast.People were thrown to the lions, burned as torches, anything to get rid of them.He was just that kind of man. Paul has been there 2 years waiting and now finally going on trial. He's been moved from his hired house and now is transfered to what amounts to "death row".Because well might Nero put him to death..Well he might.. In the first part of this letter Paul weights that possibility, but he doesn't know if he will be alive in 5 days time.. Now you get the picture. You talk about pressure..You talk about hurt.. You talk about betrayals..And all had happened to Paul. In this light looking back over his experiences of life, and he talks about whatever state he's in. He speaks about being abased.He talks about going hungry. He speaks of suffering need..All of the negatives of life and then he says,"you know I've learned a secret. It's magnificent. It doesn't matter where I am , there I am content. I have learned that I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.." Now thats fascinating. In that one sentence he gives to me the secret of his JOY. The secret of Perfect Contentment. Indifference to Circumstances He said so I'm abased, so I abound. So I have learned that whatever state whether I am abounding or abased, it doesn't make any difference to me. My joy does not come to me from what is happening to me. My meaning and purpose to life is not what is happening to me..I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He IS My creative strength to face life, in whatever it is dishing out at me. How does this faith, that is "in Christ" work out in life.?.. In the pressures of life.?..When people hurt me.?.. When everything seems to gang up against me.?.. Now think about this...This joy, this contentment that Paul has., that it doesn't matter what is happening.,it doesn't effect his joy and contentment. Consider Paul's situation.. OK,.. he's been framed.,betrayed.,left alone.,rejected., lied about and that's been going on for 4 years in which time he's been in jail. For 4 years for doing nothing.All because of a frame up... Now supposing he didn't have this indifference to circumstance. Supposing he didn't have this Joy.. What"s he going to have then ? He's going to Be Filled With ANGER against the people who framed him. He is going to hold deep bitterness; unforgiveness and malice against those people who lied about him. He is going to regard his brothers in Jerusalem with disgust because they didn't stand with him when he needed them..He's going to be Angry with GOD for allowing This to Happen to ME. And then when he thinks about his situation he's going to be filled with self pity.. "They rejected me..I'm no good..They threw me out," and wallow in self pity and that sense of rejection. Leading to depression...and then the impatience. Can you imagine.? A man like Paul who went around the world proclaiming this gospel and they cooped him up, like a chicken in a cage, for 4 years. FOR NOTHING..All on lies and all he can do is pace up and down and think of where he might be preaching the gospel, but he's not. He's cooped up in a prison. IMPATIENCE, FRUSTRATION and the ENVY of Peter and the others who were out there able to preach. GOD..Why do you allow this to Happen.?... It's being confined..And to know it's people who betrayed me and lied about me, and framed me, that's the reason I'm here. If that isn't something to make a man "burnout" and mentally and emotionally sin against his brothers with unlove and bitterness and sin against GOD with rage. Do you see what can happen.?.It's not that he is just a HAPPY christian. NO ..This Joy that he is talking about is the OPPOSITE of What IS SIN. Because if he doesn't have the Joy, he is going to be wallowing in UNLOVE, which is the HEART OF SIN. This man lives beyond spiritual burnout. He lives beyond spiritual exaustion,"There is love, There is forgiveness for all his brothers". "There is joy and there is peace". He can handle life." It doesn't matter what they do to me, I will not respond with sin. I respond instead with forgiveness and joy for I have learned that whatever state I am in to be content." So this absence of sin IS the presence of joy. How do you do it Paul ? He says that I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me...What is he really saying here ? He is saying that the meaning to life is not in what is happening to him, rather he finds the meaning to life in Jesus Christ.. The meaning to life...Why am I alive.?..Why am I alive in this particular situation and relationship.?..The meaning of his life was not what was happening to him, but instead IT WAS IN CHRIST..What do I mean by the MEANING OF LIFE.?.To answer this we must go back to the beginning.. WHO ARE YOU ? Most people go through their whole life and never ask this question. Going back to the very beginning of creation and I find that MAN IS A SELF. That is I am able unlike any other creature, I can stand outside and look and say THAT IS ME..I AM A SELF CONSCIOUS SELF. so I can say "I AM "..That is I stand outside of myself, look at myself and say " see I AM.,I AM ALIVE.,I AM." You are a self, and a self is A CHOICE MAKER. One who has a Will and MUST MAKE CHOICES.... GOD IS THE ORIGINAL, UNBEGINNING, ETERNAL INFINITE SELF.So that His name is "I AM THAT I AM". The Self from whom all selves find their existence and HE TOO HAS MADE AN INFINITE ETERNAL CHOICE. He has chosen that He should be THE SELF FOR OTHERS. We call that LOVE. When I say GOD IS LOVE, I mean he is THE SELF who has given HIMSELF FOR OTHERS and that is the way GOD IS. That is the way He has Eternally chosen to be. He has DIED TO THE RIGHT TO BE A SELF FOR SELF. Greedy, grasping for me..GOD has chosen to Die to that possibility and give himself for others..THATS GOD...THE ORIGINAL SELF... He made Man in his image and his likeness, and Man now must make a choice because, you see..he is a self. Self has to make a choice and what is the choice that this self has to make.? This self must consciously, in full possession of the facts...Surrender himself to his Creator, acknowledging that he is a creature. He is not a self within himself.. He is a dependent self who came from THE ORIGINAL SELF. He Must surrender to HIM..And in surrendering to the Original Self, he would receive of that SELF FOR OTHERS KIND OF LIFE and HE WOULD BE the expression of GODS LOVE ON EARTH... So what is the meaning of mans existence.?..Why is man here.?.. Why did GOD create US.?..So that millions of selves who would surrender to Him, who would express Him in HIS SELF FOR OTHERS KIND OF LOVE.. THAT'S THE MEANING OF LIFE. Outside of that, there is NO MEANING TO LIFE THERE IS NO POINT TO BEING HERE...That's the meaning then behind the FALL. Man made that conscious, in full possession of the facts choice. He chose to believe THE LIE OF THE LIAR.,And the lie was," YOU SHALL BE AS GOD ". The Lie of all Lies that, if you will sever yourself from this "surrendering to GOD". Do your own thing. Be your own man, then you will become the "center of the universe". You will become Independent..A Self Unto Itself.. A Self For Self. Isaiah the Prophet describes that as " We have turned everyone to his own way ", and Self became The Meaning of his Life. As man comes out of the Garden of Eden, he now `ESTABLISHING' himself, begins to live, THE LIE. THE GRAND ILLUSION, that he can now be an Independent Self...That's the story...That's what happened in history..Self at the Center.It's everyone of US.. That's the way we were Before we came to Christ. Self at the Center..Self for Self.." I for Me ..." OH,. I LOVE MYSELF "... Self for Others IS Arms Wide Open.,But self for self..."I Love Me".. "I Love Me A Lot More Than You, and I'm not going to risk a thing for you",."Cause I Love ME.." "Me is THE Only reason that ME Exists...It's don't you touch ME...I've got to protect ME.." "I've got to do Everything that's in my power to make sure you don't get to me and Hurt Me." "You can't Hurt ME..Because I'm THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in the Universe" "I AM going to Assert ME, because if I AM the most Important of All then I Must Have what I Want...And you better Understand that You are no.2. Your looking at NO.1 right now. You are no.2 and most of you are no.3..You Have Got to Understand That..." I assert Myself and I will have what I want.. Have you ever noticed how small children, two year olds, that they are discovering by stamping of the feet.."I Will Assert Myself". Who is in charge of their life ? They are in Charge of their life.They are Masters of their own Ships..Self in Control of Self...and self in control of Others.I will control people. I will Manipulate. I Will Make people to Do What I want them to do...I will place them in life where I Want them placed, and I Would Place GOD in his place..If I Could..... But because I Can't, I become Religious which "keeps him away" from me.. And of course, unwittingly, ignorantly, he doesn't know it, that anyone who is Self for Self is joined to Satan....He IS The Self For Self.. It's the false meaning to life that originates "In Satan",..The meaning of life is Me, Myself.It's The Most Important Powerful Lie,.For out of that lie Man believes, there springs up Every Sin that's ever been on the face of this planet.. If you should study history, you would note that every passing generation believes it more than the last one..and will investigate all the other possibilities of Self being for Self. The Bible calls this DEATH, even though your alive in body, It Is DEATH. It is described as Hostility towards GOD... GOD IS SELF FOR OTHERS.. Sin Is Self for Self. It is the Absolute Refusal to Submit to GOD..." I WON'T DO IT.".... GOD HAS TO BE AGAINST THAT...Some people have a problem with the Wrath of GOD. GOD Has to be against Self for Self.. The self that would become it all, if it could. Isn't that a Cancer cell..That is when one cell of my body want's to become the whole body. We call it Cancer.. Cancer is a Self for Self cell in my Body..and if I am Alive and I see death in my body. Then life by it's very definition must get rid of the cancer,.Otherwise it's SUICIDE... And when Self for Self arises in the creation, GOD, because he is GOD and He is Life, He Must, He Must be against it or He Is Not GOD. If you say that GOD is not against Sin, you don't even know the beginnings of GOD. GOD MUST be angry at sin, because THAT IS DEATH, AND HE IS LIFE. Now this Self for Self can be expressed in many ways. It takes the beautiful things of life and distorts it to reach It's End. It's false meanings..It's distorted meanings to life..Self for Me; Me for Self... It seeks to manipulate,..That's the first thing. You say, "I Will Be As GOD ", surely a GOD controls all things. So Self now says I will do it, and seeks to manipulate...It seeks to Control Others..It seeks in a distorted way to be responsible for everybody, and everybodies problems and everybodies lives. So Self for Self fusses and frets as it seeks to manipulate other people, that are none of their business. It takes the responsibility just as if they were GOD..and then there is the Others who find their meaning to life in Being Controlled It is the same spirit that worked in Hitler and works in Religion, which is manipulation...and in all sick relationships. It is the source of that Insane jealousy when you have a friend that I don't know about...You can't have any friends, but Me..I Control you.. Jealousy, Clinging.,Clinging to Myself with Brooding jealousy that says "You go other places without me, How dare you.I am in Control"..I Manipulate,..Self for Self..That's what it is. It will do anything to acheive it's end, to manipulate and control. Of course you can't.. You can't. Ultimately you can't control, because you see, that's the Illusion; That's the Lie..And So then I walk in despair. I Can't be responsible for everybodies life. I meet believers that are burned out because they thought they were GOD. In control of everybodies lives,in control of every member in the congregation. Their burned out because Self for Self IS A LIE.. IT DOESN'T WORK..You burnout trying to Be Responsible. Self seeks meaning in Possessions because you see if I possess more than you do, then you'll get the Idea that I am no.1, won't you.? If I have a bigger house than you..If I have more possessions than you..If my furniture is more up to date..If I have a better car than you drive, THEN you'll get the Idea..... If I have a better position than you, If I am the president of the firm and you merely type on a typewriter, then you'll understand I'm no.1, you understand...I claw my way over you, I go into debt,.I will do the most ridiculous things in order to possess and prove to you.. I will control see by having more than you..God forbid that you have more than Me.. Then I AM ENVIOUS.. For Self for Self ONLY knows ENVY and JEALOUSY, when it see others that have more than I have... I seek the meaning in the pleasure in Me..You understand, I deserve pleasure..I Mean I'm No.1..I deserve all the pleasures I can get...and outside Pleasing Myself, What Else in life is there but this Flesh.There's nothing more. and so Please, you must understand I have A Right to Please My Flesh..and though I give all the reason in the world to why I should eat,and eat,and eat,and eat,and give my Self meaning to life that I have set up, It is that I can eat what I want, When I want..I Deserve it you understand... I Deserve It...I can drink,and drink,and drink because I deserve that High every now and then.. I can have Sex with anybody I want, whenever I want it..I Deserve that. I deserve the pleasure that comes from that.. I am no.1. you understand.. I know some people would call that Adultery..but it is, But Not for Me. I Am No.1.. you understand..She Pleased Me..I Like Her..I Beleive we're in Love.. That's enough reason to Take Her..I know she belongs to another man, but that's beside the point..I WANT HER..I STEAL HER..I ADULTERIZE THE MARRIAGE..CAUSE I'M NO.1.YOU UNDERSTAND..If you did it to Me, That would be another matter BECAUSE SHE BELONGS TO ME, but I Can Do It.. You understand how Sin pours out of The Self for Self.,I in the Center. Self seeks meaning to life..I want to be liked..I want people to accept Me at ANY COST. Oh I so want to be recognized..I want everybody to know I played the piano at the social..and I get so upset and I won't go back to the church because they didn't mention my name in the bulletin. I Want Recognition you see.. I know deep down inside of me, I'm the Most Important Person on the Planet and I want everybody else to know that and I Want Recognition, I Want Acceptance..and if I'm not, I feel rejected.and I feel full of Pity For Poor Me ..that he didn't get the recognition.,he didn't get the job.,he didn't get people to say how good he was, Like they ought to have said... and I wallow in self pity and I go into depression. I sit in black moods and I say there is no meaning to life cause You've taken away from Me my meaning.It was the very meaning of my life to see my name in the bulletin..That was meaning to Me....and you took It Away from Me. You didn't put my name there and for that reason I'll never darken the doors of this church again..I'm through with Religion..You took Away the Meaning of My Life.. You see where Self for Self leads, because we set up False Meanings to life that will satisfy Self for Self as the Ultimate meaning to life... and when I can't have my way, which is 70 percent of my time, then I'm Angry. I'm Angry because you didn't let me fulfill the meaning of my being here..I can never forgive you for that..You ruined My Life through what you did...MY LIFE..You've taken away the meaning..You have more than I have.,You have More Recognition, more acceptance than I did and I Envy you for That and I'll Always Envy You...Self for Self justifies stealing, because that means I'm getting what's coming to me. It can justify All manner of Murder. It can commit murder on an entire nation and say in this case it is right...Self for Self..and it's all false, all lies... And of course many people live in the Fantasy of that. They never even get there...They just say,"If Only..I could have all that amount of Money". And they live in the fantasy,."Then my self would be fulfilled". How many sit back in the pews and say,"If only I could become a full time minister then I will be Spiritual.."..Self for Self lives in the fantasy. "If Only I could become the President of the Company, Then my life would be fulfilled." So this person is continually controlled by what happens..and when circumstances do not fit my Self for Self goals, I'm shattered and I'm Angry...I RAGE...and when things ARE going according to plan of self for self, then I'm happy and everything is going my way and I'm nice to get along with. But I'm Up and Down..I'm the Victim Of Circumstances..Controlled..I am The Slave Of Circumstances... Paul said that his strength, his joy in life comes from Christ..And notice he wrote that approximately 30 years after Jesus died. Or he says that his power, the strength of his life NOW IS Jesus Christ. So he is speaking not of the Christ of history, but the Christ who has Risen from the Dead. Who is Alive 30 years After they said he was Dead. The Ressurected Jesus...The Ascended Jesus.For he doesn't speak of Jesus.... over there...He is speaking of Christ, who is Vitally One With Him.. "I can do All Things through Christ who Strengthens Me"....Who Fuses His strength with Mine..So it's His strength AND ME...We are Fused AS ONE.. That happened when Jesus ascended and Gave The Spirit...His Spirit to come to live His life Inside US. Paul is not speaking of the Christ who died only..but who also Has Risen From the Dead..Who has Ascended.. Who Now actually Lives Inside of His Holy Spirit. I might point out that Jesus Christ himself is THE see people say"If you want Joy, Accept Jesus". Remember Self for Self wants Joy, but what it means by "joy" is that everything goes MY WAY...and I know many people who came to Jesus thinking he would make everything go their way..cause they were Told You Would have Joy, but no one told them that to come to Jesus, that Self for Self HAS TO DIE... The Message that you see is not that you will get Joy ..That's the P.S. You Do Get Joy, but you never think about it..until it's there. You don't get Saved to get Joy, because you'll be mistaken. you see they say "Wouldn't you like to go to Heaven", Don't be so Foolish.. Of Course, No Self for Self Person wants to go to Heaven..That would be Hell to Them...In the presence of GOD,..The Self for Others..The Great Enemy of Self for Self..Heaven would be Hell to Self for Self. A Self for Self person, when he talks about heaven,..Thinks about getting His Own Way, forever and ever..He does Not want Heaven. You just don't toss out to people "Do you want Joy, you want peace, you want Heaven". All that IS THE RESULT of Confronting Jesus HIMSELF and discovering why he came and why he died. GOD, The Self for Others came IN The Person of Jesus..for these hostile cancerous cells,... Self for Selves...We would have said "let the wrath of GOD, just Burn them Up, Their not worth it". But no, Jesus came and said "Your Very Lost, Your Dangerously Lost, BUT Your Worth Dying For"..Your sheep that have gone astray, Your worth looking for, Your coins that have rolled into the dirt and your living in the meaninglessness of your self for self existence, but your worth turning the house out to find. GOD So Loved the Self for Others, came for the Self for Selves and in the garden of Gethsemene, HE CHOSE to take to Himself, US... Now you understand What Jesus Did..He, the One that was worth All, takes Self for Self..He took the cancerous cells and made them His Own and without ever becoming A Self for Self, took the self for self, Because He Is The Self for Others...He Took Us..Cancer. The very idea is repulsive. If I thought of taking cancer to myself. My Vibrant Life..My Very Being, which is Undeath, and Prolife, and I take to myself that which is the very essence of Death, and I take it to myself..I take your place..and He who is Worth everybody..Worth You and Me..Takes our Place, and Dies...OUR...Death... GOD Had to Punish Sin..The Sword of GODS Anger must Pierce through the Heart of Sin, and He Loved Us so much, He said "I won't do it to you, I'll do it to My Son"..And when Jesus came as us, The Father DID NOT SPARE HIS OWN SON. but Fully Punished Him and Killed the cancer as it was borne in another....Do you see what it means.? When I say, I believe that He Died for Me is that I have Seen MY Cancerous Nature of The Self for Self...even though it looks so preaty sometimes and so to be stroked, but it's a Cancer..such a cancer that when it was met in Jesus, that the Father still HAD TO KILL HIS OWN SON..IN ORDER THAT WE GO FREE... When I say, I Believe that He Died for Me , I am saying That.. I am saying I Believe The Very Nature, the Very Way that I AM. It's so Hidious to Holiness. That GOD had to kill his own Son when I Was Made One with Him. That when He Arose from the Dead, it was because the Self for Self was DEAD and He's ALIVE...A Self for Others, who has CONQUERED. And when I Surrender to Him. That's all I can do. You see, Self for Self can't kill self. Isn't that ridiculous...That's the stupidity of religion. Spend the rest of your life trying..Self for Self is going to kill Self.?..Self for Self LOVES Self too Much..It will Never Kill Self. It will dress Self up in Religious Robes and do any Ritual you ask it to..It will read it's Bible an hour a day..But Don't Kill Me...Allow Me, when I am going through religion..Please Allow Me to be Proud Of It... At least let Me say,"I Thank Thee O'GOD that I am Not Like Other Men". This Self is the best you've Got...That's Religion...But to look at the cross of Jesus, that he took the Self for Self and Died for Me...And has Risen from the Dead having Killed It Dead..What shall I do about that.? If I Surrender to Him, I Say That's It..That's It. You Died for Me, I Believe That. You are Risen from the Dead and You've put away all the Sins that came out of the Self for Self, and you have taken Self for Self and Killed It Dead...THANK YOU.!,I Surrender to You. What Have I Done.?..What He did on the cross becomes a Reality.. What Have I Done.?..I have Surrendered, but I didn't kill myself..I can't kill myself. Self won't kill Self, but I've surrendered to Him who Has. And in the act of surrender...It's Done..We call that rebirth into A New Family. A Self for Others Family...You see Self for Self is Dead. I am crucified with Christ. Self for Self is Dead.. DEATH has Surrendered. That's what Repentance means..Repentance doesn't cry over Sin..It doesn't mean that at all..Repentance has nothing to do with crying...It has something to do With YOUR HEAD....Repent from the Greek translations means TO CHANGE YOUR MIND...I thought I was the center of the universe..I've Changed My Mind..I'm Self centered Self and I'm fit for Eternal Judgement and DEATH. I've Changed My Mind about Jesus..He IS the Son of GOD. He's My Lord. He's My Savior. He took My Place, and he's risen From the Dead. I surrender to Him. Repentance and Faith in Self for Self HAS Surrendered.. They Died...Hay..I'm a man that's return from his own funeral..It's Fun. I..Everything that I was. All of My relationships, and understandings, and meanings, and false meanings in life..Their Dead..Everything that I counted in life IS Dead, because I.,the Self centered Self,died with Christ..And the minute I surrender to Him, The Holy Spirit made it a Reality..I'm Dead..I am crucified With Christ, nevertheless I live you see...But if I was crucified, I am Dead. But if I live, I'm a man returned from the Dead. So the first thing that I do is find another beleiver and say "Please Baptize Me. I'm A Dead Man, would you please Bury Me"..Well, some say they were baptized as a baby..That's Illegal. You can't bury living people. You've got to Die First. Then you can get buried..It's Illegal to bury living people and if you're still a living Self for Self, you can't be baptized...Oh you can be washed, but I mean that's all it is. You Can't be Baptized. Baptism is when a Self for Self RECOGNIZES...I Died With Christ and the answer OF MY Conscious To GOD, and Then I AM Ready for Burial.Everything I Was Is Dead....So Please Bury ME..and by Faith, I Believe, In Deed I Died and in Deed the Whole past, the Whole Rotten Mess is Buried... Nevertheless I live, I walk in Newness of Life, Christ in My Life.. THAT'S A CHRISTIAN...A Self for Others. Note Something..I'm Not a Non Self..because, GOD made me a Self and he HAD TO GET RID OF THE WRONG SELF, THE DISTORTED SELF, THE SELF FOR SELF, But I am not a Non Self..GOD doesn't want to get rid of Me. He made me a Self..What was crucified with Christ is the Self for Self. Now I've been returned. I've been reborn now to Self as GOD intended Self. To take my place as a created creature to surrender to GOD, Self for Others..As the text states " I CAN do ALL Things Through Christ Who Fuses His Life With Mine "..So if I believe Upon Jesus, I receive the Spirit OF CHRIST, to dwell the life of Christ FUSED within ME. So I Live, I am a Self, yet not I But Christ...Not the old Self for Self but a new Self for Others who NOW LIVES WITHIN ME...It's not all of Christ and non of Me, It's not all of Me and non of Christ, but IT'S WE.....HE IN ME, HE AS ME, I IN HIM, The TWO have become ONE. Who are you Paul ? Are you Him or are you, You.?.....I'm a WE.. That's the GOSPEL..GLAD,HAPPY,MERRY NEWS THAT MAKES A MAN LEAP FOR JOY.. GOD NOW IN YOU, AND YOU NOW IN GOD....ETERNALLY That's what GOD wanted for Me and You before the foundation of the world. I Now take my Place in creation, one of yeilding. What I was created to Be.


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