JACKSEZ.MSG or THE SERMON FROM BR_CHAT Wed 21 Dec 94 10:26a By: Jack Coffee To: All I have

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JACKSEZ.MSG or THE SERMON FROM BR_CHAT Wed 21 Dec 94 10:26a By: Jack Coffee To: All I have become concerned with the increasingly popular idea among some people that whoever disagrees with them is a 'bigot' or 'racist'. It is typical of the liberal: If you can't refute the argument, attack the person. By refusing to debate the very topics (welfare, illegitimacy, culture, etc) that causes misunderstanding between the black and white America, many people contribute nothing to their agenda; i.e. perceived equality. If my willingness to debate these topics, as well as to openly express my disgust with a government that is willing to take more than 30% of my earnings each year for redistribution to the leaches of the world is racist and bigoted, then so be it. I make no apologies for being disgusted with people who would demand that I give a third of my salary to them. I make no apologies for being irate that illegal aliens in CA, whose only purpose for being there is to suck on the breast of the American taxpayer, would have the temerity to openly demonstrate against a law that would, in effect, tell them to go back home and participate in the social welfare of their own country. I believe in legal immigration but only to the extent that those people coming to this country can take care of themselves and not depend on government assistance. If they cannot contribute to the growth and empowerment of America, then they should not be here! Who cannot be disgusted with a system that provides people with food stamps but fails to provide the controls necessary to prevent them from being sold for drugs, alcohol and guns? That system costs the American taxpayer untold _b_illons of dollars every year while doing little to nourish anyone. If it worked like it should, there would be hardly be any need for the many volunteer charitable services. To the contrary, look at the number of people in this city alone begging for assistance. For proof, look at the public service campaigns of radio and tv stations; asking for food bank donations, coats, school supplies and the like. Are you not disgusted with a government leader that espouses class warfare by constantly beating on the successful people of America while failing to criticize the illegal and immoral...while demanding that you pay them more!? Are many Americans not also becoming disgusted with the failure of morality and family values in this country? Many, if not all of us 'conservatives' believe in some form of managed welfare to take care of the sick and infirm as well as the very young. But, if you can work, you must be required to do something for the public good in order to get a public handout. If your job is to sire and/or give yearly birth to welfare babies then you must be required to change jobs. If you get free medical care, you should have to pay the bill by performing public service. A lot of us hope and believe that reform is about to happen. It might take awhile - kinda hard to dismantle a welfare state that took 50-years to build - but things are going to change. If you can hold out your hand for free money, you can also hold a mop, a shovel, a broom, a hoe or some other productive tool. These are just a few of the beliefs that I hold. I haven't touched on the justice system, public schools and higher education problems that excessive government has created. If all of this makes me and others with similar ideas, 'racists' and 'bigots', then I guess we'll have to live with it. But, what do you call someone who holds opposite beliefs? ... "Milhouse, we live in the age of cooties!" - Bart Simpson ___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12 --- * Origin: The FOUNTAIN BBS Baker, La. 504-775-5879 (1:3800/13)


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