PacketSorter history ! bug fix $ new feature V new version -- 20.11.1993 ! Fixed serious b

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=============================================================================== PacketSorter history =============================================================================== ! bug fix $ new feature V new version -- 20.11.1993 ! Fixed serious bug when a TMP environment variable was defined V Changed version to 0.8b. -- 22.11.1993 $ PacketSorter now shows the number of messages split. PacketSorter can write to a log file. Use -l. -- 22.11.1993 ! Bug fixed: ^AEID kludges were not recognized correctly. V Changed version to 0.9b. -- 03.12.1993 ! DOS version did not spawn archiver (Child process returns -1). This is now fixed. -- 03.12.1993 V Changed version to 1.0b. -- 14.12.1993 ! If PacketSorter processed packets from different nodes and there was an error while processing the packets of one node (i.e. disk full) but the packets of the other nodes could be processed, some messages from the packets that could not be processed could slip into successfully processed packets. Fixed. -- 16.12.1993 ! If PacketSorter encountered invalid packets, an inappropriate error message ("no such file or directory") was displayed. Fixed. -- 16.12.1993 V Changed version to 1.1b. -- 27.12.1993 Now using EMX 0.8h. Thanks to Eberhard Mattes for making EMX. -- 03.03.1994 $ PacketSorter options can be set via the environment variable PKTSORT. -- 06.03.1994 $ PacketSorter recognizes 4D-Point addresses in the packet header. -- 06.03.1994 ! PacketSorter now processes incoming packets in date/time order as specified in FSC-0015. This should solve the problem with getting replies before the original message after running PacketSorter. -- 08.03.1994 ! Fixed a weird bug that might have been the cause for rare crashes on some machines. -- 08.03.1994 $ PacketSorter can produce several smaller packets instead of one large packet. Use option -p where message_limit is the maximum number of messages to put in one single packet. -- 11.03.1994 ! Fixed memory hog in message splitting code. -- 11.03.1994 ! Message splitting inserted one extra line before the tearline in each split part. Fixed. -- 12.03.1994 $ 'Unsplit' messages. When the -s option is set, messages are not only split if they exceed but are also joined if they were split according to FSC-0047 before. Messages split and unsplit with PacketSorter are absolutly identical to the original ones. ! This also solves the problem of dupes detected erroneously by Squish (and thus having a good chance to lose messages) if large messages passed several systems running PacketSorter with different -s settings. -- 13.03.1994 $ PacketSorter can sort the messages within an area by subject and/or time. Use -osubject to sort by subject and time and -otime to sort by time only. Leading "Re:, Re2:, Re^2:" etc. are ignored when sorting by subject. -- 17.03.1994 $ Improved error logging. -- 22.03.1994 $ PacketSorter can be run as a DPMI client, i.e. in Windows and OS/2 DOS emulation. Thanks to Rainer Schnittker for making RSX. See pktsort.doc for details. -- 31.03.1994 $ PacketSorter can remove garbage from packets and recover messages beyond the logical end of packet. See option -g in pktsort.doc. -- 04.04.1994 $ PacketSorter can also be configured via a configuration file. -- 07.04.1994 Changed the legal status of PacketSorter from freeware to shareware. See license.doc and order.frm. -- 08.04.1994 V Changed version to 1.2b. -- 11.04.1994 $ Archivers can be defined in the configuration file and selected from the command line. See option -e in pktsort.doc -- 13.04.1994 $ Made PacketSorter more verbose about what is going on -- 14.04.1994 V Changed version to 1.3. -- 20.04.1994 ! When option -g was used the message following a message with a grunged date and having date + subject < 20 characters could be lost. Fixed. -- 20.04.1994 $ The frequently used one-space format in the dateTime field which is not conforming to FTS-0001 will be corrected on the fly. -- 20.04.1994 $ When -g option is used, grunged dates will be repaired (or replaced by 01.01.80). Too long from, to and subject lines will be truncated to the max. lengths conforming to FTS-0001. See section 'Removing garbage from packets' in pktsort.doc for details. -- 20.04.1994 ! PacketSorter could fail to rename packets to *.b0, *.b1 etc. if a *.bad was already present. Fixed, now using *.b00, *.b01 etc. -- 22.04.1994 V Changed version to 1.4b - not a public release !!!! Someone announced v1.4b, if you got a copy, then please delete it. -- 24.04.1994 ! Fixed bug in message scanning code. This should solve the problem with getting a SIGSEGV trap when run in MS-Windows' DOS emulation and page fault in QEMM. -- 24.04.1994 ! Now checking the capability word (and it's validation copy) in packet headers. This should solve the problem with packets from stoneage tossers not being merged because of invald point addresses in the packet header. -- 25.04.1994 ! Removed the registration reminding message in the unregistered version. It caused too much trouble. -- 26.04.1994 V Changed version to 1.4


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