(18146) Sat 19 Feb 94 6:50a By: Johnny Mckinney To: All Re: HISTORIC EVIDENCES St: We have

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(18146) Sat 19 Feb 94 6:50a By: Johnny Mckinney To: All Re: HISTORIC EVIDENCES St: ------------------------------------------------------------ We have four biographies of Christ in the Scriptures, and the testimony of the Gospel historians is far more accurate and detailed than that of any secular historian. Some people think that, other than the Bible, no ancient writer mentions Jesus Christ. Wrong my atheist friends. Among the secular historians and writers of antiquity who refer to Christ are: Tacitus, the Roman historian; Suetonius; Pliny the younger; Epictetus; Lucian; Aristides; Galenus; Lampridius; DioCassius; Hinnerius; Libanius; Ammianus; Marcellinus; Eunapius; Zosimus. Pontius Pilate wrote to Tiberius Ceasar about Jesus. One Christian apologist, some years later, writing to another Ceasar, encouraged him to check with his own archives and discover from Pilate's report that these things were true. In this long report, after describing the miracles of Christ, Pilate states: "And him Herod and Archelaus and Philip, Annas and Caiaphas, with all the people, deliver to me, making a great uproar against me that I should try him. I therefor orderwd him to be scourged and then crucified. And at the time he was crucified there was darkness over all the world, the sun being darkened at mid-day, and the stars appearing, but in them there appeared no lustre; and the moon, as if turned into blood, failed in her light." Another Secular writer, Thallus, in A.D. 52, writes about the sun's failure to give light from noon until 3 o'clock and says that this must have been due to an eclipse. However, we know that Christ was crucified at the time of the passover, which was the time of the full moon. Yet this writer felt he must offer some naturalistic explanation for the phenomenon of the sun's ceasing to give its light. Lets not forget Josephus, the famous Jewish historian and Julian the Apostate. ... Lord, don't move that mountain...give me the strength to climb ___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12 --- TMail v1.31.5 * Origin: HAL-PC - Houston, TX - (713) 963-4100 (1:106/10000)


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