Hell Hell is preached every Sunday in numerous churches in the world. Countless sermons, b

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Hell Hell is preached every Sunday in numerous churches in the world. Countless sermons, books, pamphlets, sweat tears, fears and sheer terror have been expended on the subject. At one time or another, almost every child or adult who has been exposed to Christianity has gone through their own personal Hell; in fear of the one that had been preached to them. Dante, who did write other things has become synonymous with the Hell that he termed, "The Inferno." It was actually invented by the Buddhists and exported to the Mideast by their missionaries. Anyone having any knowledge of religion at that time had had some exposure to their Hell. The Essenes and later the Christians took the burning fire of the Zoroastrians; that was to consume those unfit for redemption and elaborated on it. They mixed it with the Buddhist Hellfire, that was supposed to punish their sinners between incarnations and made it into eternal damnation and punishment. Many people, preachers, priests, theologians and prophets, have found great satisfaction consigning those that disagreed, mocked or otherwise injured their feelings, to eternal damnation in the flaming pits of Hell. There are people too numerous to mention, who yet today gain great satisfaction in the same manner. There is immense fulfillment knowing, not only are you right, but that your opponent is going to suffer eternally for not seeing, just how right you are. In following the logic of all or most of the Christian denominations; we find that all or most of the nonchristians and many of the Christians of competing denominations are fated for hell and it has been the destination of most of those who died in the past. If the chairman of one of the large automobile corporations were to manufacture autos and only a small percentage of these autos were fit for the highway and the largest percentage was destined for the junkyard, he would be judged incompetent or insane. He would be fired or at best, pensioned off; perhaps even hospitalized. If the Judeo-Christian God is doing the same and he is omnipotent on top of it, then he too must be judged either incompetent or insane. There are no known hospitals for insane Gods. Perhaps one should be started. One last thought on Hell, I have two daughters and two granddaughters. Now if someone raped and murdered one of these, I would desire revenge. I would perhaps want to torture and kill him, perhaps burn him at the stake. I think after just so much torture; I would begin to be sated of desire for vengeance. In time I would eventually feel pity. The Christians and some others would have us believe, that God is (1), all good and all-loving, and (2), wants to burn everyone who displeases Him in great and petty ways; not for a little while, but forever. We are to believe that we imperfect human beings have more compassion and pity then this loving, good God. I am afraid that some of God's publicity agents do much more harm than good. We can accept the convolutions of logic that attempt to reconcile this twisted illogic or we can dump it and start afresh. That Hell was invented in the past, in an attempt to civilize barbaric peoples, is the kindest conclusion we can believe. We must remember that most religions, Christianity included; were designed when people were tribal and barbaric. Those people were locked in their own time, with their own ethical standards. The people, their Priests and Prophets were trying to grow and help others to grow ethically and spiritually, but they had the limitations of their times and situations. When we view them, what they wrote and what they preached, for what they truly were, stepping stones along a spiritual and ethical path; we can judge them with greater kindness and understanding. In regard to Hell and all that the churches preach, I have this vision in my mind's eye: God creates mankind. He creates them with intelligence and curiosity. Then knowing their nature, He sets up a test He knows they must fail. According to the Bible, God knows the future; besides, He made mankind and knows its nature. The test is the tree in the garden. The man and the woman are forbidden to eat of its fruit. The serpent tempts them. They succumb. He made the man. He made the woman. He made the serpent. Yet God is outraged, almost as if He were surprised. He condemns the serpent to crawl the earth on its belly. What the serpent's manner of locomotion was before, we are not told. He evicts the humans from the garden. He condemns them to death and we later learn that it is not only them, but all of their children who are so condemned. This condemnation also includes a sentence to eternal torment and punishment in hell, and for what? For disobedience? For eating a piece of fruit? To add spice to this sorry tale, He invents tares, throws in all the disease from acne, cancer and leprosy to syphilis and everything in between. Hurricanes, tornadoes and untold miseries are added to the mix. What is this all about? The simple curiosity of one man and one woman. This is the behavior of a demon, not a God. If this God were real and not the product of the fevered imaginations of many prophets and theologians, there would be a much different outcome on the fated judgment day of the Christians. On that day there would be a trial similar to the Nurnburg trials where they tried the war criminals of Nazi Germany. All men and women of decency, compassion and good conscience would call before the bar all of these prophets, preachers and theologians. We would also call before this bar of justice, all of the vast amounts of people, who have participated in the many religious wars and all others, bishops, priests and ministers who have condemned others to torture and death, in the name of this God. Then we would hold a trial. In the Nurnburg trial Hitler was not tried. He should have sat in the high seat, as the arch criminal. In this final judgment the Judeo Christian God would be sitting with them in the seat would be the arch criminal, the Judeo-Christian God. He would be charged with all of the murders and deaths, that He ordered and committed; starting with the mass murders and carnage He caused by the flood and in Egypt. Then He would be charged with the creation of Hell, the Devil and all of his demons; which He loosed upon mankind. The list of charges would be immense, staggering, but well documented. The Bible itself would be exhibit A. This is my vision of a just and honest final judgment; if I


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