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ASSEMBLING OURSELVES TOGETHER HEB 10:24-25 I. WHAT IS THE BASIS FOR FELLOWSHIP A. ASSOCIATION 1.koinonia - "having a share with someone in something" 2.LK 5:10 "partners" - fellowshippers B. IMPLICATIONS 1.Relationships inseparable from our relationship with God 2.Christ and His gospel make up the true basis for fellowship 3.Primary issue of fellowship is our commitment to those locally with whom we share in the gospel. a.not groups b.not common experience c.not sex or age 4.Failing to get involved in a local church can be a judgment on a person (not "bring", but "be") II. FELLOWSHIP WITH THE TRINITY A. OLD TESTAMENT--THE GREEK TRANSLATION 1.Doesn't use koinonia 2.Reflects a distance from God in the O.T. 3.O.T. refers to the "people of God" B. NEW TESTAMENT MINISTRY OF CHRIST 1.Redeemed and reconciled us to God 2.Makes us participants in the very life of God a.In Christ - I Cor 1:9 b.In the Spirit - II Cor 13:14; Phil 2:1 c.In the Father - I Jn 1:3 3. More than just saved--received into the Father's house as sons III. FELLOWSHIP IN CHRIST IMPLIES BEING UNITED WITH HIM IN HIS WHOLE REDEMPTIVE MISSION A. WE HAVE BEE CRUCIFIED AND RESURRECTED - GAL 2:20 1.This is our basic unity: All share in death & resurrection of Christ 2.We are to become in practice and outward life what we already are in Christ a.We are to become - Gal 6:1-5 b.We are in Christ - Gal 2:20 c.We are to become - Eph 4:13 d.We are in Christ - Eph 2:5-6 e.We are to become - Col 3:8-11 f.We are in Christ - Col 2:12-13 B. WE SHARE IN CHRIST'S SUFFERINGS 1.The life of faith is hard a.LOOK @ I Pet 4:12-13 b.LOOK @ Phil 1:29 2.Fellowship is linked to the suffering of our Lord C. WE SHARE IN CHRIST'S GLORY - LOOK @ ROM 8:30 IV. WHY FELLOWSHIP MATTERS A. GOD DESIGNED COMMUNITY & FELLOWSHIP - LOOK @ GEN 2:18 1.Not a private relationship with God separate from God's community 2.Obviously, the Messiah was for a messianic people B. THE N.T. CONTINUES THE IDEA OF COMMUNITY 1.Jesus comes to save a people--His people (Matt 1:21) 2.Jesus has 12 disciples 3.Later, as the gospel spread, disciples identified themselves in churches 4.LOOK @ Dt 7:6 Peter quotes this in I Pet 2:9 C. NO MAN CAN BE RECONCILED TO GOD WITHOUT BEING RECONCILED TO GOD'S PEOPLE 1.Jesus didn't give a new "option" - LOOK @ Jn13:34-35 2.The individual that expresses no concern about relationships with other Christians also expresses a flaw in his Christianity D. FELLOWSHIP IS ALSO SIGNIFICANT TO JUDGMENT 1.Your attitude toward the brethren of Christ is a criterion for judgment LOOK @ Matt 25:31-46 2.A careless attitude toward the Brethren reflects opposition to Christ LOOK @ Acts 9:1-5 3.This is why Heb 10:24-25 is important APPLICATION What do you talk about? Perhaps you don't talk about unholy things, but do you remove yourself from those who do? Here's a hard one: our "free" do we spend it? On our beds taking naps? Why is it hard for us to see these times as opportunities to seek God in prayer and study, working out our salvation.? Do you find you are too often unprepared for fellowship? Why? Isn't it your own fault? When you were first saved and baptized, you were zealous and ready for fellowship. Why not now? Maybe you come late to church on a regular basis. Is that a practice that can be said to honor God? Most of us agree procrastination is sin, but we look the other way at regular patterns of tardiness. Couldn't a regular pattern of being late have an appearance of taking worship of God very lightly? Doesn't' it seem to say you don't really value opportunities for fellowship? It might even look like you are willing to have as few times of fellowship as you can. If you find it hard to see being late on a regular basis as something that's dishonoring to God and very disorderly, try imagining everyone showing up late throughout the morning. Wouldn't it cause tons of confusion? Or maybe you tend to sleep in church. We snicker and take it lightly. But think about it: Can you honestly justify lying down, covering up and going to sleep during our public worship of God? Of course not, nobody does that. But what does happen is you pretend to be worshipping, you pretend to be hearing a message. Would you sleep through a message to you from the President? A message delivered by one of his aides to you personally? probably not. Don't you think it's worse to sleep while a messenger of the King of Kings delivers his message to you? Maybe you don't sleep in church, but you just daydream. You have no real disciplined intention to keep your mind's attention on what is being said. Don't you think it's sin to let your mind just roam wild in worldly and wicked thoughts. Maybe you don't believe we're to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ?


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