HCTTRACT Hi... How are you doing? I'm Jim Little, of the ULC of AVON Seventh Day and I wou

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HCTTRACT Hi... How are you doing? I'm Jim Little, of the ULC of AVON Seventh Day and I would like to introduce you to our unknown ULC Ministries. Do you have time now, to read for a minute or two? 1st... Do you believe in the Freedom of RELIGION? 2nd... Are you currently a CHURCH member? 3rd... Have you ever heard of the UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH? Look in the Avon Lake Press we are now listed in the Community Church Services Page, along with all the others. 4th... Have you ever thought about becoming a Minister? If you had at one time, but changed your mind because of this or that reason, read what JESUS said about this: In JOHN 15: 16 "ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the FATHER in my name, he may give it you." You do not have to go to a Seminary or Bible College, or take any theology courses, for if you have a calling... by JESUS Authority, we are truly chosen and ordained into his Ministry! Yes... for if ye ask he will give it to you! This is the WORD of G O D! Back in 1980 I became an ordained ULC (mail-order) Minister. It only cost me $10.00 for my credentials & a tape. Don't Scoff, today 11 yrs. later I am more of a Minister than before. Yes, in fact I am an Authorized Ambassador of ULC now. I waited 9 yrs. Before we formed our Little Congregational Charter back in 1989, I never told neighbors or hardly anyone, of the benefits routinely awarded all Churches. However, it's Better late than never... Now I'm putting the WORD of JESUS our LORD above to actual use. I am planting seeds in order to bring forth Fruit in others. And when the Fruit is brought forth it shall remain... I am asking you to read on as the seed is planted. JESUS told us to LOVE one another, and even our enemies. Right? No matter what they say or think or do we are not to judge them... We ask in PRAYER to OUR HEAVENLY FATHER... that the seed, the WORD and the thought, may develop and begin to grow... grow and become FRUIT--WE ASK this in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST,amen. If you would like to know more on how to Become a Minister, and form your own Chartered UL CHURCH in YOUR HOME-- the info is FREE! So is your ordination credentials. THE BENEFITS far exceed any negative thoughts or ideas or possible things you have heard in the past, for a lot has been said against ULC, but it is #3 after Catholic and Baptists in total members. It is the fastest growing Church in the World! Wonder why ? The Freedom of Religion is a right we all should exercise, while we still have the opportunity at this point in time. Remember If the world does hate us, we rejoice for JESUS said it would happen, for they hated him 1st! ( John 15:18) If you would like to stop over to our CHURCHOME on the true Bible Sabbath-SAT, not Sunday, for an informal get together, you are invited. Come as you are and bring your Bibles and children. We would be glad to fellowship with all interested christians. We ask for nothing in return, for our lil' Church is not after $. like most other Organized Churches, we all do receive rewards. Our mortgage is paid by our Church, along with other benifits. There are many generous tax breaks given Churches in the USA. We Live in our Church, for we believe that a Church is not really a Building, but PEOPLE...For it's not an ediface used only part-time on Wednesday or Thursday evening and Sundays. So please do visit us this Sabbath. We have seating for 30 people inside our basement chapel. If you wish to ask any questions... Phone 937-6150 if we aren't available the machine will take your messages, we will return your call ASAP, for we do LOVE you and care about your eternal... as well as earthly life. We are an Eleven Commandment believing CHRISTIAN Congregation {ask what is this 11th law?} we will tell you when you call. Located @ 2707 Center Rd.(Rt 83) {Look for the wire spool sign.} Thanks and G O D will Bless those that Love him and keep his Laws *see 1John Chapter 2 read it all! 


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