Hi... this is the intro program for HALLELUJAH CHRISTIAN TELLAPOEMS A Ministry of the UNIV

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Hi... this is the intro program for HALLELUJAH CHRISTIAN TELLAPOEMS A Ministry of the UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH #58689. What it is... Is poems that tell a story, with a rhyme and a reason. Yes...dear friends, there is another reason. We need to make an honest dollar or two. Hey that's a good reason I think! Why in the world should we continue to hide our GOD given talents in a file folder in an old junky file cabinet? They were all written for a reason right? Now the hard part begins...typing all those poems onto a disk is quite an undertaking, sure hope Jenny my Step-daughter is up to it. I know my lovely wife promised to do this once upon a time, but who has any spare time? I do... so here goes folks, please overlook any & all errors like misspelled words. I'm not going to use a word processor with a spelling checker... just a little note-writer program that came with our IBM appsel menu. We may be mini, or little people, but our mini-s-try we now are sharing with you is not copyrighted and not for sale. However, may we ask, or suggest a min. donation be given for each and every one of these disks that you request of @ least-lets say $l5.00. Registration or donation gift is tax-deductable, a receipt will be given for your income tax benifit. So it does have it's rewards for registering. Remember: we can only give out 3-1/2" MF2DD Microfloppys Disks... THANK YOU... AND NOW I KNOW HOW THOSE SHAREWARE AUTHORS FEEL... Wishing all the best and MAY GOD BLESS, Sincerely, Jim Little Holy Christian Tellapoems Ministry of ULC #58689 2707 Center Rd.[State Route 83] Avon OH 44011 Phone (216) 937-6150 "we try to spread the good word byte by byte"


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