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THE 2nd COMMANDMENT HCT2NDCM.nw THOU SHALT NOT MAKE UNTO THEE ANY GRAVEN IMAGE Or any likeness of anything that is in the HEAVEN above Or that is in the Earth beneath Or that is in the waters beneath the Earth EX 20:4 & Deut 5:8 THOU SHALT NOT BOW DOWN THYSELF UNTO THEM, NOR SERVE THEM EX20:5/ Deut5:9 Any idol object that someone gives ardent or excessive devotion or admiration to could be considered a direct violation of the above. Therefore, if ye pray to a statue of the Virgin Mary or any Saint then have not ye broken this commandment? The Catholic's have taken this COMMANDMENT out of their BIBLE! And have made the 9th Covet Commandment also the 10th, or split it. They say they Believe in the FATHER -SON- AND HOLY GHOST But pray to and worship Mary the most! Is this BIBLICAL? Or just traditions of men? Read the HOLY BIBLE and search for the truth it is logical... Do not end up your life worshipping in vain the man with the host. For those that follow the pope the anti-christ have goofed the most! The Catholic's would at one time have killed me for speaking out, this Heritic they would call me, for they have murdered millions of SAINTS in those HOLY Crusades and cast false hope and doubt for many centurys The reformation the protestants that all died at the hands of the pope the deceiver and chief of sinners, not eternal life winners. The following of the pope gives people false hope. My Mother Sister and Brother have been fooled or duped... JESUS said familys would be torn apart because of the truth Please my Sister Ruth... search out and find the TRUTH! We want you to have eternal life with CHRIST JESUS to...


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