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CONTENTS 1. ZMODEM Features at a Glance.................................... 1 2. CUSTOMIZING GSZ................................................ 3 2.1 Setting the GSZ Screen Size............................. 4 2.2 Speeding up GSZ......................................... 4 3. TUTORIAL INTRODUCTION.......................................... 5 4. CALLING GSZ FROM COMM PROGRAMS................................. 6 4.1 USE AN INTERFACE PROGRAM?............................... 6 4.2 Ms-Kermit 3.00.......................................... 6 4.3 PROCOMM PLUS............................................ 6 4.4 Qmodem.................................................. 8 4.5 TELIX................................................... 9 5. BULLETIN BOARD CONSIDERATIONS.................................. 12 6. DESCRIPTION.................................................... 13 7. COMMANDS....................................................... 15 7.1 List of Commands........................................ 15 7.2 Interrupt Keys.......................................... 21 8. NUMERIC PARAMETERS............................................. 22 9. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES.......................................... 26 10. EXIT STATUS.................................................... 30 11. EXAMPLES....................................................... 31 12. BACKGROUND OPERATION........................................... 32 12.1 Windows 3............................................... 33 12.2 VM...................................................... 33 13. FLOW CONTROL................................................... 34 14. ERROR MESSAGES................................................. 35 14.1 Got ZRPOS............................................... 36 14.2 Subpacket too Long...................................... 37 14.3 Bad CRC................................................. 37 14.4 Garbled Data Subpacket.................................. 37 14.5 Serial Input Error: Line Status Register xx ............ 38 14.6 No Carrier Detect....................................... 40 14.7 Port %d (%X) defective.................................. 40 14.8 COMMAND NOT FOUND....................................... 40 14.9 Out of Environment...................................... 40 15. SLOW TRANSFERS................................................. 41 16. IN CASE OF DIFFICULTY.......................................... 42 16.1 LOCKUPS................................................. 42 16.1.1 Insufficient Memory 42 16.1.2 Environment TOO BIG 42 16.1.3 Bad COM Port Configuration 42 16.1.4 LAN Manager Conflicts 43 16.2 Incorrect Batch Files................................... 44 16.3 Cheap Internal Modems................................... 44 16.4 Commands Entered in Upper Case.......................... 44 16.5 No Carrier Detect....................................... 44 16.6 DOS 3.x................................................. 45 16.7 Perstor Controllers..................................... 45 16.8 IBM PS/2 Model 50Z...................................... 45 16.9 Brain Damaged UARTS..................................... 45 16.9.1 Everex Internal Modems 47 16.10 Weird Iron.............................................. 47 16.11 PKARC 3.6............................................... 47 16.12 Will the real YMODEM please stand up?................... 48 16.13 286 and 386 Extended Memory............................. 48 16.14 Disk Caches............................................. 48 17. ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS........................................... 49 18. FILES.......................................................... 50 19. Other Omen Technology Products................................. 52 19.1 Professional-YAM COMMS TOOLS............................ 52 19.2 ZCOMM: Industrial Strength COMMS Shareware.............. 52 19.3 ZMODEM Developer's Collection........................... 52 20. FAIR PLAY...................................................... 53 20.1 Sharing GSZ Files....................................... 54 20.2 REGISTRATION............................................ 55 20.3 Files on Registration Disk.............................. 57 20.4 Bulletin Board Registration............................. 58 21. CHANGES........................................................ 60 22. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS............................................... 63 Chuck Forsberg Omen Technology Inc ABSTRACT ZMODEM-90(TM) - Not just another XMODEM hack GSZ is one of many available programs that implement the ZMODEM file transfer protocol. GSZ features the ZMODEM-90(TM) extensions including ZMODEM compression and MobyTurbo(TM) accelerator. GSZ's ZMODEM provides advanced file management features including two levels of Intelligent Crash Recovery(TM), and flexible control of selective file transfers. The ZMODEM file transfer protocol provides reliable file and command transfers with complete END-TO-END data integrity between application programs. GSZ's 32 bit CRC protects against errors that sneak by "error free" modems and even the most advanced networks. ZMODEM safeguards all data and supervisory information with effective error detection. (XMODEM and many recently introduced protocols do not protect vital supervisory data.) ZMODEM rapidly transfers files, particularly with modern modems, timesharing systems, satellite relays, and packet switched networks. ZMODEM's streaming operation eliminates delays caused by Kermit/XMODEM/YMODEM/JMODEM block acknowledgements. ZMODEM eliminates traditional protocols' PACKET LENGTH compromises between transfer efficiency and error recovery; ZMODEM's packet length is the entire file. User Friendliness is an important ZMODEM feature. ZMODEM AutoDownload(TM) (Automatic file Download without user intervention) provides a level of convenience unimaginable to users of traditional protocols. GSZ - a ZMODEM-90(TM), True YMODEM(TM), XMODEM File Transfer Program Omen Technology Inc 1. ZMODEM Features at a Glance _______________________________________________________________________ | Feature | ProCm | RZSZ | DSZ | GSZ | ZCOMM | Pro-YAM | |________________________|_______|______|______|_____|_______|_________| |Security Verification | no | no | no | no | no | YES | |Cybnertic Data Recovery | no | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | | | | | | | | | |Command Download | no | YES | no | no | YES | YES | | | | | | | | | |Update Directory Tree | no | YES* | no | no | YES | YES | | Create Directories | no | YES* | no | no | YES | YES | | Newer files Only | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | | Protect files | ? | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | | Common files Only | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | | | | | | | | | |Collision Avoidance | ? | no | YES* | YES | YES | YES | | | | | | | | | |Crash Recoverey | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | | Verified Accuracy | no | SZ | YES | YES | YES | YES | | | | | | | | | |ZMODEM-90(TM) | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | | Compression | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | | MobyTurbo(TM) | no | YES* | YES | YES | YES | YES | | 7-bit Paths OK | no | YES* | YES* | YES | YES | YES | | | | | | | | | |OPERATING SYSTEMS | | | | | | | | Text Translation | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | | Record Format Support | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | | DOS Shared Files | ? | - | YES | YES | no | no | | OS/2 | no | no | no | no | no | YES | | VMS | no | YES | no | no | no | YES | | Unix/Xenix | no | YES | no | no | no | YES | | | | | | | | | |True YMODEM(TM) | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | |Demand Upgrade(TM) | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | |File Transfer Display | YES | no | no | YES | YES | YES | | TOTAL File Xfer Data | no | YES | YES | YES | YES | YES | |________________________|_______|______|______|_____|_______|_________| ProCm = ProComm Plus * Not available on all flavors or platforms Chapter 1 Pg 2 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 ************************************************************************* GSZ registration is special. With most programs, registration only applies only to today's version. Not GSZ! GSZ registration bypasses the shareware announcement and unlocks advanced features in all future versions of GSZ. You don't have to pay and pay again for new GSZ versions. Omen's Demand Upgrade(TM) technology allows you to download and activate future GSZ versions without further registration! ************************************************************************* DSZ Upgrade!! Include your PAID REGISTRATION DSZ SNP CARD and take $15.00 off the registration fee!! (The card must be mailed with the order.) (Be sure to copy your DSZ SNP for safe keeping.) Chapter 1 Pg 3 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 2. CUSTOMIZING GSZ The GCOLORS program customizes GSZ for your environment. GCOLORS performs the following functions: + Customize GSZ's color complement (registration not required). + Save and fetch the color selection separately to allow "colorizing" new copies of GSZ + Insert your GSZ serial number and activation key + Initialize GSZ with your default communications port (registration required).[1] + Initialize GSZ with your default download directory. (registration required). GCOLORS is menu driven and is mostly self explanatory. First GCOLORS asks for the file name to modify; answer GSZ.EXE. Sight impaired users can disable the blinking selection pointer by calling "gcolors -q". The top menu provides several choices. Choose colors Modify the GSZ file transfer display color scheme. Fetched saved colors Fetch the color scheme stored in GCOLORS.T. adjust for Monochrome display Adjust the color scheme for better visibility on monochrome displays. Register Accept your GSZ activation key and insert it in GSZ. Save changes Save the color scheme in GSZ and GCOLORS.T. Quit If your copy of GSZ is registered, two additional choices appear. set download Directory __________ 1. The default port may be up to 7 characters, so portx definitions may be used. The validity of the port specification is not checked. Chapter 2 Pg 4 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 set default Port Some Color Selection menu choices are not shown on the display: space increment foreground color Enter select the next field F decrement foreground color (f increments) B decrement background color (b increments) GCOLORS requires the file GREGDAT.$$$ to serialize GSZ. 2.1 Setting the GSZ Screen Size Some BBS programs display status information such as the name of the caller at the bottom of the screen. Normally GSZ clears all 25 screen lines, but this can be modified with the GSZWINDOW environment variable: SET GSZWINDOW=24 protects the 25th line and disables the frame shadow. SET GSZWINDOW=23 protects the 24th and 25th lines and disables the frame and frame shadow. SET GSZWINDOW=21 Protects lines 22-25, disables the frame, frame shadow, and the static data GSZ normally shows in lines 22 and 23. SET GSZWINDOW=2 Starts the window at line 2. This allows the calling program to protect information on the top line. GSZWINDOW values of 3 and 4 also work. Setting GSZWINDOW does not affect the GSZ t command. 2.2 Speeding up GSZ GSZ has a V numeric parameter that can be set to 1 to use direct video I/O for the status display. This speeds up displays but may cause serial input errors when CGA equipped computers are used at high speeds. EXAMPLE: GSZ pV1 t sets direct video output. Chapter 3 Pg 5 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 3. TUTORIAL INTRODUCTION If you are just starting out with GSZ, or if you have difficulty getting GSZ to work, please follow the procedure given below. Do not run any TSR or other COMM program. This includes LAN programs. Reboot a clean DOS if necessary. Start with the following command given directly from the DOS prompt: gsz port 1 speed 2400 d t Type it exactly as it appears above; do NOT use upper case. (Change the port number and speed as necessary. Use only COM1 or COM2 for testing.) This connects you to the modem. Dial a bulletin board by typing AT commands to the modem ("ATDP621-3746 ")[1] to make it dial the BBS. Log in as usual. Then, request a ZMODEM download of a file you don't already have. The file will download automatically, you don't have to do anything. This procedure verifies the correct operation of GSZ. Next you might try calling the BBS using a higher "baud rate". This requires setting a higher speed with the "speed" command. A "handshake on" command may be necessary along with commands to the modem to enable hardware handshaking in the CTS and RTS leads. Perhaps you got some error messages before or during the download. The "ERROR MESSAGES" chapter explains all the commonly seen error messages and suggests solutions to the underlying problems. __________ 1. If your modem has a non standard setting the ATDT621-3746 command you type to the modem may not echo on the screen. Chapter 4 Pg 6 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 4. CALLING GSZ FROM COMM PROGRAMS It may be necessary to add the DOS command: SET COMSPEC=C:\COMMAND.COM (change as needed) to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to allow programs to call GSZ. Note: NO SPACES in the SET command! 4.1 USE AN INTERFACE PROGRAM? A number of third party programs have been developed to provide a congenial interface to DSZ if you have enough memory to spare. The XFER, POE, PCALL, DSZ_ZAP, and PROZ programs have been popular in interfacing DSZ to ProComm's editor gateway. Many of these support GSZ as well. These programs are available on many bulletin boards. Hint: the DOS PATH environment variable must include ProComm's directory to allow POE to locate all the POE files,. The POE files should be stored in the ProComm directory. Setting the "PROCOMM" environment variable is insufficient. Calling DSZ with these programs requires more memory than calling DSZ directly. 4.2 Ms-Kermit 3.00 The "push" command (^[p) in MS-Kermit 3.00 sends an XOFF character to the modem before calling DOS. Using this to activate GSZ's term mode with a "gsz t" command causes most remote hosts to stop. The remote host can be un-wedged by keyboarding XON (Ctrl-Q) from GSZ's terminal mode. Add these macros to your MSKERMIT.INI file. Courtesy Keith Petersen W8SDZ define sx run gsz F port 2 sx 1 2,define 1,define 2, define rz run gsz F ha on port 2 pY129 rz -r define sz run gsz F ha bo port 2 pY129 pB4096 sz 1 2,define 1,define 2, define t run gsz F ha on port 2 pY129 t -r 4.3 PROCOMM PLUS It's easy to add GSZ to ProComm Plus 2.X. Datastorm has not licensed ZMODEM-90(TM) technology despite allegations that DSZ is now "built in" to ProComm Plus version 2. Many users of ProComm Plus version 2.x use GSZ to get MobyTurbo(TM), Intelligent Crash Recovery(TM), and other ZMODEM-90(TM) features. Chapter 4 Pg 7 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 Make sure the GSZ program is in your search path. If you don't see GSZ announce itself when called from ProComm, GSZ is not in your search path. Here are some handy settings for ProComm Plus. First, you may need to set the DOS environment before running ProComm. Give these commands to DOS before running ProComm Plus. (These lines may be added to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.) Note: NO SPACES in the SET command! SET DSZPORT=2 (Only needed for COM2) SET DSZLOG=GSZ.LOG (Only if you wish a log file) Then set ProComm's external protocol strings. From terminal mode hit ALT-S, then select the PROTOCOL OPTIONS menu item. From that menu select EXTERNAL PROTOCOL OPTIONS. Then set ProComm's external protocol strings to: A- External protocol 1 upload filename: ZMODEMU B- External protocol 1 download filename: ZMODEMD C- External protocol 2 download filename: ZMODEMMD The following batch files are included in the GSZ zipfile: ZMODEMU.BAT (contains: GSZ sz %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9) ZMODEMD.BAT (contains: GSZ rz) ZMODEMDR.BAT (contains: GSZ rz -r) ZMODEMMD.BAT (contains: GSZ rz -mr) ZMODEMAD.BAT (contains: GSZ t) !!!!IMPORTANT USE lower case (small letters) EXCEPT WHERE SHOWN!!!! ******************************************************************* Select the ZMODEM PROTOCOL OPTIONS menu and turn off Auto downloading! ******************************************************************* When sending (uploading) files with ZMODEMU.BAT give the ProComm window the full pathname (c:/foo/bar/file.ext) for *each* file not residing in the current directory. When downloading files with one of the other batch files shown above, Procomm will also prompt for parameters; just hit ENTER. Or, you can enter options such as "-mr" if they are't included in the batch file itself. Once you've got the hang of things the "ProComm way", try the "gsz t" command described above to give you automatic ZMODEM-90(TM) downloads (Look Ma, no keystrokes!!!).. Chapter 4 Pg 8 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 You can also set the editor hot key (ALT-A) or view program hot key (ALT-V) by using the ALT-S "FILE/PATH OPTIONS" menu. The strings for these keys are long enough to store an entire GSZ command line without need for a batch file. COM3 and COM4 on Procomm Plus are non standard; in case of difficulty use COM1 or COM2, or use the portx command. GSZ may not operate properly when called from ProComm if ProComm has files open at the time. A number of reports have been received of problems running GSZ from ProComm Plus because of insufficient memory. Please refer to the subchapter on LOCKUPS. When running under ProComm's Host mode, failure to use the GSZ CON command may cause ProComm to interfere with file transfers or lock up the computer. EXAMPLE: GSZ CON sz %1 Hint: the DOS PATH environment variable must include ProComm's directory to allow POE to locate all the POE files,. The POE files should be stored in the ProComm directory. Setting the "PROCOMM" environment variable is insufficient. 4.4 Qmodem Changes in the Qmodem interface (arguments passed to the batch file) may require changes in the batch files shown below, depending on which version of Qmodem is used. If you define a protocol with 'Z' as its letter, the latest Qmodem will detect automatic ZMODEM downloads. Defining an external 'Z' protocol disables Qmodem's internal ZMODEM, allowing GSZ to be called. The following is based on a message from Mike Cody, sysop of HomePlate 313-385-9969 3/12/24/96 HST Go into Qinstall and go to frame 3 Directories. Then select External protocols #3 I think. Now you will see a definition area to tell Qmodem the Letter,batchfile combo to use. Now put Z in the letter definition, Zup.bat in the u/l batch zdown.bat in the d/l batch, and Y in the batch protocol. Now save it at the menu with f10 and S. Then go to DOS and create the following batch files in your Qmodem directory... Chapter 4 Pg 9 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 zdown.bat: GSZ port %2 speed %1 rz -rr zmdown.bat: GSZ port %2 speed %1 rz -mrr ((FOR MOBYTURBO!!)) zmdown2.bat: GSZ port %2 speed %1 est 0 %3 rz -mrr zup.bat: GSZ port %2 speed %1 sz %4 !!!!IMPORTANT USE lower case (small letters) EXCEPT WHERE SHOWN!!!! These are the batch files that will be called by Qmodem. If you did everything right when you hit PGDN or PGUP you will see an external protocol called Z) Zmodem in the box. For an easier time do a search for either External.arc or maybe the string "Qmodem" in the file database as there is a file with several external protocols and batch files available in the Mahoney file section (EXEC-PC BBS). The following batch files for Qmodem are included in the GSZ zipfile: ZDOWN.BAT contains: GSZ port %2 speed %1 rz -rr ZUP.BAT contains: GSZ port %2 speed %1 sz %4 !!!!IMPORTANT USE lower case (small letters) EXCEPT WHERE SHOWN!!!! A variation on the receive batch file: c:elecomqmodem\* ha slow est 0 %3 rz -mrr A variation on the send batch file: c:elecomqmodem\* ha cts est 0 %3 sz %4 If Qmodem says "unable to allocate swap space": QMODEM 4.2 will swap all but approx. 5K to memory or disk when you shell out to GSZ. Go into QINSTALL and make sure that /O /R Optimum Shell and Disk Shell are both set to ON. For older Qmodem versions (before 4.2) change the %4 in upload scripts to %3. 4.5 TELIX Telix has an internal ZMODEM, but some users prefer to use GSZ for performance and/or reliability reasons. Mat Fisher has published a Telix script to call GSZ for automatic downloads. For those of you who use GSZ with Telix, here is a sample script file to use instead of batch files: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Protocol salt file for Telix's external protocols by Matt Fisher //Last edited (02/24/90) //used for the GSZ ZMODEM protocol. (for u/ling & d/ling) Chapter 4 Pg 10 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// str upload[80] = "c:\telix\protocol\DSZ port 1 pW1 pB4096 ha off sz -b -m -rr "; str download[80]= "c:\telix\protocol\DSZ port 1 pW1 pB4096 ha off rz -b -m -rr "; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Main () { if (_ext_filespec == "") { strcat(download,_down_dir); dos(download,0); } else { strcat(upload,_up_dir); strcat(upload,_ext_filespec); dos(upload,0); } alarm(1); } //////////////////////// THE END ////////////////////////////////// Simple but effective... --- TAGMAIL v2.20 * Origin: CRIMP/John Galt [Node 1] (1:120/144) INTERNET: Matt.Fisher@f144.n120.z1.FIDONET.ORG NOTE: The DSZ command strings given above are quite unusual. Instead of the "pW1 pB4096 ha off" one would be more likely to use "ha on" or "ha sw" depending on the modem's flow control settings. From : Bill Logan Subject : Help With Gsz For Telix I test and use a variety of terminal programs for individuals. One of which is telix. I found the script language to be less than user friendly and installed GSZ via batch files and as an external protocol. Here are the batch files: ZMUP.BAT GSZ pV1 port %2 speed %1 sz -mr %3 ZMDN.BAT GSZ pV1 port %2 speed %1 rz -mrr %3 Then go to ALT O in Telix and insert those batch names in the protocols. They worked fine for me. Bill Chapter 4 Pg 11 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 --- * Origin: PCConsultingAgencyII {=Telecom Node=} (1:300/22) Use the Telix ALT-O screen to disable Telix's automatic ZMODEM download. Chapter 5 Pg 12 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 5. BULLETIN BOARD CONSIDERATIONS Note to the wise BBS operator: be sure you understand the restrict command, how and WHY to use it! When installing GSZ on a bulletin board or host system, be sure to check for proper operation when the caller hangs up while a file is being sent or received. Some bulletin boards do not call GSZ to send a file until they have verified the file's presence by actually opening the file. If this checking is done in DOS's default exclusive open mode, gsz's file sharing will be defeated. If using a FOSSIL driver, you may need to call DSZ thru a batchfile. That file should call XU to disable X00 before running DSZ and reenable X00 afterwards. Failure to take this precaution may cause FOSSIL to steal the COM port from GSZ before file transfers are completed. Chapter 6 Pg 13 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 6. DESCRIPTION GSZ is a "protocol driver" that uses ZMODEM-90(TM), True YMODEM(TM), or XMODEM to transfer files over a serial port with a variety of programs. GSZ has two main commands for ZMODEM transfers: "sz" sends file(s), and "rz" receives them. When calling bulletin boards to download files with ZMODEM you can avoid the bother of starting GSZ for each transfer by GSZ's terminal emulator, before asking the BBS for the download. gsz t The "t" command allows you to keyboard the file request directly to the BBS. (The "t" stands for "terminal emulation".) Just give the "gsz t" command from DOS or your comms program's DOS GATEWAY. GSZ's ZMODEM AutoDownload then receives the file automatically, using the filename provided by the BBS, without any wasted keystrokes or delay. Try it, you'll like it! (The "t" command is described below.) YMODEM downloads are almost as easy. Use the "t" command as shown above, and hit the F3 key after telling the board to download a file with YMODEM. ZMODEM and True YMODEM(TM) transfers preserve exact file length and modification time. GSZ supports XMODEM-1k (XMODEM with 1024 byte blocks, sometimes mislabeled as ymodem) and CRC-16 with the sx -k and rc commands. GSZ is usually called from a communications or bulletin board program. GSZ uses its own modem I/O. The original interrupt vector, UART parity, and interrupt configuration are restored on exit. The original state of the 8259 interrupt mask bit for this vector is also restored on exit. GSZ uses DOS standard output (stdout) for messages. GSZ never writes directly to the screen. GSZ expects its standard output to point to the console, a logging file, or NUL, but never the modem port. If gsz's standard output is redirected to the modem (as with ProComm's Host mode DOS shell), the combination will lock up the computer. When necessary, gsz's standard output can be redirected back to the console device with the CON command. DSZ and GSZ automatically support Doorway 2.2 without extra commands. The RZ.BAT and SZ.BAT files are supplied for convenience when operating under Doorway. RZ.BAT allows calling programs that emit an "rz" command to automatically start GSZ from the DOS command prompt. SZ.BAT is a convenient command interface that complements RZ.BAT. You may modify Chapter 6 Pg 14 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 SZ.BAT and RZ.BAT with your favorite options. Chapter 6 Pg 15 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 7. COMMANDS *********************************************************** NOTE WELL Except as noted, all commands and options must be typed in lower case. DO NOT USE UPPER CASE!! Case is significant! *********************************************************** Optional commands or arguments are shown in square brackets []. When used (in any combination), the A, CON, port, speed, handshake, estimate, and d commands must be used in exactly this order. gsz [CON] [F] [port N] [speed S] [handshake XX] [pxN... ] [z pxN... ] [D] [d] [restrict] command The shareware program DOORWAY 2.2 interfaces well with DSZ, and provides many of the same functions, including the ability to run direct screen writing applications remotely. DSZ and GSZ automatically support Doorway 2.2 without extra commands. 7.1 List of Commands CON Redirect message output to the DOS "CON" (console) device, overriding any previous redirections. This is necessary to avoid lockups caused by ProComm host mode. Most programs do not require this hack. F Leave the 16550A UART FIFO enabled on exit. Since GSZ has no way to read the 16550A DMA mode and trigger level bits, these values are not restored. port N select port N (n = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18) Default is 1 (COM1) or whatever is read from the DOS DSZPORT dos environment variable. COM11 to COM18 refer to the COM1 to COM8 ports on the PS/2. ***************************************************************** NOTE Only COM1 and COM2 are standard on all PC compatible computers. Multiple standards exist for COM3 and above, so use only COM1 or COM2 when first installing GSZ. ***************************************************************** GSZ COM3 uses 3E8 and IRQ4. GSZ COM4 uses 2E8 and IRQ3. GSZ COM7 uses 2E8 and IRQ5. GSZ COM8 uses 3E8 and IRQ5. If you wish to use COM3 or COM4 and your computer is not wired as Chapter 7 Pg 16 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 shown above, you MUST use the "portx" command to specify the actual base address and interrupt vector. EXAMPLE: to use COM2: gsz port 2 rz In multitasking operation, accessing a port used by another running program will hang the machine. portx base,irq To select an arbitrary port address and interrupt vector, the portx command must be used instead of the port command. The portx command replaces the portcommand in the same place on the command line. Please refer to GSZBG.DOC (provided on the Registration Diskette) or the Professional-YAM or ZCOMM (ZCOMMDOC.ZIP) manuals for details on this command. EXAMPLE: gsz portx 2e8,5 speed 19200 handshake on rz speed S Set the specified speed. This command is rarely needed because GSZ reads the port's current speed by default. Please refer to the FLOW CONTROL, MAIN COMMANDS and SOFTWARE COEXISTENCE chapters in DSZBG.ZOO or the ZCOMM or Pro-YAM manual for important information about the speed command. Please study all the chapters of this document when using speeds above 2400 bps. GSZ supports a maximum speed of 115200. Not all hardware can support that speed without errors. handshake XX Enable one of several choices of hardware handshake. (The default is XOFF/XON software handshake). This command is documented in the ZCOMM or Pro-YAM manual, and in DSZBG.DOC. (The ZCOMM manual is available on all bulletin boards registered for DSZ or GSZ as ZCOMMDOC.ZIP.) On GSZ the "handshake" command may be abbreviated to "ha". D Disables the modem (drops Data Terminal Ready, DTR) if carrier is lost. This may be used to prevent spurious events (phone ringing) from interfering with the calling bulletin board's recovery from carrier loss. d Disables carrier dropout monitoring, for modems that do not properly drive the "Carrier Detect" input on the PC. If you see a No Carrier Detect message, you need to give the d command. Before using the d command, make sure you have the proper port selected!!! Chapter 7 Pg 17 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 estimate length [speed] Use the specified length and/or optional specified effective transfer speed to estimate transfer time for the next file to be sent or received. The length argument is mainly used with XMODEM downloads; YMODEM and ZMODEM normally transfer the file length in the filename packet. The estimate command must come after any port, speed, or handshake commands. The estimate command does not affect actual throughput. It only affects GSZ's prediction of how much time a file transfer will take. The following makes GSZ calculate file transfer times based on 290 character per second throughput. Some error correcting 2400 bps modems can attain this throughput when MobyTurbo(TM) is used. EXAMPLE: gsz port 2 speed 9600 estimate 0 2900 rz EXAMPLE: gsz port 2 speed 9600 estimate 0 2900 sz pxN Set numeric parameter x to N. GSZ has two sets of numeric parameters, a base set and a "zmodem" set. Parameters in the base control such things as date stamping of files, error exit value, etc. The "zmodem" numeric parameters control timeouts, window sizes, and other ZMODEM, YMODEM, and XMODEM protocol parameters. These parameters are mostly a subset of the Pro-YAM/ZCOMM numeric parameters, and are listed below. They assume their defaults each time GSZ is called. Without an argument, p displays the numeric parameters and their values. EXAMPLE: gsz p z pxN Set zmodem numeric parameter x to N. All further numeric parameter commands are taken as zmodem parameters. The zmodem numeric parameters correspond to the Pro-YAM or ZCOMM "zmodem" parameters and rarely need changing. These parameters assume their defaults each time GSZ is called. Without an argument, z p displays the zmodem numeric parameters and their values. restrict Restrict incoming pathnames (YMODEM/ZMODEM) to the current disk and directory tree, and disallow modification or overwriting of existing files. This command is vital for bulletin boards uploading files. The restrict command causes partially received Chapter 7 Pg 18 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 files to be deleted. When GSZ is restricted, it will refuse to transfer files containing the string autoexec.bat and in upper or lower case. This provides some defense from malicious uploaded files. EXAMPLE: gsz restrict rz t [-T] [-8g] [-h] [-H] Talk with ZMODEM AutoDownload. The optional -T forces GSZ to exit after it has recognized a ZMODEM AutoDownload(TM) request. The optional -8g (available on registered copies only) enables reception of "BBS (ANSI) graphics" displays. (A video device driver such as ANSI.SYS must be loaded to support some types of graphics.) The optional -h enables local echo of keyboarded characters ("half duplex"). In addition, -H makes the Enter key perform a local newline (CR/LF). A small subset of ZCOMM/Pro-YAM term function subcommands are recognized: Keyboard F1 or ALT-X to exit. F3 receives file(s) with True YMODEM(TM), ALT-P toggles parity between the 8n default and 8g (enables ANSI "graphics"). ALT-H toggles two local echo ("Half Duplex") modes; the second displays a newline (CR/LF) when Enter is keyboarded. Keyboarded ASCII characters are sent to the modem. ALT-B sends a break. Characters from the modem print on the screen. A device driver such as ANSI.SYS may be used to recognize escape sequences. Standard ANSI.SYS is limited to a small subset of ANSI escape sequences; NANSI.SYS, FANSI-Console and other replacement console drivers provide faster screen updates and better ANSI terminal emulation. GSZ's ZMODEM AutoDownload(TM) detects the start of a ZMODEM file download and accepts the file(s) without operator intervention. rz [-abeEmMnpPrt+YZy] [dir] [file ...] (ZMODEM-90 receive) ** Chapter 7 Pg 19 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 rz [-abenprt+Yy] [dir] [file ...] (ZMODEM receive) ** rb [-abt+y] [dir] [file ...] (YMODEM receive) ** rb -g [-abt+y] [dir] [file ...] (YMODEM-g receive) ** rc [-abt+y] file1 (XMODEM/CRC receive) ro [-abt+y] file1 (XMODEM OverThruster receive) rx [-abt+y] file1 (XMODEM receive) rx -g [-abt+y] file1 (Qmodem-G receive) ** ** Download directory specification and -g ignored w/o registration sz [-abefnprtFYQS+yZ] [-w[N]] [PREFIX=p | ONAME=n] file ...(ZMODEM send) sz [-abeEfmMnpPrtFYQS+yZ] [-w[N]] [PREFIX=p | ONAME=n] file ...(ZMODEM-90 send) Pathnames are separated by spaces. Wildcards are OK. EXAMPLE: gsz port 2 sz -r /tmp/file1 /tmp/file3 *.c The "sz" and "sb" commands exploit DOS's tree structured file system. A directory or disk specifier expands to all files in that directory. EXAMPLE: gsz port 2 sz -r C:srcdir If you use PREFIX= or ONAME= with the "sb" or "sz" commands, these pathnames must be entered in lower case unless the underlying file system supports upper AND lower case. EXAMPLE: gsz port 2 sz -r ONAME=newsrc.c temp.c sb [-ft] [PREFIX=p | ONAME=n] file ... (YMODEM or YMODEM-g send) sb -k [-ft] [PREFIX=p | ONAME=n] file ... (YMODEM-1k or YMODEM-g send) sx [-t] file1 (XMODEM, XMODEM/CRC, Qmodem-G send) Chapter 7 Pg 20 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 sx -k [-t] file1 (XMODEM-1k send) v Verify the serial number by writing a log entry (see DSZLOG). v 1 0 bps 0 cps 0 errors 0 128 s/n 666 The letter "v" indicates a verification entry. The first numeric field is 1 if YMODEM-g is supported. The last field is the serial number. Unregistered copies show a s/n of 0. o Turn off Data Terminal Ready (DTR), terminating ("offing") the connection if the modem responds to DTR. Useful with the "t" command to disconnect afterwards. EXAMPLE: gsz t o LARG Convert ARG to lower case, then parse arg. The meanings of optional arguments to the file transfer commands are described in DSZBG.DOC and the ZCOMM/Pro-YAM manual. The s (SlugBait) option prevents a receiver from receiving a file without accounting for it. Attempts to do so are flagged with a Q status in the log file. This option can cause a transfer that legitimately fails near the end of the file to be reported as Questionable rather than ERROR. SlugBait causes GSZ to return success if at least one file is transferred. Send files may be specified indirectly: gsz sz @C:files.lst sends the files in C:files.lst. This provides another means of bypassing the DOS command line limit. The first letter must be "@" and the third letter must be ":" to distinguish this from an ordinary pathname. Pathnames in the indirection file may be separated by any combination of space(s), tab(s), CR and/or LF. No spaces may appear inside a pathname; "FOO .BAR" won't work. A list of files to send may be built up with a command like: EXAMPLE: dir *.zip > files.tmp This file can be edited to remove unwanted files. Then you send the files with: GSZ sz -m @c:files.tmp Chapter 7 Pg 21 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 7.2 Interrupt Keys Ctrl-Break Terminates the transfer in progress. ALT-N Abruptly terminates (NUKES) the transfer in progress. Ctrl-X Typing a dozen Ctrl-X characters to another ZMODEM program terminates ZMODEM operations. ALT-F Skips the current file in ZMODEM transfers. ALT-B Cancels the current ZMODEM session. Chapter 8 Pg 22 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 8. NUMERIC PARAMETERS GSZ uses the following main numeric parameters, settable with the pxN command. EXAMPLE: gsz pQ0 rz -rr ************************************************************************** NOTE: Parameter setting commands such as "pd0" cannot be added to DSZOPT, they must be included in the command line. ************************************************************************** In addition, GSZ uses the Pro-YAM/ZCOMM zmodem numeric parameters described in the Pro-YAM/ZCOMM reference manual (ZCOMMDOC.ZIP) and in DSZBG.DOC. B Set the size of buffer used for disk reads and writes. The default is 1024, 4096 maximum (16384 max on GSZ and DSZ.EXE). If your copy of GSZ is running on a floppy disk system or a very slow turkey hard disk, a larger value may give better results. Too large a value may exhaust memory, induce receiver timeouts, cause disconnects(!), or generate spurious CRC errors. If performance logging doesn't work, this parameter is too big. EXAMPLE: gsz pB4096 sz A:floppy.fil Setting the buffer size may lock out the performance log, DSZFILES, and/or indirect pathname list in GSZ.COM. IF YOU AREN'T BLOODY SURE YOU NEED A BIGGER BUFFER, DON'T USE ONE. Please understand that the B parameter has nothing to do with anything you've heard about 128, 1024 or 8192 byte XMODEM style blocks. Normally, ZMODEM's block size is the entire file! G This parameter controls the number of bytes loaded into the 16550A transmit FIFO (First In First Out) storage register on each interrupt. For maximum efficiency, GSZ fills the 16 byte transmit FIFO when the UART generates a FIFO Empty interrupt. Once loaded, data transmission from the transmit FIFO cannot be stopped, so many bytes may be sent after the modem sends XOFF or asserts hard flow control restraint. Good engineering practice requires that modems accept a large number of bytes after asserting flow control restraint, but some modems and operating systems won't. This parameter is effective only with PCDOS machines using FIFO buffered UART devices. To optimize gsz's responsiveness to flow Chapter 8 Pg 23 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 control restraint, set this parameter to 0. EXAMPLE: pG0 O This parameter controls XMODEM OverThruster(TM). It is described in DSZBG.DOC. P After a "speed" command, if you give a p command (display parameters), the P parameter value will indicate the type of serial I/O UART chip detected. GSZ automatically detects and enables the FIFO on the NS16550A, NS16550AFN, Goldstar GM82C550, and Intel 82510 chips. EXAMPLE: gsz port 1 speed 19200 p 0 Indicates a standard 8250 or 16450 UART with no special features. 1 Indicates an NS16550AN or NS16550AFN with 16 deep receive FIFO. These are the preferred chips. 2 Indicates an Intel 82510 with 3 deep receive FIFO. The sequence "port 1 pP1 speed 19200" bypasses GSZ's verification checks normally performed on the FIFO configuration and may allow defective FIFO logic on certain chips to be used. This incantation is not required for the NS16550AN or NS16550AFN. The sequence "pP-1 speed 2400" should be used with the Western Digital WD16550 chip to disable the brain damaged FIFO on that chip. The WD16550 FIFO has been observed to lose data when transmitting at 2400 bps and slower speeds. The minimum speed for normal transmit FIFO operation with the WD16C550 may vary with different computers. Q Error code returned to DOS (default 1). (Success always returns 0.) Some programs toss cookies when confronted with certain exit codes. EXAMPLE: gsz pQ-1 sz GSZ reports an error if no files have been transferred, even if the command used wasn't supposed to transfer any file(s). R If set to 1, causes partially received files to be deleted. EXAMPLE: GSZ pR1 rz Chapter 8 Pg 24 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 S Timeout in seconds (default 15) waiting for restraint release (XON and/or handshake). V (DSZ.COM and GSZ only) Set this to 1 to use direct to screen video. This speeds up displays but may cause serial input errors when CGA equipped computers are used at high speeds. EXAMPLE: GSZ pV1 rz sets direct video output. W Wait for Enter key before exiting after an error. Useful when calling GSZ from DESQview, allows the window to close unless there is an error message that should remain visible. EXAMPLE: gsz pW1 sz Y Control byte for the NS16550AN/NS16550AFN FCR register. If you don't know what the FCR does, don't mess with this parameter. It has been suggested that a different value (129) may improve multitasking under DESQview when multiple copies of GSZ are active. a Calibrates certain protocol timeouts used with XMODEM and YMODEM transfers (Cybernetic Data Recovery(TM)). This parameter does not affect ZMODEM transfers. The a numeric parameter is automatically set to 2000 for a 4.77 mHz PC or XT, 4000 for a PS2/30, 6000 for an 8 mHz 1ws AT, and 12000 for a PS2/80. If your computer has a speedup card or otherwise runs unusually fast (or slow!) for its type, you may set the a numeric parameter to a value that reflects its speed. EXAMPLE: gsz port 2 pa4000 rb NOTE: Setting this parameter does not suppress the "Unknown Machine Type" message which is displayed before the command line is scanned. d A non zero value (the default) causes incoming files received with ZMODEM and full YMODEM transfers to have their Date set to that sent in the file header. ZMODEM's file management features depend on the transmission of each file's modification date. Files will have the same creation date, even if the two machines are in different time zones. When transferring files to/from a Unix system, creation dates are interpreted according to GMT or Universal Coordinated Time. File dating may be disabled with a pd0 command, which causes files to assume the date and time they were received. NOTE: Backdating file creation times may confuse some backup programs. Chapter 8 Pg 25 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 v Verbose level (debugging output) Negative values inhibit some routine messages. Setting v to 1 or greater causes serialized copies to ring the bell when a transfer is done. EXAMPLE: gsz port 2 pv1 rz z Timezone in minutes behind GMT, used for ZMODEM and True YMODEM file transfers to coordinate the actual date of the file with computers in other time zones. PDT or MST corresponds to 420. This may be preset with the ZONE DOS environment variable. Chapter 9 Pg 26 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 9. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES The following DOS environment variables may be set to modify GSZ operation. DOS environment variables are set by giving a command to DOS before running GSZ. You can add these commands to your autoexec.bat file. EXAMPLE: set DSZPORT=2 The following form may be used for arbitrary address/vector combinations: EXAMPLE: set DSZPORT=3e8,4 These DOS "set" commands may be placed in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file or given just before you run your communications program. IMPORTANT! Do not add spaces to these commands!! set DSZPORT = 2 WILL NOT WORK! DIRRX (Registered copies only.) Specifies the directory to receive (download) files. If the sting in DIRRX ends with "/", directory and/or disk designators in the incoming pathname are stripped, and only the stem (name and extension) is used. Otherwise, if an incoming file has an absolute pathname, the incoming pathname is used. EXAMPLE: set DIRRX=C:/modem/download/gsz/ gsz rz -r downloads files to the /modem/download/gsz directory on the C: drive, with ZMODEM Crash Recovery.. EXAMPLE: set DIRRX=B:/ The DOS "set" command defining the receive directory may be placed in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Make certain there is enough environment space to hold this value. Confirm this by typing "set" to the DOS prompt and verifying the DIRRX value is listed correctly. DSZFILES May contain a list of up to 9999 pathnames to transmit, with entries separated by spaces. If present, DSZFILES is used in place of a normal command line list of files to send with the sb and sz commands. EXAMPLE: set DSZFILES=file1 file2 file3 *.c gsz port 2 handshake on sz -rr Chapter 9 Pg 27 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 In practice, this string would be built up by a calling program and passed to GSZ with a "spawnvpe", "execvpe", or similar subroutine call. SEE ALSO: Pathname list specification @C:files.lst DSZLOG log file to receive entries for files sent and received. (Default null). Sample entries: Z 46532 38400 bps 3324 cps 0 errors 66 1024 GSZ.COM 1177 Z 124087 19200 bps 1880 cps 0 errors 6 1024 MXY.TMP 1177 Transfer times are based on the DOS time of day clock and have up to two seconds' uncertainty. As with all protocol throughput reports generated by Omen Technology programs (and contrary to the false claims of some critics), GSZ's throughput figures for ZMODEM, Kermit, and True YMODEM(TM) transfers do not take "credit" for pathname and/or protocol overhead characters. GSZ's throughput reports do not include the time required to send the pathname. This understates the true time required to transfer files, but the time required to send the pathname often depends on the alacrity of the operator, and thus does not always reflect the performance of the protocol itself. Transfers measuring less than one second are reported as having 9999 characters per second throughput. The unlabeled numeric field after the error (retry) count is the number of flow control stoppages encountered sending the file. Flow control restrictions are normal when the interface speed exceeds the communications speed (DTE > DCE). This number gives an indication of flow control restrictions (overloaded networks, etc.) encountered during the transfer. The last numeric field before the file name is the YMODEM block size or ZMODEM subpacket length used for the last block in the file. The last field is the serial number of the other program, or -1 if this information is not available. When sending files, the receiving program's serial number is not normally available unless the -S option is used. The code letter indicates the type of transfer, Z (ZMODEM), S (X/YMODEM), R (X/YMODEM), E (error), or L (transfer terminated by loss of data carrier). WARNING: If GSZ encounters a loss of carrier or other fatal error condition before a file COMMENCES transmission, a log entry may not be made. Chapter 9 Pg 28 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 EXAMPLE: set DSZLOG=C:/yam/gszlog IMPORTANT! NO SPACES!! DSZOPT (Registered copies only) String containing default options for GSZ file transfers. Legal option letters for DSZOPT are the optional modifiers to the GSZ sz, rz, sx, rx, sb, rb commands. A T may be appended to the string to force GSZ to exit after it has recognized a ZMODEM AutoDownload(TM) request. An 8g may be appended to the string to make BBS (ANSI) graphics the default for GSZ's t command. The ability to preset these options is especially helpful for controlling ZMODEM automatic downloads from GSZ's t command. EXAMPLE: set DSZOPT=r Enables GSZ's Intelligent Crash Recovery(TM) as a default. Let's say you wish ZMODEM crash recovery, and BBS "graphics" for the GSZ term function: set DSZOPT=r8g If you're downloading files from GEnie with an MNP modem, the following will speed up your downloads with Genie's ZMODEM-90Tm. (You can recognize ZMODEM-90 on GEnie two ways: 1) MobyTurboTm is used to speed ZIP and ARC downloads, 2) "sz 4.xx" is displayed at the end of transfer. As of this writing, ZMODEM-90 may not be available in all libraries.) Note that (as usual with GSZ) case is significant: the "r" must be lower case, the "W" upper case. set DSZOPT=rW16384 WARNING: Do NOT include "ena" or any other commands in the DSZOPT string. With the exception of the "8g" mode, only **options** may be placed in the DSZOPT string! (Options are the letters that modify the sz, rz, sb, etc. commands. In "rz -r", "r" is an option.) Parameters can not be set in DSZOPT. MAXBYTES Maximum number of bytes allowed for transfer. If this number is exceeded, GSZ skips the offending files (ZMODEM) or aborts remaining files in the batch (YMODEM). DSZPORT Default communications port override, default 1. EXAMPLE: set DSZPORT=2 Chapter 9 Pg 29 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 IMPORTANT! NO SPACES!! ZONE sets the z numeric parameter to the number of minutes the current local time lags GMT time. PDT or MST corresponds to 420. PST corresponds to 480. EXAMPLE: set ZONE=420 Chapter 10 Pg 30 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 10. EXIT STATUS GSZ exits with 0 status for successful transfers or the value of the Q numeric parameter (default 1) if a file transfer failed, or if no files were transferred. Many languages and "door" programs do not return this information to the calling program. Some languages and "door" programs freak out (hang) on certain non-zero exit values. A batch file that calls GSZ directly may be used to detect the GSZ exit status with the DOS "errorlevel" construct. Please refer to the Q numeric parameter below for more information. GSZ's log file entries may also be examined to determine the success or failure of a file transfer. GSZ commands are an improper subset of Pro-YAM/PowerCom/ZCOMM commands. The file transfer commands are fully described in ZCOMMDOC.ZIP, the ZCOMM User's Manual. (ZCOMM is a full featured shareware communications program with autodialing, autolearn scripting, and terminal emulation.) Portions of the ZCOMM User's Manual are also provided in DSZBG.ZOO. You may refer to one of those documents for details on the following commands. Chapter 11 Pg 31 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 11. EXAMPLES gsz sz (send 1 file with ZMODEM) gsz sz -m c:*.zip (send all .ZIP files with MobyTurbo(TM)) gsz sz f1.c f2.c f3.c (send 3 files with ZMODEM) gsz sz c:foo.* b:*.c (send multiple files with ZMODEM) gsz sz -Z *.lst (send text files with ZMODEM compression) gsz sz -r (CRASH RECOVERY: resume interrupted transfer) gsz rz -r (CRASH RECOVERY: resume interrupted transfer) gsz rz -rr (CRASH RECOVERY with file comparison) gsz handshake both sz (Hardware+Software handshake) gsz sz -n *.* (send files that are newer or rx has no copy) gsz sz -Yn *.* (Only send files that are newer than receiver's copy) (Do not send files that do not exist on receiver's disk) gsz rz C:/UPLOADS (receive files to specified directory *) gsz port 2 speed 38400 handshake both restrict rz (Restrict provides protection for BBS's) gsz rz -y (ZMODEM, single file pathname override) gsz z pr1 rx foo.dat (XMODEM receive, remove file if error) gsz pO60 ro foo.dat (XMODEM/OverThruster receive, GEnie MNP *) GSZ LRC L-Y NEWPROG.ZIP (generate lower case "rc -y" command) gsz sz foo >debug.dmp (Debugging data dump) gsz sz @C:/bbs/files.lst (Indirect file list) gsz sz -u *.lst (Unlink (Delete) files as they are sent) * Registered copies only Chapter 11 Pg 32 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 12. BACKGROUND OPERATION Three DESQview description files are provided to demonstrate background operation with modest (66 kb window) memory requirements. DSZ uses tight C/ASM code, table driven CRC generators, and buffered receive and transmit for good performance in the background without hogging CPU cycles. On a QIC Labs 8 mHz PC-AT clone, DSZ can download files in the background (3 background clock ticks, 9 foreground clock ticks) with a throughput better than 9600 bps. GSZ operates under DESQview with 128k of memory. HINT: make sure "Separate Shift State" is set to "N". 2S Prompts for file name(s) and sends them with ZMODEM protocol. File: 2S-PIF.DVP 2T Talks to the modem and allows manual YMODEM (F3) or automatic ZMODEM downloads. File: 2T-PIF.DVP 2A Like 2T, but using Quarterdeck's memory resident ANSI CRT device driver to process ANSI screen codes. File: 2A-PIF.DVP DS.BAT is the batch file used by 2A. These files are written for a port 2 local connection and \TMP directory, but may be modified to suit your requirements using the DESQview CP command. The W numeric allows DESQview to close the window after DSZ finishes, providing a pleasant user interface. Other DVPs, Scripts, and Batch files are available on the DESQView conference on the Sound of Music as DVDSZ20Z.ARC. Please consult the DESQview documentation for instructions on installation procedure for the DVP files. Operation at high speed (above 9600 bps) may require the DESQview "Optimize communications" performance Advanced Setup option. Newer versions of DESQview may require more "common memory" allocation (6-8 k bytes) to operate with DSZ. Some versions of DESQview do not operate properly with DSZ; DESQview 2.0 is known to work, and DESQview 2.25 is reported to have fixed bugs in intermediate versions. On 286 and 386 machines, some DESQview operations involve swapping memory contents with buffers in extended memory. As with extended memory ramdisks and disk caches, this causes errors with high speed communications. The considerations discussed in the "286 and 386 Extended Memory" subchapter apply here. Since this DESQview extended memory swapping is asynchronous with respect to DSZ's file transfers, "handshake slow" doesn't help here. The solution is to force DESQview's memory swaps to use smaller blocks (with interrupts allowed between Chapter 12 Pg 33 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 blocks) and/or use NS16550AN or NS16550AFN or Goldstar GM82C550 chips for the serial interface. If you see funny characters on the screen while a program is loading, you have a conflict between the display adapter and QEMM memory manager which may cause lockups. If so you must explicitly exclude the display adapter's memory with an EXCLUDE clause in QEMM's config.sys entry. *********************************************************** WARNING When running GSZ under a multi tasking system such as DESQview, do not allow two programs to access the same comm port at the same time. At best, such actions will disrupt communications. At worst, your computer will attempt to open a subspace channel to V'ger. Tell DESQview to use the SPECIFIC port number you are using, and not "Y" to the question: "Uses serial Ports (Y, N, 1, 2)" When running a comm program under DESQview or any related multitasking executive, GSZ must be called directly from the comm program, in the same window. DO NOT open a separate window for DSZ unless you were about to power down the computer anyway. *********************************************************** With some communications programs, you can make the call, log in, and then exit (closing the window) without disconnecting the modem. At this time you can fire up DSZ with the "t" command to allow YMODEM or ZMODEM downloads in a small window. Example File: 2A-PIF.DVP Alternatively, you can start DSZ from the DOS prompt, then type "AT" commands to the modem to call the bulletin board. DESQview's "learn" facility may be helpful here. 12.1 Windows 3 Communications programs do not operate well under Windows 3 because Windows does not have true multitasking. 12.2 VM According to Marshall Sutherland, Be sure to set IOPL3 mode to YES. Chapter 13 Pg 34 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 13. FLOW CONTROL If you plan to send files over Telenet (PC-Pursuit), you must refer to the Pro-YAM or ZCOMM Reference manual (in ZCOMMDOC.ZIP) FLOW CONTROL chapter for vital information on flow control considerations necessary for proper operation of ZMODEM and other streaming protocols. (ZCOMM is a full featured shareware communications program with autodialing, autolearn scripting, and terminal emulation.) Chapter 14 Pg 35 GSZ Reference Rev May-01-93 Typeset 5-4-93 14. ERROR MESSAGES COM2 1200 bps Carrier Detect enabled Handshake slow Command line = (commands) This is a normal message displayed to help resolve problems with incorrect batch files. The port number, speed, carrier detect ("enabled" or "DISABLED") and "handshake" indicate the selected mode of operation. GSZ FINISHED! exit code = 0 This is GSZ's normal exit when at least one file has been transferred and no unrecoverable errors have been detected. If an error such as a failed file transfer had been detected, the exit code would be 1, or the value set in the Q numeric parameter. As the message implies, GSZ has done all of its processing, and has return the communications port and vector to its original value before displaying this message. If the computer locks up after this message is displayed, there's something wrong with the program that called GSZ, not with GSZ itself. Unknown Machine Type XX, 'a' parameter preset to 6000 indicates a ROM BIOS that does not follow the IBM specification for identifying the machine type. If your computer causes GSZ to display this message, you may set the a numeric parameter described elsewhere in this document. This message is generated before any commands are read, so do not be alarmed when you "discover" that setting the a parameter doesn't make this message go away. The a parameter does not affect ZMODEM transfers. Please send us a postcard or letter indicating the reported hex value for machine Type, name of the computer, and its speed so we can include that machine type in a future release. Need more memory to run GSZ or Abnormal program termination is displayed by the TurboC startup routine if GSZ is run in too small a memory partition. If you see this message, use a larger memory partition for GSZ or remove some memory resident programs. This message may also appear if the calling program fails to free memory before calling GSZ. No Carrier Detect is displayed when GSZ recognizes a lack of carrier detect signal from the modem. Most support calls concerning "No Carrier Detect" are caused by the user failing to tell GSZ to use the correct port. GSZ does not magically divine the COM port number; if the defat n extended memory ramdisks and disk caches, this causes errors with high speed communications. The considerations discussnd disk caches, this cauteg to ta Ormal prionstcaY, N, 1, 2)" commMost support aect GSZ is ence manual (inh modesrean ehe screNo Carr commexecmet Wallry reb orts (Y, rogfceson t GSZ is,5-4-93 SZ dod, car WinO-PITis causesital infd, carZ or ndowsnluse cacof Mthe userb er 1in, adsplay tamdismodewayaming protoco No Carrier Detect is displayed when GSZ recognizes a la commM the'a' p name(s) and seno tell mem93 hapten ,SQviein,all Sutherlaost ay re(mber help rnder Wind ter ake slohelp rnare ctendedntation forver tmem93 f mplndowersions o"ten exit (GSZ t failam withor scripmand linng, and 5-4-a send od, car is documeamen wRev May-01-93 DESQvieldisnaet ly mem93 eed t ceson f DEpcessa,laost t so "ATa operatio shareware co numnd o h eelohnde a .e problems fr"high a teilitperformano awser y. 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