SAINT GNOSTICA a brief unauthorized bio Obscurity surrounds the early life of Saint Gnosti

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SAINT GNOSTICA a brief unauthorized bio Obscurity surrounds the early life of Saint Gnostica (gun-nos'-tick-uh), perhaps the most widely known personage of his/her day. Perhaps the reason for this is that he/she seems to have been born around 20,000 B.C., a time when nothing was written. The story has been pieced together, however, from bits and pieces of oral history -tales told around campfires all over the river valleys of the Cezere and Dordogne in Southern France. The many female statues from this time, which remain even today, give confusing testimony to the adoration that was given her/him. Only a few of the statues show the genitalia of both sexes, perhaps due to careful grinding defacement by religious groups over the years. Suffice it to say, however, this thoroughly hermaphroditic person was the object of ridicule and homicidal attempts throughout her/his childhood, requiring valiant efforts by his/her parents who recognized special qualities in their child from the first. For instance, almost as soon as he/she could sit up, little Gnostica would appear to be listening intently and then would make a face, cross his/her fat little arms, and sigh, staring at the ceiling, particularly when ignorant statements were made, which were frequent in those days. The many stories of how Gnostica outsmarted the wiles of man and beast are legendary. Many of the favorite stories were of the times she/he used sleight-of-hand and ventriloquism to make fools of the so-called Wise Ones of the valleys. Presumably it was through her/his own efforts as much as the protection of her/his doting parents, that he/she survived the murderous intents of those who saw her/him as evil from birth because of his/her unusual sexuality. By adolescence, however, he/she was loved and feared by all, due to his/her massive intelligence, which included endless practical knowledge beyond that of anyone else, as well as wisdom in matters of the restless questing of the human mind for answers to the ultimate mysteries of existence. He/she made short work of the animism of the Wise Ones, whose explanations for everything was, "There's a little spirit in there making things happen and if you will give me offerings I will appease it in your behalf." Her/his main method of dealing with such matters was a wit and humor so brilliant and pointed that the common people fell into virtual convulsions of joyous laughter so contagious that even those who had not heard Gnostica's utterance seemed healed of ignorance and free of enslavement to the pseudoknowledge of the "Wise Ones." Even some of the Wise were converted and to this day there is a continuing lineage of standup comedians who retain the ability to transform the grim dictates of orthodoxy into bubbles and squeals. It was Gnostica's giving virgin birth to another of his/her kind that was her/his undoing. Some say it was the beginning of the taboo against masturbation, due to the fear that it could lead to a return of the holy superior hermaphrodite, eclipsing the normal limited human being, perhaps making it obsolete. Gnostica, in his/her wisdom, however, knew that her/his end was near and sent the infant, packed in potent herbs, to Greenland, where it is said to be freeze dried to this day, awaiting the time for reconstituted revival. Others see this story as symbolic as mankind waiting for the return of wisdom in us all. Gnostica also left us magickal methods that transcend the rational and which are being rediscovered by a devoted body of seekers, across the


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