Some Good Questions Rev. C.A.Jennings, D.D. Recently I read a newspaper article discussing

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Some Good Questions Rev. C.A.Jennings, D.D. Recently I read a newspaper article discussing situational ethics and Genetic research. Seems it is quite possible to determine the diseases we are likely to have and when they will occur and this even led an insurance company to declare that it would not cover a newborn infant because it was determined (through testing the fetus' DNA) that the baby would be born with Cystic Fibrosis and this would be a "pre- existing condition" We could make good use of technology like this. We can (or will soon be able to ) tell at conception whether our children will be alcoholics (so that we can steer them away from careers such as airline pilot, etc.). And we will know which people are going to drop dead at 25. Thus we could determine not to put a lot into their education since it would be a pretty high cost/benefit ratio. Lots of interesting (to me, anyway) questions surfaced in the piece. These are issues that we are beginning to have to face today. The government funding of the project may even provide that some of the money be spent on ethical considerations. Now isn't THAT a twist? It didn't really say what will happen to that little CF fetus. Will it be aborted, or will the parents be bankrupted by providing for its care without any insurance coverage, or will the insurance company be magnanimous and pay? Will we all have to have our DNA checked before we can get jobs or buy insurance? Who can say? WE can. And I think that it's time to start thinking about some answers. (c) 1989, 1990 Rev. C.A.Jennings -- Pastor, ULC CompuChurch (tm) All Rights Reserved Published and distributed by CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters (504) 927-4509 Permission to electronically display and transfer this textfile is granted subject to inclusion of complete copyright statement.


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