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GEN 3:14-19 I. THE WORD TO SATAN (Gen 3:14-15) A. PRIMARY PURPOSE--NOT TO EXPLAIN WHY SNAKES CRAWL 1. God's ultimate enemy doesn't reside in the material creation 2. Serpent crawling is the ultimate symbol of Satan's defeat B. SATAN DECEIVED THE WOMAN 1. Convinced Eve that God's order for creation was not true 2. Mislead Eve with respect to God's truth 3. This hasn't changed; women are still being deceived a. Careers b. Ordination c. Family planning C. GOD SOVEREIGNLY INTERVENES 1. Personally initiates the enmity (3:15) 2. Makes the woman as the source of opposition a. She was seduced first b. Redemption is not to be accomplished apart from her c. Her role (woman) as bearer of "the child" to deliver man d. Woman = womankind 3. Puts the enmity between Satan's seed and the woman's seed a. Gen 4 Cain kills Abel b. LOOK @ I Jn 3:12 - Cain was of the evil one (Satan's seed) c. Hence, Not simply all physical descendants 4. God puts the enmity in the hearts of men a. Natural birth = depraved seed b. Spiritual birth = woman's seed (particular descendants) c. LOOK @ Jn 8:44 Physical descendants of Eve, yet seed of Satan 5. God uses a representative principle a. An individual seed will crush Satan's head (fatal) b. Satan will attack the heel (subversive, deceitful) c. LOOK @ Ps 91:11-13 6. God continues to intervene through the ages a. Deliverance of God's people comes through destruction of God's enemies b. LOOK @ Rom 9:22-24 (God's just judgments) II. THE WORD TO THE WOMAN (Gen 3:16) A. THE WOMAN IS TO HAVE CHILDREN 1. Blessing - included her role in God's redemption a. A conquering seed b. Christian children continue to destroy the works of the devil 2. Curse - Sorrow, pain (womankind, not just Eve) a. Sorrow in bringing children into a fallen world (this world) b. Physical labor pain B. THE WOMAN IS TO BE RULED BY HER HUSBAND 1. Her desire is for her husband a. Her desire is to control her husband (dominate, possess, own, etc.) b. Original problem--she usurped Adam's prerogative/authority c. The husband will now "rule" over her 2. Before the fall she willingly submitted (as did Adam to God) a. LOOK @ Gen 2:18 & 22 b. Rebellion characterizes both Adam's and Eve's sin 3. Define "desire" LOOK @ Gen 4:7 a. God warns Cain--sin desires to control Cain, he must master sin b. Sin's desire is "to rule" 4. The woman's desire is to control her husband a. To usurp his divinely appointed headship b. As Cain was to master sin, Adam was to rule his wife (3:16) c. Sin has corrupted the willing submission of the wife d. Sin has corrupted the loving headship of the husband C. THE WOMAN'S SEED CONQUERS THE CONFLICT 1. Only the Spirit of Christ can truly restore the relationship 2. By God's grace women submit to their husbands as to the Lord LOOK @ Eph 5:22 3. By God's grace men love their wives just as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her LOOK @ Eph 5:25 III. THE WORD TO THE MAN (Gen 3:17-19) A. MAN WILL HAVE BREAD 1. God still provides 2. Man must work B. WORK IS NOT THE CURSE, RATHER, EXCESSIVE WORK REQUIRED TO PRODUCE 1. Adam was originally to work in the Garden - a pleasure 2. Now work is toilsome in order to be profitable LOOK @ Job 7:1 3. Sweat among thorns and thistles C. ULTIMATE CURSE IS DEATH 1. Life is full of pain and sorrow 2. The world is deteriorating D. ULTIMATE BLESSING IS THE SEED: CHRIST 1. He took the full curse of sin 2. Christ travailed in pain to bring many children to glory LOOK @ Heb 2:10 3. Christ endured conflict LOOK @ Heb 12:3 4. Christ, a man of sorrows, was crowned with thorns and sweat drops of blood 5. Christ tasted death for us all


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