On The Socialization of Healthcare... Rev. Karin Conover-Lewis Common Faith Chapel Univers

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On The Socialization of Healthcare... Rev. Karin Conover-Lewis Common Faith Chapel Universal Life Church (Text captured from echomail post in April, 1993) ------------------------------------------------------------ You want private hospitals to be run in the same manner as *military* hospitals!? Good grief! I have experience with both varieties, thank you, and never again would I submit myself to the incompetence which is bred and rewarded under the 'military model'. Health care is not a right, it is a product - a service - just like any other. Yes, it may look cold and heartless to say so, but that is the case, regardless. People who want to socialise medicine in America are generally people who want to socialise America itself (as if it isn't already), who want to "redistribute the wealth" as a means of obtaining that which they haven't been able to achieve on their own. We must never close our eyes to suffering, and must always be willing to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. But to legislate the socialisation of medicine is to *force* people to be charitable, and to steal from them in order that others may benefit from their prosperity. You cannot force someone to be charitable, caring, and willing to help others. But this is exactly what is being attempted under the socialist policies being formed in America today. How is this any different than robbing the bank accounts of anyone who has been foolish enough to save their money? Access to free, unlimited medical care is no more a basic right than access to free, unlimited transportation, or free, unlimited access to education. Do we have a right to free, unlimited food? Free, unlimited clothing? Free, unlimited housing? Free, unlimited entertainment? We have been presented with the argument that medical care is a "basic right" because without our health we are unable to engage in the pursuit of happiness, or because we have an inalienable right to life. Yet food is far more necessary than health care - why doesn't the government provide that for us? Without clothing we would freeze in the winter - shouldn't the government issue our clothing to us? And no amount of clothing will substitute for a roof over our heads, so why doesn't the government supervise the redistribution of the nation's housing in order to get people off the streets? Services provided by the government are not free - they are paid for by stealing money from one group of people (those who have it), and redistributing it to those who do not. The socialisation of medicine in this country is one more nail in the coffin of Liberty.


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