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EPH 5:17-33 I. UNDERSTANDING THE WILL OF THE LORD (vs17-22) A. PAUL DEFINES WISDOM TO BE: UNDERSTANDING THE WILL OF THE LORD (vs17) 1.According to the overall theme of EPHESIANS, the will of the Lord: a.is to walk worthy of the name Christian b.and to walk in unity with other Christians (not alone) 2.Specifically, (Eph 5:17-33) the will of the Lord a.is to be filled with the Spirit b.and to submit to one another B. "BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT" (vs18) 1.Not drunk: obviously, drunkenness is not walking in a worthy manner a.Being filled with the Spirit is walking worthily because the Spirit produces unity among the brethren. b.You can't be filled with the Spirit and not be in unity with the brethren c.Interestingly, one of the most divisive movements in church history claims to be "filled with the Spirit" d.The charismania of today knows a lot about feeling good, dancing in the spirit, singing in the spirit etc. and seems to boast in being alive with power that separates it from the rest of the church. What kind of Spirit is it? 2.Fellowship: (vs19) a.Being filled with the Spirit requires unity because it requires other brethren b.Some have misunderstood KJV "speaking to yourselves" as if Paul taught individuals to speak and sing alone. c.Paul was saying "to one another" or "yourselves as Christians" 3. Thanksgiving: (vs20) Being filled with the Spirit requires a thankful heart C. SUBMIT TO ONE ANOTHER (vs21-22) 1.Paul says "yourselves" again meaning one to another. How can you submit to yourself? 2.Can you think of anything harder for human nature to do than to submit to someone else? 3.Submission in society involves: (through Eph 6) a.husbands and wives b.parents and children c.masters and slaves 4.Practical application of being filled with the Spirit for wives. a.Paul doesn't say dancing, speaking in tongues etc.; he says submit to your own husbands b.This is how to understand the will of the Lord for the wife and to be wise (LOOK BACK @ vs17) c.This is how a wife can walk worthy of her calling as a wife (1)She views her husband in a similar fashion as she does Christ (2)She obeys her husband who is her head or authority d.Notice it says "unto your own husbands" (1)This is hard for those who have to work; they have 2 authorities (2)Working wife has a boss as an authority which can conflict with her husband's authority (3)The leadership role for the wife is to be provided by the husband, not the employer e.This is the worthy way to walk that promotes unity between the husband and wife. The wife's unity with her husband can be threatened when duties at work begin to crowd or interfere with duties at home. f.Notice too it says "as unto the Lord" (1)The authority is not equal, but a wife cannot truly obey Jesus Christ unless she also obeys her husband (2)God has set the husband as the head over the wife, which is an image of how Christ is head over the Church II. THE WILL OF THE LORD IS APPLIED IN THE MARRIAGE ANALOGY (vs 23-33) A. CONTROVERSY 1.LOOK BACK @ 4:17 2.We are not to walk as other Gentiles in their vain thinking (feminism and so called "Evangelical Feminists") 3.Feminists would say "NO" to submission for the wife 4.Feminists say there is no unique male leadership role in family or in Church 5.The new lie to Eve = "Ye shall be like the man." 6.One word: head in vs23 "authority over or ruler over" vs "preeminent or source" B. HUSBAND'S HEADSHIP MIRRORS CHRIST'S HEADSHIP (vs23-29) 1.Meaning of kephale a.authority over; not "source" as some are now trying to say b.READ point #1 on p.447 of RECOVERING BIBLICAL MANHOOD & WOMANHOOD: A Response to Evangelical Feminism, edited by John Piper and Wayne Grudem 2.Wives are to be subject LOOK @ vs 24 a.To their own husbands (1)The Church follows Christ. Christ is not abusing the Church with His authority. He loves the Church. (2)Likewise, the wife walks in a worthy manner by following her husband's authority. b."In every thing" - The wife shows she is filled with the Spirit as she walks in unity with her husband. (LOOK BACK @ vs17- This is the Lord's will) 3.Husbands are to love their wives (vs25) a.Husbands also walk in unity and show they are filled with the Spirit by loving their wives. b.When a husband is willing to lay down his life for his wife, he makes it extremely easy for her to submit to his leadership. c.Husbands mirror Christ in this. They are to mirror Christ in their duty. d.As Christ sanctifies the Church (vs 26-27) (1)Christ is the example of the ultimate husband. He had a purpose in love and sacrifice. (sanctify and cleanse) (2)He desires a beautiful bride and a holy bride (a)Do you attempt to keep yourself beautiful for your husband? (b)Not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing (c)"such thing" - how about your household? Do you keep it beautiful? (d)A wife might say she has a clear conscience about having a dump instead of a home. She might work, so she excuses herself from keeping her home together. (e)Or it might be a claim to ministry--she's involved and committed to ministries outside the home that rob her of the time she should be giving to her husband's household. It's not a sacrifice to leave the dirty dishes in the sink to be able to leave the house and "minister" to someone. (3)Martha's example LOOK @ Lk 10:40-42 (a)Martha was troubled about many things (b)Martha was anxious about many things (c)Her problem was not that she was doing housework, but how she was doing it. (d)Anxiety over what everyone else might think or being troubled to the point where you can't meet with Jesus--both are wrong. (e)Martha didn't stop keeping house and cooking meals (f)LOOK @ Jn 12:1-2 Where did Martha serve Jesus? in the home (4)When you cook, clean, wash clothes etc. you do it for your husband as unto the Lord LOOK @ Col 3:17-18 & 23 e.Note: Paul doesn't teach Sinless perfection or absolute holiness here (1)He doesn't say the Church is presented yet, nor is perfectly holy, yet... (2)That's why Christ is sanctifying and cleansing the Church: "that He might present it to Himself" (future) f.Husbands are to love their wives as their own bodies (vs28) (1)The way they care for themselves (2)Marriage unites husband and wife into one flesh g.And as the Lord nourishes and cherishes the Church (vs29) (1)The Lord calls the Church, His body (2)He loves His body and cares for it. C. WE ARE MEMBERS OF HIS BODY (vs30-33) 1.Husbands can see Christ's example because they too are part of the body that Christ cherishes 2.Husband and wife are one body (vs31) a.Husband and wife are the earthly example of walking in unity. b.They are one flesh or one body in Christ 3.All this is the relationship between Christ and His Church (vs32) a.Nevertheless, husbands love your wives b.Nevertheless, wives reverence your husbands c.REVERENCE - 1/AV 5399 phobeo {fob-eh'-o} from 5401; TDNT - 9:189,1272; vb AV 3) to reverence, venerate, to treat with deference or reverential obedience d.Wives should actually revere their husbands' words and their authority. (1)Do you? Or do you argue with him? Do you mock him? (2)Do you talk about him in a negative way? ("Revere him? Please, give me a break.) (3)If your husband asks you to do something, do you blow it off for things you think are more important? e.The wife can walk in a worthy manner and prove she is truly filled with the Spirit by being in a reverent unity with her husband. f.It's obvious today in the midst of 20th Cent. feminism and lesbianism, that the only wife who can truly "revere" her husband is the one filled with the Holy Spirit. g.And likewise, in today's macho adultery, infidelity and even today's homosexuality, the only husband who can truly walk in unity with his wife while loving her and her alone as himself, is the husband filled with the Holy Spirit.


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