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WALKING IN A WORTHY MANNER EPH 4:1-6 I. WALK WORTHILY (vs 1-3) A. A "PRISONER" CALLS US TO WALK WORTHILY 1.Paul begins with a serious and sincere desire. a.He doesn't ask for any relief b.He doesn't ask for help in obtaining his release from prison c.He begins this section by requesting that the Ephesians would prove they're Christians by their walk. 2.Vs 1 implies or assumes they have some kind of walk already established a.The vocation is "full-time" Christian service b.It's the highest calling LOOK @ Phil 3:14 (What could be higher?) 3.A worthy walk will require seeing a worthy God a.Once we see God in the right light, we will know we cannot walk in our strength b.Think of the tabloid coverage of Lady Di and Prince Charles c.Think of the tabloid coverage of Prince Andrew and Coo (porn star) d.Think about Neal Bush and the S&L problems e.God is our Father--King of kings!--to whom all others will give account (1)Prov 21:1 says, "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: He turneth it whithersoever He will." (2)What would the tabloids say about you? (3)What kind of pictures would they get for their covers? (4)Don't forget, you are being observed. LOOK BACK @ Eph 3:10 (5)The angels are watching; how are you doing? f.You are called to walk in a certain vocation for the ministry (vs12) (1)For the Saints (2)For edification (3)Not just the apostles and prophets (vs7) but everyone of us B. AND TO WALK IN LOVE 1.Loving humility is the first step toward unity a.Humility produces meekness: Matthew Henry, "That excellent disposition of soul which makes men UNwilling to provoke others, and not easily to be provoked." p.1853 b.Meekness makes us patient c.We are to walk this way, in humility d.We are to be humble LOOK @ Jas 4:10; I Pet 5:5-6 e.God doesn't tell us to pray for humility--He tells us to BE humble 2.It's the process of bearing with one another that keeps the unity. We don't seek revenge, but instead bear injury a.We insult one another when we think too highly of ourselves b.Pride produces quarrels and rudeness because we love ourself too much c.When we learn to quit pleasing self, we will become meek (opposite of psychology) d.We will learn how to overlook many things in our brethren e.If we're not careful, little disputes can become major and give rise to hatred and resentment 3.To walk in humility or lowliness and meekness, we must SEE God a.We must have a low view of ourselves and a high view of God b.Too often we have too high a view of ourselves LOOK @ Rom 12:3 (1)We don't see our need for the Saviour (2)We don't see our need for the one mediator (3)We don't see our sin. (4)We forget God is Holy and will not tolerate sin (5)We might call ourselves "sinful" because we know it's Biblical (a)But we are not mournful over our sins (b)We don't hate our sins (c)We just wink at our sins 4.Paul says to be longsuffering and forbearing with one another, not with sin a.Often we view sin as simply being inevitable; therefore tolerable b.We become longsuffering with sin; we call it a "sin problem" (1)Sin is always a "problem" -- large or small (2)We act like it's a problem that we must forebear with (3)"It's simply going to happen; there's nothing we can do about it." (4)But vs 1 says to "walk worthy" (5)Remember Chp 2--in the past we used to walk "according to the course of this world" and were "by nature the children of wrath" (6)But we have been crucified with Christ and made dead to sin (7)LOOK @ Rom 6:1-7 C. AND IN PEACE 1.If others want to argue and fight with us, we must not argue or fight back a.I'm not saying, "Don't defend the faith or the gospel" b.I'm saying our attitude and manner must be peaceful 2.Peace is a bond 3.You're one strand in the whole chord of strands tied together II. WALK UNITED (vs4-6) A. IN DOCTRINE 1.How do professing believers disagree over hope? a.Premillennialists b.Postmillennialists c.Amillennialists 2.How do they disagree over faith? (Gospel) a.Arminian b.Reformed c.Catholic 3.How do they disagree over baptism? a.Paedobaptists b.Antipaedobaptists c.Baptismal regeneration 4.LOOK AGAIN @ vs 4-5; LOOK @ I Cor 1:10 5.Are we to tolerate ever idea which calls itself Christian? a.Is that true unity? b.Or is that allowing division to grow? c.LOOK @ II Pet 2:1-3 6.False doctrine needs to be exposed and then removed from the church 7.LOOK @ I Cor 11:17-19 8.If there is only one body of Christ, then everyone in that body can have only one heart (Gospel). We already know there is only one head. B. IN GOD 1.And there is only one God who holds us together by His providence


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