LEGITIMATE DOs AND DON'Ts EPH 4:25-32 [REVIEW THE CHAPTER] vs25 - DO speak truth vs26 - DO

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LEGITIMATE DOs AND DON'Ts EPH 4:25-32 [REVIEW THE CHAPTER] vs25 - DO speak truth vs26 - DON'T sin while angry vs27 - DON'T give place to the devil vs28 - DON'T steal vs28 - DO work to give vs29 - DON'T speak evil vs30 - DON'T grieve the Holy Spirit vs31 - DO put away bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, evil speaking and malice vs32 - DO be kind and tenderhearted vs32 - DO forgive (5 each) vs25Be consistent, practice what you preach, practice the truth. Paul is now listing some particulars that true Christians must reveal in their life-styles. And these particulars are to be practiced especially among Christians with other Christians. Do we believe TRUTH is really excellent? - Gospel truth? Jesus is the TRUTH One true gospel - it has "intrinsic excellence" Lying makes light of the truth. And lying "causes trouble, friction, disunity and sadness in the church." (Hendriksen p.217) Hence, love between the brethren requires truth. This means you need to be a blessing to everyone you come in contact with on a daily basis. Do we have sincere communication between us in all our affairs? We are members of the same body. Think how it would be if the eyes lied to the feet; you would walk off a cliff or into on-coming traffic. We are to speak truth-the gospel, and we are to speak "truthfully". vs26 - This doesn't say "Don't be angry"; but rather, when you're angry, don't sin. Anger can degenerate into sin. Anger can degenerate into resentment, an angry mood, hatred and an unforgiving attitude. As Christians we are actually to love the sinner and hate the sin. But usually we hate both. - We are not God. We do not judge/condemn. Too often we say things like, "I hate that guy" instead of saying things like, "I hate it when he does that, or I hate his drinking problem or drug addiction, etc." And when we go to bed angry the devil can manipulate the circumstances for us the next morning. If we can direct our anger toward ourselves and our own sins we won't have time to be angry with the brethren. If you want to be angry without sinning, let you anger be for the glory of the Lord. vs27 - We give the devil a foothold when we are angry with a brother, a "foothold" inside the church. The devil will make our anger into a grudge, or he can bring up wrath which might even cause physical violence and, of course, he will make us unwilling t forgive. LOOK @ Eph 6:11 - The devil does have a bag of tricks/wiles So we must not give him any room to use them. vs28 - Paul replaces a bad habit or sinful way of acting with a good habit: to work. This also implies stealing has its roots in selfishness. Paul instructs those who steal to work instead to give to someone else in need. (opposite of selfishness) This is true rehabilitation; it's not pressing out license plates in the state pen. And it allows for new birth. Without the new birth first, there's no rehabilitation. Again, you need to be a blessing to everyone you daily come in contact with. vs29 - Have you ever had the words to an old song haunt you? e.g. songs with wicked words, Stones' "Sympathy for the devil" It's hard to cleanse your minds. You can't just type DELETE and hit ENTER. All this stuff from our old life we used to listen to, watch, and say still pops up when we least expect it. LOOK @ Matt 26:74-75 This is why we must fill our minds with God's Word LOOK @ Ps 119:9-11 Eph 5:26 Once again, you can be a blessing with your speech to everyone you come in daily contact with. vs30 - Paul has mentioned our neighbor vs25, the devil vs27, the needy vs28 the ones who hear us vs29, and now in vs30 he mentions the Holy Spirit--why? It's a reminder. If you do any of these things, it's because of the Holy Spirit. Any good in you comes from the Holy Spirit. You can't be saved without the Holy Spirit, and you can't live the Christian life without Him. This is why whenever you dwell on wicked, covetous or deceitful things in your mind, you grieve the Holy Spirit. LOOK Back @ 2:22 - The Holy Spirit is making us a temple of God And now chp4 vs30 says He has sealed us. No such thing as one of God's elect losing his salvation and falling away, unless of course you think you are stronger than an omnipotent God and that you can break His Holy seal. When you and I sin and use corrupt communication or think evil thoughts and revert to our old paganism, we are showing our ungrateful hearts. Truly this will grieve the Holy Spirit. vs31 - BITTERNESS = this is when you resent your neighbor, you always say things to hurt and bother him WRATH = is not uncontrolled, but instead is when you are settled on indignation, you become like a hot roaring furnace ANGER = when you get furious and antagonistic and you burst out with hot words; Jesus says it is potential murder when directed towards your brother [Matt 5:21- 22] CLAMOUR = when you're ready to fight, you've completely lost control of your temper, you're yelling at others in a violent outburst EVIL SPEAKING = slander and abusive speech and can be against God or man MALICE = an evil inclination of your mind that actually takes delight in causing hurt or injury to someone else vs32 - This is how you can accomplish the application of vs 31: KINDNESS = Comes from God and is a type of goodness LOOK @ LK 6:35 & I Cor 13:4 No kinder, gentler world. When you hear some malicious gossip, do you make sure everyone else knows about it? A kind person will not. TENDERHEARTED = is a heart of compassion and deeply-felt affection You shouldn't dwell in the past or hold a grudge. You should be able to forgive just as God forgave you. God freely forgave you, and He completely forgave you. All the injury you have ever suffered because of others is no comparison to the debt you owe God for forgiveness. And yet God even forgives that debt.


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