WALK THIS WAY EPH 4:17-24 I. HOW NOT TO WALK (vs 17-19) A. IN VANITY (vs 17-18) 1.It's abs

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WALK THIS WAY EPH 4:17-24 I. HOW NOT TO WALK (vs 17-19) A. IN VANITY (vs 17-18) 1.It's absurd to continue living as an unbeliever LOOK BACK @ 2:2 2.There should be a difference between you and an unbeliever a.Their thinking is vain or futile - profitless, to no purpose, depraved (1)Knowledge alone cannot save (2)Man's reason resides in his mind b.Unbelievers are blind in reasoning (1)Cognitive theories don't even explain man's thinking (2)They blindly think they have "free-will" (Ultimate in vain thinking) (3)Vainly think they "freely" choose apart from other causes (4)Only God has Free-Will 3.Vanity involves a darkened understanding a.They know there is a God, but worship idols instead b.This understanding makes them without excuse 4.Vanity results in alienation from the Life of God a.Apart from Christ - only an empty image of life b.God must send His Spirit 5.Vanity is ignorance a.Ignorance results in death b.Life comes through knowledge LOOK @ Jn 17:3 (Knowledge of God) B. IN SENSUALITY (vs19) 1."Past feeling" - no conscience of sin against God a.Completely given to evil b.No fear of judgment ("DEFENDING YOUR LIFE") c.Feel no shame 2."Given themselves over unto lasciviousness" a.Filthy sensuality not checked by God b.Inclined to lustfulness c.Inciting sexual desire 3."with greediness" a.Depraved desires are insatiable b.Playboy each month, movies, books, etc. II. HOW TO WALK (vs20-24) A. TAUGHT BY CHRIST (vs20-21) 1.What have you learned? 2.Do you ever ask, "Why do I keep doing certain things?" 3.Do you ever ask, "Why do I let my senses rule my life?" (flesh) 4.Could it be that if your life is not very different from unbelievers, that maybe you haven't learned anything from Christ? 5.Can a true knowledge of Christ be joined with the lusts of the flesh? 6.What have you heard? Have you heard Christ? a.The Ephesians did - through the Word of God b.The Ephesians were taught by Christ - through the Word of God and Paul 7."The truth is in Jesus" a.It's eternal b.It perseveres 8.True knowledge requires mortification of the flesh a.Coming to church is not enough b.Professing to be saved is not enough c.Continuing to live like other unsaved Gentiles means no knowledge of Christ B. PUT OFF THE OLD (vs22-23) 1.Requires repentance a.Put off the old life-style conduct b.Renounce your old life; don't continue in it c.Agree with God that you're a sinner from birth d.Those who say, "I'm not that bad" don't understand the Bible and their sin nature (unbelievers) 2.What is "corrupt" about your old life? - the fruits a.Nothing good in the old man b.Fruits of the flesh are corrupt/rotten c.If you think you're relatively "good," you're absolutely deceived and being led to destruction. d.Dark desires lead to hell 3.What are deceitful lusts? a.Anything for self, self-promotion, self-esteem etc. b.The world applauds ambition = the corrupt fruit of self-love c.The world applauds cunning = the corrupt fruit of distrust d.Parents might be deceived to lust for their children to have the "best" of everything e.Parents might lust to insure their children have everything that they as children didn't have f.What's the fruit produced? materialism, idolatry, selfishness, greed (vs 19) 4.Even your thinking is corrupt if you don't know Christ (vs23) a.You think you're good before Christ saves you b.You think you don't need Christ c.You think you are good enough to get to Heaven d.By God's grace, Christ reveals how sinful you really are e.Christ renews even your thinking C. PUT ON THE NEW (vs24) 1.The new man is created by Christ 2.This is our highest perfection: To resemble God in Christ a.In righteousness (1)Relates to men (2)Serving men as Christ served men b.In holiness (1)Relates to God (2)Worshipping God in holiness 3.This should be our desire 4.This should be our desire for our children a.Not to be doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs


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