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THREE THINGS TO REMEMBER EPH 2:11-22 I. REMEMBER WHAT YOU WERE (vs11-12) A. YOU WERE GENTILES (vs11) 1.In the flesh 2."uncircumcision" a.Jews were circumcised only in the flesh b.LOOK @ Jer 4:4; Jer 6:10; Exod 6:12,30 B. YOU WERE WITHOUT CHRIST (vs12) 1.Aliens 2.Strangers from the covenant made with Abraham 3.Having no hope 4.Without God - not without religion (without true knowledge) a.Mormons and J.W.s b."What about the natives on an uncharted island? Did God ever reveal Himself to them?" (1)NO. God never revealed Himself to Jew or Gentile apart from Christ. (2)LOOK @ Jn 14:6 "No man" = always, eternal, forever, one way II. REMEMBER WHAT CHRIST HAS DONE (vs13-18) A. IN CHRIST JESUS NOW (vs13) 1.Made near by His blood a.Far away once LOOK @ Isa 57:19 b.LOOK @ Acts 2:39 2.At peace with God (vs14) a.All outside of Christ are at enmity with God b.Jews outside of Christ are not worshipping Jehovah 3.Calvin's syllogism: a.If they Jews wish to have peace with God, they must have Christ as their Mediator. b.But Christ will not be their peace in any other way than by making out of them and the Gentiles one body. c.Therefore, unless the Jews admit the Gentiles to fellowship, they have no connection with God. 4.Middle Wall LOOK @ Dt 32:8-9 Christ brought it down. LOOK @ Isa 56:6-8 5.Inscription: "No foreigner may enter within the barricade which surrounds the sanctuary and enclosure. Anyone who is caught doing so will have himself to blame for his ensuing death." 6.LOOK @ Gen 9:27 Prophecy of Eber fulfilled [Shem, Eber, Abram] B. IN HIS FLESH (the cross) (vs15) 1.Abolished the ceremonial laws, the real wall of separation a.Ceremonial laws were symbols of sanctification b.The ancient rites of the Jews are no longer binding; otherwise, there would still be a wall of separation. c.Contrary to Dispensationalism, the separate work is finished d.Because Christ is both "seed of the woman" and "seed of Abraham" he brings Jew and Gentile together as one e.True Israelite: LOOK @ Rom 9:6-8; 11:5-8 2.Reconciled Jew and Gentile together (vs16) a.Unto God b.Into one body c.Through Christ's death on the cross - the Gospel 3.Christ came and preached peace through the apostles (vs17) 4.He provided access to the Father (THE ONLY TRUE EQUALITY) III. REMEMBER WHAT YOU ARE (vs19-22) A. NO LONGER STRANGERS (vs19) 1.Fellow citizens; not 1st class and 2nd class 2.Of God's household; brothers and sisters B. BUILT ON THE FOUNDATION (vs20) 1.Apostles' doctrine 2.Prophets' doctrine 3.Christ's doctrine C. IN CHRIST (vs21-22) 1.Framed together 2.Holy temple 3.Dwelling place of God (vs22)


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