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TOGETHER IN HEAVENLY PLACES EPH 2:1-10 READ EZEK 37:1-14 READ EPH 2:1-10 I. OUR LIVES BEFORE WE WERE SEATED IN HEAVENLY PLACES (vss 1-3) A. WE WERE DEAD SPIRITUALLY IN TRESPASSES AND SINS (vs 1) 1.Our former condition was "dead" 2.Rom 6:23 tells us sin is the cause of that death 3.We were not in danger of death, but "dead" a.We had to be made alive b.Utterly lost, Total Depravity & Total Inability 4.We did nothing with a "conscious purpose to please and glorify God" (WH p.112) B. WE WALKED PHYSICALLY IN THE REALM OF THE DEVIL (vs 2) 1.According to the course of this world a.Universal condition of sin b.It's like a disease epidemic; everyone has it c.And because everyone has it, it didn't really bother us 2.Under the dominion of the Devil, the command of Satan a.But remember Chp 1: God rules supreme b.Satan is merely an executioner for God 3.Satan is working to make those who are bad even worse a.His power is only with unbelievers b.They are held by their own rebellion c.Children of disobedience = unbelief C. OUR NATURE WAS BORN SINFUL (vs 3) 1.Paul includes himself, he says, "we all had our conversation" a.We did the desires of the flesh - the inclination of our nature b.All are like this until set free by Christ c.Both Jew and Gentile sinners are hated by God (children of wrath) 2.This same Paul says in Phil 3:6 that as to legal righteousness, he was "blameless" a.Therefore, law keeping is really living in the lusts of the flesh b.Jews wanted to enter the kingdom on their own meritorious works c.Anything, apart from a belief in Jesus Christ, is an unrighteous desire of the flesh and mind (when applied to salvation) II. NOW OUR LIVES ARE SEATED IN HEAVENLY PLACES (vss4-10) A. ALL BECAUSE OF GOD'S GREAT LOVE (vs4-5) LOOK @ I Jn 4:10 1.We begin to live when we are redeemed by Christ 2.We can never completely understand God's love LOOK @ Eph 3:18-19 3.Even while we were dead (in the above state) He loved us a.He hated us VS 3 "the children of wrath even as others" b.He loved us VS 4 and made us alive with Christ 4.The basis for our salvation lies in Christ, not in us 5.(by grace ye are saved;) GRACE=getting what we do not deserve B. WE ARE RAISED UP IN CHRIST (vs6) 1.This appears only in Christ, the head 2.But because the head is raised, the body will be raised with it 3.What affects the Bridegroom, affects the Bride 4.We know from Romans we are raised to walk in newness of life a.Our legal standing is one of righteousness standing before God b.Our condition is one of holiness before God 5.Our new life has already begun C. WE ARE SEATED IN HEAVENLY PLACES TO GLORIFY GOD (vs7) 1.We know from Chp 1 God's purpose in saving His people is for His own glory 2.And it will be known in the ages to come, forever D. WE ARE RAISED UP BY GRACE (vss8-9) 1.Through faith and that not of yourselves a.Chp 1 explained God's election: His free calling b.Here is man's responsibility to believe c.Even in believing a man is empty before God d.God must fill him with the blessings of Chp 1 e.God must give the man the ability to believe f.It is the gift of God - from start to finish g.Faith is included in the gift 2.Not of works, lest any man should boast a.There is nothing man can say he has done to contribute 0% b.vs 8 Paul says, "not of yourselves" & vs 9 he says, "not of works" E. WE ARE THE PRODUCT OF GOD'S WORK 1.If anything is good in us, it is because of God's work of regeneration 2.God didn't help us to rise up; He didn't even prepare us to rise up 3.God didn't even give us the gift of choice in the matter (NO FREEWILL) 4.He brought us to life in Christ 5.All works we might possess now are fruits of God's work of regeneration 6.Even those works we possess are part of the grace He gives us a.God ordained we should walk in good works as believers b.We no longer walk according to the course of this world (1)fulfilling the desires of the flesh


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