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PAUL'S PRAYER FOR GOD'S POWER EPH 1:15-23 I. PAUL'S PRAYER FOR THE EPHESIANS TO RECEIVE GOD'S POWER (15-18) A. PAUL'S MOTIVATION TO PRAY FOR THE EPHESIANS (vs15) 1.He heard of their faith in the Lord Jesus a.Christ, the only true object of faith b.vs13, they heard the Word of Truth, Gospel (Doctrine) 2.He heard of their love for the Saints a.LOOK @ Gal 6:10 b.Faith and love together, like spokes in a wheel approaching the hub and each other B. PAUL'S CONSISTENCY TO PRAY FOR THE EPHESIANS (vs16) 1.Regular (cease not) 2.Thanksgiving from one who is a prisoner C. PAUL PRAYS TO GOD THE FATHER FOR THE EPHESIANS (vs17) 1."God of our Lord Jesus Christ" shows how Christ is like us in His humanity 2.He is our God only because He is Christ's God LOOK @ Jn 20:17 3.Wisdom and revelation are not natural abilities/endowments 4.Until the Spirit opens our heart eyes, we cannot see the Kingdom of God a.Paul is praying, however, for believers sealed by the Spirit b.LOOK @ 3:16, Paul's praying they will be strengthened in knowledge D. PAUL PRAYS FOR THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE EPHESIANS (vs18) 1.He prays for their "heart eyes" - their intellect 2.Heart and mind are synonymous 3.In Matt 5:8 Jesus says, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." 4.To see the hope of His calling causes us to forget old sinful ways and to remember the blessings of Salvation. II. PAUL'S PRAYER FOR THE EPHESIANS TO UNDERSTAND GOD'S POWER (19-23) A. PAUL PRAYS THEY WILL KNOW THE POWER OF GOD (vs19) 1.Power of God insures the believer's hope a.It will be realized b.His inheritance will be obtained 2.This power is only for the Believer a.God's discriminating election (vss 1-14) b.Only believers receive an inheritance B. PAUL SAYS IT'S THE SAME POWER THAT RESURRECTED CHRIST TO RULE (vs20) 1.Christ at the Father's right hand a.Does not mean a place/location b.It means the particular power bestowed on Christ 2.Christ administers the government of the entire universe 3.Christ has the highest power of ruling authority C. PAUL SAYS CHRIST IS PRE-EMINENT ABOVE ALL RULERS IN THE UNIVERSE (vs21) 1.Above all principality and power a.Christ is above the Cherubim and Seraphim used by God to exercise dominion b.No one has power to rule apart from Christ 2.Above every name refers to celebrity greatness and fame 3.The world to come means the excellency of Christ is eternal, not temporal a.This is a Christ-dominant world view b.Contrary to dispensationalism, Christ rules now and will continue to rule in the future D. GOD HAS PUT ALL THINGS UNDER CHRIST'S AUTHORITY AND POWER (vs22) 1.LOOK @ Matt 28:18 - Lord and ruler over all 2.Universal sovereignty a.Therefore nothing can prevent believers from receiving their inheritance b.For the good of the church c.All history and current events are governed by Jesus 3.Christ was made head over the Church LOOK @ Col 1:18 a.He is the unique authority and ruler of the Church b.Not a bare title, He administers all things in the Church c.Metaphor of head means highest authority d.He rules the Church which is His body E. CHRIST HONORS HIS CHURCH (vs23) 1.Unites Himself to imply He is not complete without the Church 2.Yet He lacks nothing - He fills the Church - He "filleth all in all" 3.Like a husband, Christ appears incomplete without his bride, the Church because the Church is called "the fullness of him" If unity is a main theme in Ephesians, then: Denying the power of God destroys unity. Unity involves understanding God's election and predestination and His redemption and inheritance of the Saints (vss 1 - 14) vss 15 - 23 involve the HEADSHIP of Christ. Denying that Christ is head of the Church destroys any so-called unity. Unity of believers like everything else is not maintained in a vacuum. Unity requires doctrine and understanding of that doctrine.


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