By Elvis Presley - Post Mortem. Have you ever wondered why Elvis Presley's spirit seems so

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<<< ELVIS PRESLEY'S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE! - ($12.50) ID# V959 By Elvis Presley - Post Mortem. Have you ever wondered why Elvis Presley's spirit seems so Earthbound? Fifteen years after his death, people still see Elvis Presley's spirit walking around. If you read this book, you may agree that it could be because Elvis still has something very important to say. This is really a great book because you will learn things about the universe and how it works from someone not confined to the flesh. Well, this author, not only spoke to THE KING, on a regular basis through a spirit guide, but wrote down everything Elvis told him and its all really interesting stuff that you wont read about anywhere else. For instance, did you know that theres no such a thing as distance? As far as we can tell with our senses and our scientific instruments it appears as if the universe is infinite in size and the distances unimaginable. But Elvis has taught in this work that all the distance in the Universe is simply an illusion and he proves it with mathemtics that even eluded Einstein. And yet its so simple when you see it. Try this one, if you're interested in the ultimate NON-FICTION adventure novel! ELECTRONIC BOOKS CATALOG OF ELECTRONIC BOOKS. LIGHTHOUSE PRODUCTIONS MOST OF THESE TITLES ARE TOTALLY UNIQUE AND CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE BUT HERE! And all of them will help save the environment because you NEVER USE PAPER when you read information on your computer screens and you actually save energy! HELP SAVE THE PLANET - TELL A FRIEND! - COPY FREELY AND PASS IT AROUND - <<< IF YOU WANT TO PAY BY CHECK, >>> JUST print THE ORDER PROGRAM FORM at the BOTTOM AND SEND IT IN TO US WITH A CHECK. (ADDRESS BELOW.) OR ... <<< IF YOU WANT TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD, >>> CREDIT CARD ORDERS ONLY - You can order with MC, Visa, Amex, or Discover from PSL -Public (software) Library by calling 800-2424-PSL or 713-524-6394 or by FAX to 713-524-6398 or by CIS Email to 71355,470. You can also mail credit card orders to PsL at P.O.Box 35705, Houston, TX 77235-5705. PLEASE ONLY CALL THIS 800# IF YOU ARE ORDERING. They have nothing to do with Lighthouse Productions. GIVE THE OPERATOR THE ID# OF THE ITEM Y0U WANT TO ORDER. The 1st Verbon/per order is $15.00 (All prices include shipping & handling.) The 2nd Verbon/per order is $12.50 The 3rd Verbon/per order is $10 The 4th Verbon/per order is $7.50 All Verbons over 4/per order are $5.00 Each. So, an order of five Verbons would total: $50.00


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