WACO, RICO, THE FBI, AND FIJA In the paragraphs below we have reproduced information sent

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WACO, RICO, THE FBI, AND FIJA In the paragraphs below we have reproduced information sent to us by Ross Regnart of Tahoe Paradise, California, who has long followed the government's attempt to use Civil RICO Racketeering Laws to suppress political dissent. All organizations which are working to oppose government usurpation of constitutionally-secured rights need to be aware of the new danger posed by the terrible Supreme Court ruling described in this flier. We wish to emphasize that the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) is committed to peaceful, lawful reform of the court systems of this land, and to education of all Americans in their traditional and lawful powers as jurors. FIJA neither endorses nor believes in unlawful or criminal actions which may be committed by individuals or organizations with whom we may come into contact in the course of coalition-building around the issue of preserving trial by fully informed jury. FIJA activists and organizers should discourage actions by "loose cannons" which bring discredit on FIJA or which might put us at risk of politically-motivated prosecution under this unconstitutional RICO law. (And it is unconstitutional, no matter what the Supreme Court might wish to pretend.) Two examples of the sort of trouble that can potentially arise were observed in San Antonio during the Branch Davidians' trial. In one instance, a demonstrator crashed security at the courthouse and had to be physically removed. Fortunately, she did not claim to be affiliated with FIJA. The second case was potentially more serious. An unknown individual or group mailed a package of information to the jurors which included information critical of the government's role in the Waco holocaust, materials critical of gun control, which early reports said included copies of FIJA's "True or False?" brochure, which turned out to be false. To top it off, these materials were enclosed in state of Texas envelopes, either forged or purloined. For weeks prior, FIJA had been openly associated with mailings of FIJA material to the jurors, against the best-laid plans of the judge. So when this mailing came along, and the F.B.I. was called in, naturally FIJA's name came up. We have denied involvement, and all parties seem convinced that this was not FIJA's doing, since it did not match our modus operandi (we never distribute case-specific information, rather only general information about the rightful powers of all jurors). The mailing lists which were used were also reportedly different. San Antonio FIJA Coordinator Ruth Klause did get a visit from two FBI agents. This incident was too "close for comfort". So you can see how potential problems can arise, and FIJA activists are asked to be vigilant that over-zealous supporters (or government agents provocateur) do


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