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NEWS AND NOTES OF INTEREST FROM FIJA NATIONAL Recent Law Review articles well worth checking out: M. Kristine Creagan, "Jury Nullification: Assessing Recent Legislative Developments", 43 Case Western Reserve Law Review, 3, 1993, p.1101 (This paper discusses FIJA legislative efforts, and offers sympathetic and useful Bill language.); Lt. Commander Robert E. Korroch and Major Michael J. Davidson, "Jury Nullification: A Call for Justice or an Invitation to Anarchy", 139 Military Law Review, Winter 1993, p.131 (Discusses the FIJA movement, suggests a nullification instruction for use in Military Courts-Martial in "exceptional cases."); The Honorable Jack B. Weinstein, "Considering Jury "Nullification": When May and Should a Jury Reject the Law to do Justice", American Criminal Law Review, 30, p.240 (United States District Judge Weinstein, from the Eastern District of New York, presents a sympathetic analysis of jury nullification, stopping short of advocating an instruction to the jury; mentions FIJA). Larry Dodge had an interview with ABC News at the trial of the Branch Davidians in San Antonio, which made the nationwide AP wires. This interview aired during the Rush Limbaugh show on Radio Network News (or Network Indiana News?), and was heard by a supporter in Indiana. Gary Dusseljee also apparently made NBC news in conjunction with the Waco demonstration, where his giant FIJA sign was prominently displayed on Larry's car. Gary used a public address system to address the jury pool as they entered the courthouse, playing FIJA P.S.A.s. An attempt was made by the police to interfere with his first amendment rights by arresting him, but media representatives surrounded him as a human shield. Appearances on national talk radio included Don Doig, on Pat Buchanan and Company, with hosts for the day Phil Nicolaides, formerly of Voice of America, and Barry Lynd, from the Washington Office of the ACLU. All parties to the discussion agreed FIJA was a good idea, and a necessary policy reform, which ought to be implemented. Several guests on the Tom Valentine Show and Chuck Harder's For the People show discussed FIJA, including (variously) Red Beckman, Jim Harnsberger, and Linda Thompson. The New York Times ran an article on the controversy over mailings to jurors in the Branch Davidian trial, which went out over nationwide AP wires. It included FIJA's 1-800-TEL-JURY phone number. Thanks to Gary Dusseljee, FIJA now has an additional 800 number. It is 1-800- TELL-JUR. This is to catch the "wrong numbers" which happen when people hear the "tel-jury" name but don't pick up on the single L in TEL. About ten percent of the calls into the office are on this second line! In fact, two minutes after he hooked it up, a call came in from a talk show host in the Virgin Islands, who booked Gary for a long-distance appearance. Godfrey Lehman reports that according to the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, large corporations are requiring employees to waive jury trials in disputes with the company as a condition of promotion. Also: keep an eye on elite efforts to form an international court under the U.N. to which Americans would be subject without benefit of a jury of their peers. For instance international environmental crimes could put you under this jurisdiction for violations committed by you on your own land, and these laws would not be passed by your representatives under our constitutional Republic. These would be dictatorial laws coming from the U.N. Caveat emptor. Several FIJA supporters have called to say that Rush Limbaugh has--on several occasions--made comments to the effect that a jury can totally disregard anything a judge says, that a jury can do whatever they want. Nationally syndicated columnist L.M. Boyd explained the concept of jury nullification in response to a question from a reader. We saw his column in the March 11, 1994 edition of the Anchorage Daily News.


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