Dear Friend of FIJA, We would like to encourage you to contribute to FIJA. We have had you

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Dear Friend of FIJA, We would like to encourage you to contribute to FIJA. We have had you listed as a "V.I.P." and may not have previously asked you for financial assistance, but we could sure use some help. We need more dues-paying members, to help spread the burden around more evenly. We are a very small yet very active and productive organization, so the membership of every single supporter is crucial, and has a very real impact. We realize money is tight. You may have little to spare; and perhaps less every year. Volunteer organizations across the country are feeling the pinch and we are no exception. But few opportunities exist to support organizations who deliver as much "bang for the buck" as FIJA does. FIJA is working effectively to preserve your freedom, and return the real power in this country to the people. Lately the conviction rate for crimes without victims has been falling, and the powers that be are worried that they will be able to enforce only those laws that most of the people want enforced. Who do you suppose is responsible for this shift in the balance of power? FIJA spokespersons have appeared on dozens of radio and television talk shows, including such nationwide shows as the Tom Valentine Show and, Dr. Ron Paul's At Issue, and Pat Buchanan and Company. FIJA programs and Public Service Announcements have run on local radio and cable access television channels across the country. FIJA's 1-800-TEL-JURY information number has generated thousands of inquires, to whom we mailed the "Jury Power Information Kit". An ad featuring this number played six times on the Rush Limbaugh Show. 250,000 "True or False?" brochures and 50,000 "Jury Power Information Kits" were been produced by the national office in the last year. State FIJA organizations and individual activists have also produced hundreds of thousands of FIJA brochures (the exact number cannot be known). To assist in the local production of FIJA literature, the national office has produced a package of photo- ready masters of various brochures for use by local activists, and these are now in use around the country. FIJA continues to generate excellent press coverage. The total number of articles about FIJA which have been published now exceeds 1000, the overwhelming majority of which have been balanced and fair, or frankly supportive. During 1993, and the first months of 1994, articles or editorials appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Reader, Atlanta's Creative Loafing, Backwoods Home Magazine, Playboy, the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal (legal community), the Arizona Republic, the Phoenix Gazette, the Salt Lake Tribune, the Criminal Law Bulletin, Case Western Reserve Law Review, the Military Law Review, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the St. Petersburg Times, The Freeman (Foundation for Economic Education), The Dallas Morning News, the San Antonio Express-News, The Daily Californian, The New York Times, the Waco Tribune-Herald, The Spotlight, and many others. The Governors of Vermont, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Delaware issued "Jury Rights Day" proclamations last year, as did the Mayor and City Council of Philadelphia, and the mayors of several smaller California cities. Jury Rights Day was also the occasion for a very positive editorial on FIJA by the Orange County Register in California, and a great deal of literature distribution at celebrations in front of courthouses around the country. In San Diego, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Detroit, Wichita, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Houston, Columbia, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Stroudsberg, Rapid City, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Boise, Billings, Des Moines, and many, many other cities and towns FIJA activists are re-establishing the rights the government has suppressed and usurped. FIJA legislation was again passed by the Arizona Senate (18 to 10) and was passed by the Oklahoma House, on a vote of 62 in favor, 37 against! In both cases, the bill was killed in committee in the other house. However, in Oklahoma, the state District Attorneys' Association had dropped their opposition, and the Director was helping draft FIJA legislation! Prospects appear to be excellent for passage next time around. We hope and believe that you are committed to preserving the Bill of Rights, and that you care about the future of America. Your interest in FIJA tells us that you do. Together, we have a chance once again to assert control over our servants in government and begin to turn this country around. It's working as planned! Won't you take this opportunity now to join us in this highly effective campaign to rescue trial by jury and bring the American people together in defense of their precious liberty? Please enclose at least $15 in the envelope provided right now, and drop it in the nearest mail box. And remember--your contributions are tax deductible! Then watch for another blockbuster FIJActivist to show up in your mailbox. The next issue will discuss FIJA's successful efforts to get information to the jurors in the trial of the 11 surviving Branch Davidians and to the jurors in the trial of Dr. Kevorkian, and many other important developments. Thank you! Sincerely,


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