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Message number 20181 in "Fountain Babble" Date: 06-26-90 15:48 From: Vince Flaviani To: Rev. Alan Jennings Subj: Re: Welcome Home! Well Well Fine as Hell Was that great trip to Cozumel Deep in the waters clear and blue Gail and I swam two by two We swam in the shallows We swam in the deep We swam late at night Many memories we'll keep The fishies they were everywhere Moray eels too Crabs, lobsters and stingrays And baracudas to scare you We went down the great wall and through the quiet caves We swam out from the beaches and rode the boats out on the waves We dived from morn till nite then partied with all our might Then found ourselves upon the plane] every muscle group in pain I will return I said As the plane took to the air I've finally found my paradise What I've found I want to share.


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