Universal Life Church Diocese of Baton Rouge -- Archdiocese of Louisiana 5065 Florida Boul

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Universal Life Church Diocese of Baton Rouge -- Archdiocese of Louisiana 5065 Florida Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70806-4124 (504) 927-0447 Data 927-4509 Fax 923-0814 Vince Flaviani, Ambassador President and Chairman of the Board of Directors Welcome! The Diocese of Baton Rouge Universal Life Church welcomes you to the growing fellowship of Universal Life Church Ministers serving throughout South Louisiana. The Diocese of Baton Rouge is an association of ULC ministers established for the purposes of providing assistance to our ministers in their activities in the church and the community, promoting the growth of the Universal Life Church, and providing an opportunity for fellowship. Among the many services of the diocese is the providing of necessary documentation for our ministers as may be required in their ministry. Other diocese services include the recordation of new ordinations and special titles with ULC International Headquarters. Also, the diocese is authorized to obtain congregational charters and help all who are interested to set up and maintain a Universal Life Church. The diocese provides general administrative support for local ministers and congregations. Additionally, all ULC courses and study materials are available through the diocese office. One of the most far reaching diocese ministries is the River Parishes Office of the Universal Seafarers Mission, a chaplaincy bureau founded in 1991 to serve the crews of the seagoing vessels on the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. Other activity includes support services to ULC congregations active in local or regional ministries. For those with computers and modems, the diocese operates an outreach computer bulletin board system in conjunction with CompuChurch which connects ULC ministers worldwide on the growing "information superhighway." A fine group of active ministers exchange on-line communications there. Automatic registration for new ministers is available, and church information files are readily accessible. The Baton Rouge Bureau of the Universal Life Press edits and transmits church news and articles of interest from local reporters to the world headquarters of the church, and publishes those articles online in the CompuChurch computer network. There are many active ministers in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Archdiocese of Louisiana, with many of worthwhile projects underway. The Diocese stands ready to help and assist you in your ministry. Feel free to contact Bishop Jennings with any questions or ideas. Remember, we are ONE church. We are growing every day and are eager to help you in any way possible. Sincerely, Vince Flaviani, Ambassador


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