;A Nodelist for Saturday, January 1, 1994 -- Day number 001 ;A The CyberChurch Fellowship(

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;A Nodelist for Saturday, January 1, 1994 -- Day number 001 ;A The CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) Nodelist, a listing of the systems ;A within the CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) Fellowship. ;A ;A CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) International founded: November 15, 1993 ;A ;A Copyright 1994, CyberChurch Fellowship(tm), All rights reserved except ;A for the following: ;A ;A The CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) NodeList is compiled so that computer ;A systems within CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) may communicate with each ;A other. Use and distribution rights are granted to all CyberChurch ;A Fellowship(tm) system operators for the purposes of communication ;A within CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) or applying for a CyberChurch ;A Fellowship(tm) node number. ;A ;A This is a compilation of individual nodelist segments contributed by ;A the drafters and compilers of those segments. Contribution of these ;A segments to this compilation does not diminish the rights of the ;A contributors. ;A ;A Other use without express written consent is not allowed. For other ;A use, please contact CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) HeadQuarters: ;A ;A CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) ;A c/o Joel Davenport ;A 1017 Elaine Trail ;A Chattanooga, TN 37421-4015 ;A ;A Welcome to CyberChurch Fellowship(tm)! Domain Name CYCHURCH.FTM. ;A ;A All Echo mail should be picked up through your respective ;A echo hub. ;A ;A ;A CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) Echomail Network ;A ;A CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) was founded in 1993 by Joel Davenport, of ;A Chattanooga, Tennessee. It first appeared on The Fountain ;A BBS, which is a BBS owned and operated by CyberChurch Fellowship(tm). ;A CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) was designed with the intention of providing ;A spiritually-minded users with a network of discussion and ;A information on religious topics. There is no single denominational ;A affiliation in CyberChurch Fellowship(tm), and all who accept the Bible ;A as the Word of God and Jesus Christ as His Son, and our Saviour, are ;A welcome to join the network. ;A ;A The CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) Mission: To create a spirit of ;A unity in the brotherhood of believers in Jesus Christ and to advocate ;A the fertilization of GOOD FRUIT in the Kingdom of our Lord. ;A ;A ;A CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) ;A International Headquarters ;A c/o Joel Davenport ;A 1017 Elaine Trail ;A Chattanooga, TN 37421-4015 ;A ;A ;A The following are echos available through CyberChurch Fellowship(tm). ;A ;A CYBCH_CHATTER CyberChurch Chatter (General) ;A CYBCH_THE_WORD CyberChurch Biblical Discussions ;A CYBCH_PRAYER_ALTAR CyberChurch Prayer Requests ;A CYBCH_TESTIMONY CyberChurch Testimony/Witnessing ;A CYBCH_MEATY_DEBATES CyberChurch "Meaty" Religious Debates ;A CYBCH_UNITY CyberChurch Forum on Unity/Oneness in Church ;A CYBCH_FAMILY CyberChurch Forum on Family Ministries ;A CYBCH_SYSOPS REQUIRED ECHO FOR ALL CYBERCHURCH SYSOPS ;A CYBCH_CHURCH_OF_CHRIST CyberChurch Discussion/fellowship of Churches ;A of Christ ;A CYBCH_BAPTIST CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of Baptists ;A CYBCH_7TH_DAY CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of Seventh Day ;A Adventists ;A CYBCH_METHODIST CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of Methodists ;A CYBCH_CHURCH_OF_GOD CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of Church of God ;A CYBCH_ULC CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of Universal Life ;A Church ;A CYBCH_PENTECOSTAL CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of Pentecostals ;A CYBCH_CHRISTIAN CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of Christian Church ;A CYBCH_CHRISTIAN_SCIENCE CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of the Christian ;A Scientists ;A CYBCH_JEHOVAH_WITNESS CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of Jehovah's ;A Witnesses ;A CYBCH_EPISCOPAL CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship of Episcopalians ;A CYBCH_MISC CyberChurch Discussion/Fellowship for others not ;A listed above ;A ;A ;A If your particular faith is not listed and you are interested in ;A seeing an echo specifically for members of your faith and those possibly ;A interested in learning more about it to "meet" in, please let me know. ;A ;A Joel Davenport ;A CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) Director ;A 1017 Elaine Trail ;A Chattanooga, TN 37421-4015 ;A ;A CyberChurch Fellowship(tm) 48:48/0 ;A Fishnet 21:2102/0 & 21:74/615 ;A Chateaunet 100:4500/130 ;A ;A ; Zone,48,CyberChurch Fellowship(tm)_Headquarters,Chattanooga_TN,Joel_Davenport,1-615-490-0998,9600,H16,V32B,V42B,CM,XA,UTG ,1,CyberChurch Fellowship(tm)_U.S.A.,Chattanooga_TN,Joel_Davenport,1-615-490-0998,9600,H16,V32B,V42B,CM,XA,UTG ; Host,615,CyberChurch Fellowship(tm)_Tennessee_East,Chattanooga_TN,Joel_Davenport,1-615-490-0998,9600,H16,V32B,V42B,CM,XA,UTG ,101,The_Fountain_BBS,Chattanooga_TN,Joel_Davenport,1-615-490-0998,9600,H16,V32B,V42B,CM,XA,UTG ; Host,303,CyberChurch Fellowship(tm)_Colorado,Littleton_CO,Marion,1-303-797-3805,9600,H16,V32B,V42B,CM,XA,UTG ,101,Destruct_Zero_BBS,Littleton_CO,Marion,1-303-797-3805,9600,H16,V32B,V42B,CM,XA,UTG ; Host,803,CyberChurch Fellowship(tm)_South_Carolina,Greenwood_SC,Jim_Harvey,1-803-223-2196,9600,V32B,V42B,XA,CM ,101,Words_&_Music_BBS,Greenwood_SC,Jim_Harvey,1-803-223-2196,9600,V32B,V42B,XA,CM ; ;S ;S The following abbreviations are used to designate special conditions. ;S ;S Flag Meaning ;S ;S CM Node accepts mail 24 hours a day ;S MO Node does not accept human callers ;S LO Node accepts calls ONLY from nodelisted addresses ;S ;S V32 CCITT V32 ;S V32b CCITT V32bis (implies v.32) ;S V42 CCITT V42 LAP-M error correction w/fallback to MNP ;S V42b CCITT V42bis (implies V42) ;S MNP Microcom Networking Protocol error correction ;S ;S H96 Hayes V9600 ;S HST USR Courier HST (implies MNP) ;S H14 USR Courier HST 14.4 ;S H16 USR Courier HST 16.8 ;S MAX Microcon AX/96xx series ;S PEP Packet Ensemble Protocol ;S CSP Compucom Speedmodem ;S ZYX Zyxel Series ;S ;S XA FrontDoor ;S XB Binkley ;S XC Opus ;S XP SeaDog ;S XX D'Bridge & Intermail ;S Other (Do Not Include a Flag for anything else/leave blank) ;S ;S UPCB PCBoard ;S UQ Quick BBS ;S URA Remote Access ;S URB RBBS ;S URG Renegade ;S USB SuperBBS ;S UTA Tag ;S UTG Telegard ;S UWC WildCat ;S UO Other ;S ;S The following flag defines user-specific values. If present, this ;S flag MUST be the last flag present in a nodelist entry. ;S ;S Flag Meaning ;S ;S Ux..x A user-specified string, which may contain any ;S alphanumeric character except blanks. This string ;S may contain one to thirty-two characters of ;S information that may be used to add user-defined ;S data to a specific nodelist entry. The character ;S "U" should NOT be repeated, eg, "UXXX,YYY" not ;S "UXXX,UYYY". ;S ;S This flag is NOT to be used for advertisements, ;S or non-essential information. If you have ;S questions concerning the use of this flag, please ;S contact your Network or Regional Host.


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