Degrees Offered by ULC The Doctor of Philosophy in Religion is offered to those that simpl

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** Degrees Offered by ULC The Doctor of Philosophy in Religion is offered to those that simply study the new Bible condensed by Rev. Hensley and answer the questions, and returns the exam to International Headquarters with a donation of $100.00, we will grant the individual a PhD in Religion. This degree is accredited by the International Accrediting association. The Honorary Doctor of Divinity (DD) degree has been tested and approved in the Federal Courts; it is as valid and valuable as any doctorate issued by any religious organization. The degree is earned by completing a 10 lesson course. The course provides an overview of the basic functions of the Church. Included are instructions on baptisms, weddings and funeral ceremonies, communions and even suggestions for the financing of your church. An ordained minister may obtain an honorary Doctor of Divinity for a minimum of offering of $20.00. The Doctorate of Religious Humanities is essentially a course in American Church Law and Parlimentary Procedure. Every minister should have some knowledge of legal rules and principles concerning the relationship of church and state in America. This course is available for the minimum offering of $40.00. The Doctor of Universal Life (DUL) is awarded when a minister takes the Universal Life course. This course was authored by Bishop Kirby J. Hensley and deals with the relationship of Church and State over the past 6,000 years. This is a very interesting course which tells us about the origins of western religion as well as conflicts between the ULC and our own governments. The Bishop explains the coming of the new dispensation of time and the end of the church/state dispensation, which has gone on for the last 6,000 years. The minimum offering for this course is $15.00. The course leading to a Doctor of Metaphysics (MsD) is an overview of metaphysics which provides an understanding of the basic characteristics and principles of metaphysics. This course defines metaphysics, gives a brief history of its developments, explains different schools of thought within the metaphysical movement and generally introduces the student to this fascinating religious science. The course is available for a minimum offering of $10.00. Once again we are offering a Bible studies course. This course is comprised of 30 lessons from Genesis to the book of Revelations. The context is nondenominational and therefore acceptable for those in all walks of life. This is a very comprehensive study of the Bible, with all references made to the King James Version. Upon completion of the studies, a Doctor of Biblical Studies Degree is awarded for a minimum donation of $25.00. The Universal Life Church offers the degree of Doctor of Religious Science (DRS). This course is concerned with motivational meditation. Many people who have taken this course believe it to be one of the valuable experiences in their lives. Motivational meditation can help you get it together, it helps you focus your powers of concentration and self control. You can learn to stop smoking or drinking and overcome bad habits and personal problems. This valuable knowledge is available for a minimum offering of $35.00. The Science of Understanding Life, SOUL clinic courses, is a course in psychology. This course does not entitle you to be a state certified psychologist; however, it does qualify you as a psychological counselor. The course invaluable to the ministry. It consists of 12 lessons and two textbooks, obtainable at your library. For a minimum offering of $100 you will receive a certified license from the Universal Life Church which is recognized all over the nation. The Doctor of Motivation Degree will be awarded after correctly answering 75% of the test questions on the course "Mind, Motivation." This course deals with SELF-Reliance and is designed to increase your confidence and capabilities. A minimum donation of $15 is requested. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be qualified to teach and conduct seminars on this subject. The Doctor of Immortality degree is awarded upon completion of study of the book, "A New Life - Do You Want It?" By Rev. Hensley, and correctly answering 75% of the questions based on this book. This study gives one a better understanding of their own make-up and potential. It is offered for a minimum donation of $25.


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