CONTEXT by Val Coor A transcript of a lecture given by Dr. Koop, the Surgeon General of th

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CONTEXT by Val Coor A transcript of a lecture given by Dr. Koop, the Surgeon General of the United States at the end of the 20th centry, has been handed down to the people of the year 4000. This document is one of several concerning the wisdom of Dr. Koop and is part of the BOOK OF GREAT WISDOM. The introduction to the document tells us that Dr. Koop was speaking to a live audience of approximately 10,000 people. The main message given was that everyone is at risk of either having or developing a disease known as "sickle cell anemia" and everyone should be checked for this disease and treated if necessary. Considering the source (Dr. Koop) of this message and the size of the audience it is clear that sickle cell anemia is a real danger to everyone and we should obey the warning issued 2000 years ago by Dr. Koop. Some misinformed so-called experts of today will try to tell us that the warning is not for everyone and was given to a limited audience but we know that the audience was one of many "political action groups" which were common during the late 20th century and therefore the message applies to all. The group was identified by the word "NAACP", for which we have no definition but it is probably unimportant anyway. Val Coor 1988 This textfile compliments of Rev. Val Coor Uploaded to CompuChurch (tm) for distribution March 1990 (c) 1988,1990 -- All Rights Reserved. Published and distributed by CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters (504) 927-4509 Permission to electronically display and transfer this textfile without charge to reader is granted subject to inclusion of complete copyright/source statement.


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