THE COMMON LAW Your Alternative To Prior Ways to Proceed Common Law is natural law written

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THE COMMON LAW Your Alternative To Prior Ways to Proceed Common Law is natural law written in "the Heart of Man." It is the force within you. It is conscience and reason all at once. If we could but understand the Truth from all the varied perspectives of mankind, we would be able to understand the total sum of human reason, the Common Law of Man. The basic element of the Common Law is YOU. The Common Law is the Universal Brotherhood of Man. The Universal Life University School of Law is proud to present its program in the principles and practice of Common Law. The program is structured to pursue justice in accordance with the principles of the great system of Common Law. The program consists of 24 courses. The time you take to complete the program is up to you, but it will normally be sent to you at the rate of a book every two months. We request an initial donation of $45. The total freewill offering is $295 if paid in total at the beginning. The 100-Series courses give students a broad understanding of the Common Law and the issues of our time. Students should understand the methods used by governments to expand their power over the citizenry and of the dangers which certain political philosophies pose to the liberty of all. The 200-Series courses introduce students to the theory and analysis of law as it pertains to Common Law in America. A student who has satisfactorily completed this section of the course is ready to take care of himself in matters of legal discussions of the Common Law. The 300-Series courses prepare the student to actually practice Common Law in the courtrooms of America, to assert Common Law rights, and to increase the scope of Common Law usage. The 400-Series courses give the post-graduate student sufficient knowledge of courtroom strategy and procedures to practice Common Law in actual situations with confidence and ability. Earn your degree of Doctor at the Common Law and become a member of the prestigious Universal Bar Association - an association dedicated to the restoration of law and justice. HOW TO ORDER: Orders may be sent to Diocese of Baton Rouge Universal Life Church . P.O.Box 64575 . Baton Rouge, LA 70896 Make Checks Payable to: . Universal Life Church.


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