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A TEXTBOOK ABOUT COMPUCHURCH (tm) Rev. 10/5/93 TABLE OF CONTENTS "My Vision" by Rev. Alan Jennings..................1 About CompuChurch (tm).............................2 Ways You Can Participate in CompuChurch............3 What is a Church?..................................4 Minister...........................................4 Minister Ordination Application....................5 Congregation.......................................6 The First Amendment................................6 Universal Life Church Congregation Agreement.......7-8 CompuChurch (tm) Network Membership Application....9-10 How to Operate a Congregation......................11 A Special Comment about the CompuChurch Ministry...12 What is Meant by Religious Rights?.................13 Universal Life Church CompuChurch..................14 "My Vision" by Kirby J. Hensley....................15 A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 1 * MY VISION We have indeed become a global community. Ideas, thoughts, and opinions from all around the world find their way to our personal computers. We read, we select, we ponder, and we choose those ideas and thoughts which become part of our being. We discard much, add much, and forever learn and grow. Or so we can if we choose. Many of us involved to this level in this vast network are the thinkers and the doers. And while there is no small number of closed- minded folk who will assault you with their beliefs and condemn you for thinking otherwise, I think we can be thankful they, too, can find something of value if they stay long enough to hear some other ideas. We are all the pioneers of a new way of communicating. Soon, these terminals will be as common a fixture as the telephone is today. We will soon be able to leave our messages for anyone anywhere and anytime. It will not replace voice contact, nor will it replace our face to face gatherings, our newspapers, our books, our magazines, our televisions, radios, etc. But it will supplement them considerably. As we can have personal dialogue with someone across the globe at a comfortable time when we can be receptive to the message. And, because of that personal contact, we can -- indeed MUST -- truly effect a lessening of global misunderstandings. If so, we may be able to achieve our global dialogue just in time. As this process unfolds, so does the spirit of man... the indomitable force that hurls us into the 21st century with these remarkable tools of communication. Yet no tool even yet to be imagined can begin to compare with our mind and our spirit. And each person is making a contribution to this global consciousness by the very act of living. We automatically fuel our intellect in this medium. And we will find food for our spirit here, too. There are many, many ministers in these electronic halls. Ministers who are traditionalists, and ministers who are not so traditional. There are ministers who are credentialed and ministers who are not. And there are as many religious beliefs as there are people. But the operative word here is "minister." In my journey through these halls, I find more and more of us every day. And I see many (who had forgotten what they were) are beginning to be of service again. My vision is kind of hard to put into words. But I think the time is right for each of us to recognize our personal ministry. Distinct and apart from our "religious doctrines and dogmas," our personal ministries are a true extension of what we believe moreso than what we say we believe. I see continued heightened awareness. I see bigotry becoming enlightened. I see people willing to get deeper than the semantic dogfights we all see on the surface. I see people becoming ordained to be free in themselves to do that which is right according to their own conscience and beliefs as long as it does not impinge on the rights of others. I believe this IS that day for every man to recognize his personal stake in the outcome and to take responsibility for it. The opportunity is as great as we can imagine if we but have the courage to seize it. -Rev. Alan Jennings, Pastor CompuChurch (tm) A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 2 About CompuChurch (tm) CompuChurch (tm) was founded in 1988 by Rev. C.A.Jennings of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. First online May 14, 1988 on Comlink Data Systems (504) 928-1637, CompuChurch was offering a new church experience to the world of personal computer telecommunications. The first minister ordained online occurred on May 30, 1988 (as of Oct, 1993 over 1000 ministers have been ordained through this church). By August of 1988, CompuChurch had chartered the Batboard BBS, BR LA as a CompuChurch BBS. In January, 1989, our first free-standing system was provided for a time, allowing for the system development which occurred during the next several months. During that period, CompuChurch sought and obtained recognition from South Central Bell as a Church and as a Denomination. Additionally, the name of the church "CompuChurch" (tm) was registered by Rev. Jennings with the State of Louisiana, and acknowledged by the Secretary of State. Thanks to the efforts of the founders, and the generosity of many ministers in the Greater Baton Rouge area, and members of the Diocese of Baton Rouge ULC who operated the first chartered congregations, and the International Headquarters of the Universal Life Church, CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters began operation on November 29, 1989, in conjunction with the Universal Life Church CompuChurch (tm) at (504) 927-4509 CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters distributes the ULC_MINISTERS Echo through The CompuChurch (tm) Network (CCN). CompuChurch's Fidonet address is 1:3800/6. CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters is the present organizational Hub of all networked chartered CompuChurches. Charters are available to any ministry without question of faith or dogma. We do not go between you and your God. It does not matter to us about your particular religion, whether it be Protestant, Catholic, Nondenominational Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddhist, or whatever, you can charter a congregation to further your religious objectives and your personal ministry. We have available many resources for one another by virtue of this structure. For further information regarding chartering a congregation, contact Rev. Jennings online at (504) 927-4509 / FidoNet 1:3800/6 or write to: CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters The Archdiocese of Cyberspace P.O.Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896-4575 A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 3 WAYS YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN COMPUCHURCH * AS A CALLER You may attend CompuChurch by making a direct connection and accessing sermons, prayers, and worship opportunities in our electronic sanctuary. It is our hope to offer a wide range of theological discourse and spiritual guidance from both ministers and laity. You may also access a growing library of good reading for both the minister and the layman. We encourage callers to use the material available here and to submit appropriate material for sharing with others. Your participation in a large and growing fellowship among the callers sharing conversation in many forums (both religious and secular) with others from around the country is encouraged. A special forum is set aside for ministers only. With the growth of CompuChurch, your opportunity to participate may be enhanced by the establishment of a CompuChurch (tm) Charter in your local area. * AS A CHARTERED MINISTRY OR CONGREGATION Ministers who operate or who wish to operate computer based telecommunications systems are invited to become Chartered with CompuChurch (tm). You may also be instrumental in the establishment of Charters for existing sytems in your local area. Chartered Congregations or Ministries are eligible to affiliate with our private network. * AS A PREACHER To further your personal ministry, you may take advantage of the opportunity to submit your sermons and religious message to our sanctuary. You may also submit information on your ministry to our electronic Tract Rack. Sermons and Tracts are made available to callers and all Chartered Congregations and Ministries. Additionally, you may register your personal profile with us to assist you in making contact with like- minded ministers. * AS A COUNSELOR You may extend your personal effectiveness at counseling through CompuChurch. The CompuChurch (tm) Counseling Program is a program to facilitate the needs of the local community by trained and licensed counselors. * AS A STUDENT You may take advantage of many courses to assist you in your personal and religious growth and development. Additionally, you may answer a call to ministry through CompuChurch. Information on becoming a minister or on any of our courses or certification programs is available upon request from any CompuChurch (tm) Chartered Ministry or Congregation. It is a widely held belief that we are all but students on the path. While CompuChurch can now offer you these things mentioned above, the sum can be greater than the parts. Moreover, this church will become what we make it by our personal participation. Each congregation, each ministry, each person is important to us all. A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 4 * WHAT IS A CHURCH? We believe that a church is people, and anywhere there are three people or more gathered together as a group and call themselves a church, we believe it is a church. A building is not the church. The people are the church. A church can meet where it meets. Even on a computer. You can join this church without giving up your membership in any other church. A true church will 'free' man. A lot of the organized churches today keep people in bondage so they can rob them financially. The purpose of this church is to teach it's philosophy and make new members; and to help people become ministers. * WHAT A CHURCH CAN DO The most important thing is the responsibility to educate or to help people understand and to know how to work toward a better life here now, as well as hereafter. * MINISTER A minister is more than a preacher. A minister must be ready to serve others. Anyone who is not a minister who wishes to become a minister may find the necessary information from the ministers in a CompuChurch. Whatever your particular religion may be, the ministers in your CompuChurch may assist you. We will ordain anyone who requests it, without question of faith, without a fee, for life. * DUTIES OF A MINISTER One must study and qualify himself, so that he may be able to perform the work of a minister. Some of the basic things required of a minister are: ordaining others, perform baptisms, weddings, funerals, visiting the sick, counseling, and establishing new congregations. * PRIVILEGES OF A MINISTER A minister gets many discounts. Some ministers wear clerical garb, others don't. None of our ministers are restricted to a particular area. Ministers are subject to their congregation and to the Mother Church. No one can ever take away one's ordination under any conditions. Only the Mother Church can withdraw fellowship from a minister and take all authority away from him. A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 5 -- So How Do I Become Ordained? Easy. Just fill out the simple form below, or call any CompuChurch (tm) Chartered BBS and go to the Online Ordainments Menu. Your info will be processed by CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters. CompuChurch will file your request with the ULC, and you'll receive your credentials within a coupla weeks. It's free, but we could use a stamp! -------------------------------------------------------------------- * MAKE ME A MINISTER! Yes, this all sounds wonderful. I want to be a minister, fully ordained and authorized to do anything ministers usually do, and entitled to the privileges and benefits extended to the clergy. Name: ------------------------------------------------ Address: ------------------------------------------------ City State Zip: ------------------------------------------------ I am enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope to make life easier for you! SEND TO: CompuChurch International Headquarters P.O.Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896 A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 6 * CONGREGATION Now that you have read about the church and are now a minister and thinking about starting a congregation, we feel we can help you by furnishing you a Congregation Certificate. A Congregation Certificate will give you the official right to declare yourself a Pastor of a Congregation. You can call your congregation any name that you feel would be good for you. For an example, you can call it the CompuChurch of the Morning Sun Universal Life Church, or the Church of the Word Universal Life CompuChurch or any of hundreds of names you may want. Universal Life Church is like a "family" - our parts can be named any name - but it is all Universal Life. A Church is not a building. It is PEOPLE. We have many congregations in all kinds of places where people want to have a church. You are not required by ULC to have any particular type of meetings. You may carry on in-person meetings, too. You may have meetings like the Catholics or Methodists, or like any other church -- or like NO other church. The requirements of Universal Life Church are that you keep records and report to International Headquarters monthly or quarterly telling us how many people attended your meetings, how much your church received from tithings and offerings and other sources. If you do this, WE declare you are a church. Fill in the Congregation Agreement and a mail it to the Universal Life Church CompuChurch (tm) with your $35 minimum offering. It will be forwarded to the International Headquarters of the Universal Life Church in Modesto California and a beautiful Congregation Certificate will be prepared for you which will state that you have a Church. * THE FIRST AMENDMENT Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. "If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that NO official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein. If there ARE any circumstances which permit an exception, they do not now occur to us." Ref: U.S.Supreme Court (1943) West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 US 624. A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 7 Congregation Agreement Page 1 of 2 Universal Life Church Congregation Agreement This agreement is entered into by the Univeral Life Church, International Headquarters, Modesto California, and three persons (whose signatures appear below) of legal age. Responsibilities and advantages of the local church too numerous to detail in this agreement are discussed in the many publications of the Universal Life Church. It is the responsibility of the governing body of the local church to study that literature. The local Church will become active once this agreement is received and properly recorded at ULC International Headquarters in Modesto California. It will remain active only as long as the points of this agreement are kept. Universal Life Church International Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel this agreement if any of the conditions of this agreement are not kept. The Certificate activating the local church will be returned to you along with a file number. Use your file number on all correspondence to International Headquarters. If you should move, please send your old and new addresses and phone numbers immediately so your file can be changed quickly and correctly. Please advise us immediately of any change in officers. The local church is required to file quarterly reports and there is a $5 per month donation to keep the quarterly reports. You should keep a copy of the quarterly reports submitted to International Headquarters. The donation to enter into this agreement is $35. Return this agreement for fowarding to ULC IHQ in Modesto, CA to: Universal Life Church P.O.Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896-4575. You may make copies for your own use, but please return the original. DATE:_______________________ Street:________________________ System Phone No:____________ City:__________________________ State:___________ Zip:_________ 1) The Universal Life Church, both International Headquarters and the local church agree to abide by all the laws of the local, state, and federal governments. 2) This local church will report quarterly to International Headquarters. This quarterly report will include services held, special meetings, attendance, and a treasury report. 3) This local church will have a governing body of at least three people (Pastor, Secretary, & Treasurer) of legal age whose signatures appear below. International Headquarters is to be notified immediately of any change in the governing body or of any change in address. 4) This agreement is subject to cancellation if any points of the agreement are not kept. 5) Each Universal Life Church is a sovereign body within itself responsible for its own financial affairs. NEITHER PARTY TO THIS AGREEMENT IS THE AGENT OF THE OTHER. The Universal Life Church International Headquarters enters into A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 8 Congregation Agreement Page 2 of 2 this agreement in consideration of the signatories promise that they will indemnify, save harmless, and defend the Universal Life Church from all liability from damages to persons or property in any suit at law arising out of this agreement. By this agreement the signatories acknowledge that The Universal Life Church, International Headquarters is not responsible for any debts incurred by the local Universal Life Church. Witness_______________________ Pastor________________________ Witness_______________________ Secretary_______________________ Date__________________________ Treasurer_______________________ A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 9 CCN Membership Application Page 1 of 2 CompuChurch (tm) Network (CCN) Membership Application General Information: The CompuChurch Network is a networked association of Computer-based telecommunications systems who are approved to offer one or more of the services made available by CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters to Universal Life Church Ministers and to prospective ULC Ministers in the network. Presently, those services include: ONLINE ORDINATION - Persons desirous of becoming legally ordained ministers, free from any church imposed dogma, and responsible in themselves to do that which is right according to their own conscience and beliefs, may become registered as legally ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church. Over 17,000,000 persons presently hold credentials of ministry from the ULC. ONLINE REGISTRATION - Universal Life Church Ministers may register the names and mailing addresses of those new ministers they have ordained "in the field." ULC_MINISTERS Echo - A privately distributed echo originating from CompuChurch International Headquarters Universal Life Church, FidoNet 1:3800/6, for the exclusive use of ULC Ministers. FILES - as they are added, a library of files available for download to ULC Ministers to assist them in the development of their ministry and the establishment of congregations. Any or all of the services listed above may be made available to the qualified caller depending upon the needs/wishes of the participating SysOp. Costs of obtaining echo feed and transmitting ordination information are at the expense of the participating Sysop; however, efficient routing will be attempted and/or honored by Headquarters as can be made practical with growth of the network. The participating sysop is generally responsible to the network and to CompuChurch as follows: 1) Transmits ordination information directly to International Headquarters of CompuChurch in the specified format on at least a monthly basis. 2) Validates and qualifies those callers requesting access to the echo and enforces the echo rules privately with his callers in complete cooperation with the echo moderator. 3) Makes available on at least a hold-for-pickup basis, the ministers echo to facilitate distribution to systems within the local area. 4) Terminates any feed as directed by CompuChurch. 5) Distributes no feed without specific authorization from CompuChurch. A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 10 CCN Membership Application Page 2 of 2 It is the hope of CompuChurch to impose as few restrictions as possible on the participants of the network; the purposes of the network being to further the communication between ULC Ministers and to encourage the general increase in our numbers and thus effectiveness in encouraging the doctrine of "Doing That Which Is Right." NOTE: All information is needed. Neither the street address nor the Voice Phone will be contained in any PUBLIC distribution but are necessary for administration purposes. If any of this information is missing your application can not be processed. SYSOP Name: VOICE Phone(s): Street Address: City,State,ZIP: SYSTEM Name: BBS Phone: Highest Baud Rate: Accept 24hr Crash Mail (Y/N)?: FidoNet Address for Crash NetMail: Where did you first hear about CompuChurch?: Are you a ULC Minister: When were you ordained? Where will you get your feed for the CCN Echoes? I agree to the points listed above concerning my responsibilities as a SysOp in the CompuChurch Network Signature:____________________________________Date:______________ Return this COMPLETED application with signature : CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters P.O.Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896-4575 OR transmit the Q-A part via netmail or direct connect upload, giving it your best shot at an ASCII facsimile of your signature! CompuChurch IHQ. 1:3800/6 (504)927-4509 A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 11 HOW TO OPERATE A CONGREGATION Sysops, set up special areas in your BBS systems. While you can also meet in person wherever you choose, the great thing about bringing Church to your computer should be obvious! Some may want to have discussions and others may like to have prayers and worship. Some may like spiritual readings from the Bible or from other books. But it is the nature of CompuChurch that people may take as much or as little as they want, and likewise may they share. Some people will call and see what others have shared and you and your members will never know the effects you may have on lives all over the world. Try to have some kind of membership where they can feel that they are a part of the church. Remember that you teach and grow along with the members of your congregation. You may want to offer special areas for ministers only. CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters is offering a growing echomail conference known as the Ministers' Forum. We also suggest you have a local SIG for ministers in your area. You may wish to allow ministers to register any ordinations through a questionnaire on your board for your system to zip and upline to International Headquarters for processing. Congregations of CompuChurch in good standing are eligible for our discount program which allows the local congregation to obtain supplies, courses, titles, credentials, etc. at cost. We feel that this is the best way for a congregation to raise funds and spread the word of CompuChurch and Universal Life Church. Each time that the congregation orders supplies, you must put your network address or charter number clearly on the order. Also, as a Chartered Congregation of CompuChurch, you may wish to have your Church listed under "CHURCHES -- CompuChurch" in the Yellow Pages. Special classes of service for churches may allow you to maintain residential rates even though you are upgraded to business class of service, complete with the benefits therein available. COMPUCHURCH is classed as a Denomination under South Central Bell's yellow page headings; your local business office may contact us for information on your authority to use this designation. Tariffs may vary, so check with your local Telephone Company business office about this. It is quite new and if you run into any brick walls, you can have them contact us. A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 12 * A SPECIAL COMMENT ABOUT THE COMPUCHURCH MINISTRY Your main ministry may be through your BBS. But you may also find that you are called upon to do weddings or baptisms or help others in many ways. You have a wonderful opportunity and you have many members who will help, too. CompuCounseling is important, and you may like to have a special VERY PRIVATE area where even your associate pastors cannot reach so that you may have truly confidential conversations with the members of your church. Outreach may be important to you, or not important at all. CompuChurch is founded upon the doctrine of "Doing that which is Right" as the doctrine personally ascribed to by me as set forth by the Universal Life Church. I believe that you as a pastor are the best one to determine the religion to bring to your congregation rather than that being prescribed by "the church." Similarly, it must be remembered that the members of the congregations are free in themselves to determine whether they wish to subscribe to your personal religious beliefs yet still be able to look to you as a minister and maintain fellowship with you. Your ministry will be most successful if your ACTIONS are the evidence of your Ministry. It is important, therefore, that you are a pastor who wishes to facilitate the growth and development of your members rather than to sell them on your particular religious dogma. One of the most important things about your church is your sincerity that it IS a church and that its intent is to "DO THAT WHICH IS RIGHT" -Rev. Alan Jennings Pastor - Universal Life Church CompuChurch A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 13 WHAT IS MEANT BY RELIGIOUS RIGHTS? The Church in each place must be free to define the mission it believes it has received from God. Likewise, individual Christians and other believers must be free to practice their faith in whatever manner they believe necessary, commensurate with their not violating the same freedom of others. In addition, we affirm the understanding of religious freedom embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and other international covenants. While some actions taken in the name of religious rights may be ambiguous and will have to be addressed on a case-by-case basis, we believe that religious rights include at least the following: 1. Every person had the right to determine his or her own faith and creed according to conscience. 2. Every person has the right to the privacy of his belief, to express his religious beliefs in worship, teaching, and practice, and to proclaim the implications of his beliefs for relationships in a social or poli- tical community. 3. Every person has the right to associate with others and to organize with them for religious purposes. 4. Every religious organization, formed or maintained by the action in accordance with the rights of individual persons, has the right to determine the policies and practices for the accomplishment of its chosen purposes, which implies the right: a) to assemble for unhindered private or public worship, b) to formulate his own creed, c) to have an adequate ministry, d) to determine its conditions of membership, e) to give religious instruction ot its youth, including preparation for ministry, f) to preach its message publicly, g) to receive into its membership those who desire to join it, h) to carry on social services and to engage in missionary work, i) to organize local congregations, j) to publish and circulate religious literature, i) to organize local congregations, k) to control the means necessary to its mission and to secure support for its work at home and abroad, l) to cooperate and to unite with other believers at home and abroad, m) to use the language of the people in worship and in religious instruction, n) to determine freely the qualifications for professional leadership of religious communities, freely naming their religious leaders at all levels and designating their work assignments. Reprinted by Universal Life Church with permission from Freedom of Faith A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 14 *** UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH COMPUCHURCH *** The Universal Life Church CompuChurch is chartered by CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters to the Diocese of Baton Rouge Universal Life Church. Universal Life Church CompuChurch is a Local Congregation of CompuChurch (tm) It is open to any registered callers at (504) 927-4509. CompuChurch ULC offers several national FidoNet Echos as well as local forums in its Fellowship Hall. Additionally there is a strong representation of Universal Life Church ministers of many and varied faiths. On-line ordinations, and opportunities for prayer and worship are supported in the Sanctuary. While CompuChurch ULC serves the local community of Baton Rouge as a BBS, it also serves Universal Life Church ministers anywhere with an information and registration point for new ordinations by maintaining direct connections to ULC International Headquarters in Modesto California. CompuChurch ULC is the home of CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters. OUR BELIEF * OUR OBJECTIVE: ETERNAL PROGRESSION * OUR GOAL: A FULLER LIFE FOR EVERYONE * OUR SLOGAN: TO LIVE AND HELP LIVE The Universal Life Church has no traditional doctrine. We as an organization only believe in that which is right. Each individual has the privilege and responsibility to determine what is right for him - as long as it does not impinge upon the rights of others. We do not stand between you and your God. We are active advocates of the First Amendment of the United States of America WE ARE ADVOCATES OF THE GOOD LIFE! We want--to be competent, to be proficient, to be cooperative, to love our fellow man, to appreciate, to be humble, to be honest, to be moral, to live positively, to be what we profess. For more information about the Universal Life Church, or to become ordained as a minister, contact Rev. Jennings online, or write: Diocese of Baton Rouge Universal Life Church P.O.Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896 A Textbook About CompuChurch -- Page 15 My Vision... ... yesterday I have had a vision since my childhood, and have spent my life searching this country for that vision. At one time I believed that I would be a comedian; I, also, thought of being a lawyer, but had no education; I always wanted to be a preacher, and that is what I am. I have joined many organizations and have studied many things during my lifetime, but it wasn't until 1958 that I began to understand the vision. The vision is to release people from religious bondage. I've realized that this is almost an impossibility, but in 1962 I incorporated the Universal Life Church, a church to break the chains of religious bondage. From that moment forward I have never doubted or questioned my vision of the Universal Life Church. We sowed the seeds for freedom in 60's, we cultivated them through the 70's, and the time is ripe to reap our harvest of freedom (the vision) in the 80's! ... today We understand the vision, religious freedom; we have the vehicle to attain this freedom, the Universal Life Church; we must begin to teach people who they are. Religion does not make people free, it only binds them down. The only way to set people free is to awaken their consciousness to the fact that they are born free. We must show mankind who God is, where God is, and what God is. We must teach mankind that this planet, Earth, belongs to us, all people, and that we must set up a kingdom of peace, joy, and love; the Kingdom of Man. Bishop Kirby J. Hensley, Founder, Universal Life Church (c) 1984, 1990 Universal Life Church All Rights Reserved distributed with permission by CompuChurch (tm) Universal Life Church (504) 927-4509


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