THE CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE by Rev.C.A.Jennings The celebration of marriage between two lo

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THE CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE by Rev.C.A.Jennings The celebration of marriage between two lovers can be one of the most satisfying, fulfilling, and enriching opportunities to further the beliefs we share in the Universal Life Church. The joy surrounding a marriage is as uplifting to the spirit of a minister as it is to the celebrants and their family and friends. It is this joy that the minister can carry close to his heart and allow it to shine forth in the more routine aspects of life. It is this joy that can be the example that we set for others. Surrounding one's self with love and happiness by blessing the union of two who are in love is a wonderful way to extend the message of "a fuller life for everyone." The ULC Minister has the freedom to let the lovers be the focus of their act of committment rather than the church being paramount. The only two requirements that must be met in a ULC wedding are the legal requirements of the state and the personal requirements of the celebrants. No religion can or should get in the way of this act of love, devotion, and committment. The ULC Minister has so much opportunity. So many religions stand in the way of this celebration. Love is often at the bottom of the list of requirements for a marriage to be blessed. The blessings of a minister are so often withheld for the most senseless reasons. So the ULC minister has the obligation to bless the union wherever there is love; and has the opportunity to carry that love forward to share with others. THIS is ministry! (c) 1988 Rev. C.A.Jennings ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rev. Alan Jennings has been a minister in the Universal Life Church since 1976 and serves on the staff of the Celebration of Marriage Ministry in Baton Rouge, LA. Active in his ministry since 1982, Reverend Jennings has officiated in numerous and varied rituals of marriage. "The suggested ULC ceremony is the favored selection of the majority of couples. Many couples add their own personal touches to their ceremonies," He adds, "People have sought out this ministry! So many people are being told that they 'can't be married' (even in their home church by their pastor) because of some life circumstance that didn;t suit the pastor or his rule book." Rev. Jennings looks upon his ordination as an opportunity to serve and he is an ever active minister encouraging others to become ministers and "advocates of the good life" He feels strongly that a minister must "DO" rather than just "BE." As he puts it, "There are opportunities to


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